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Chapter 2

Today is the day that Alpha Ben’s son returns home from being gone since he was 15 years old. Apparently once his special training was over, he took a few years to travel the world and look for his mate. I was in the kitchen helping the other women prepare for the feast that Alpha Ben was having to welcome Alex home. I hope he found his mate.

I don’t even understand how anyone could choose someone who isn’t their true mate to be with. I mean your mate is supposed to be the person that makes you the best version of yourself, the person that compliments you, and loves you unconditionally. I mean what if you choose someone that is completely opposite of your mate? It’s so sad to even think about.

I was finishing setting the long table and placing the completed dishes in the center. Over the years Alpha Ben and I have gotten close, he is like an uncle to me. So anytime that someone has to go tell him dinner is ready, the women send me. Of course, we could mind link him but he always prefers to be told face to face, and I never mind telling him because I liked to visit with him. Reaching up and knocking on the door, I realize I have flour and other ingredients littering my hands from helping prepare dinner.

Alpha Ben’s voice echoed, telling me to come in, so I carefully twisted the knob making sure not to get anything on it. “Alpha Ben, dinner is ready for whenever Alpha Alex gets in.” Stopping abruptly, I immediately noticed Alpha Ben wasn’t alone. Sitting in the chair beside of him was an extremely attractive man. He has dark brown hair, mesmerizing green eyes and was super muscular. I can only assume from the looks of his long legs that he is pretty tall also. You can just feel the power radiating off of him which had me immediately bowing my head in both submission and respect. “I apologize Alpha Ben. I did not realize you had company.”

Alpha Ben just smiled. “Nonsense. Alex, you remember Evelyn, correct?” He questioned. Alex turned to me, scanning me from my toes to the hair on my head causing a slight blush to appear on my cheeks. “Raf and Sam’s niece, right?” Alpha Ben was beaming, with a glint in his eyes that I couldn’t place. “Yes! That’s right! Evelyn, why don’t you give my boy a handshake.” Knowing that time, there was no room for argument. Stepping forward, I extended my hand to Alpha Alex, however before he could take it I retracted it.

Smiling sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I should have washed my hands before coming up here.” I showed my hands and revealed that they were indeed covered in flour and other substances. Alpha Ben’s smile faltered, but then returned full force. “That is quite alright, dear. Why don’t you go get cleaned up and I will save you a seat beside my boy at dinner?” Nodding my head before turning and leaving.

It took me about 15 minutes to get ready for dinner. I chose a simple light blue summer dress and white flats. And left my hair down in its natural soft waves. I didn’t fiddle with makeup because I didn’t want the food to be cold by the time I got there. Walking into the dining room, I notice that all but two seats are taken. One beside of Alpha Alex and one beside Julian.

Chancing a glance at Alpha Ben, he motioned me to the seat beside his son. Obeying him I walked around the table, but before I got to the seat, Tessa sat down beside Alpha Alex. Not willing to argue, I quickly took my place beside Julian, earning myself a curious look from Alpha Alex.

Wishing and praying neither alpha says anything about it. I pile my plate high, and start shoveling in. It’s not that I didn’t want to sit by Alpha Alex, I mean I’m not blind. He is extremely good looking. And it’s not that I can’t take my sister. She hasn’t trained a day in her life, I could kick her ass with my hands tied. It’s just I’m not much on attention being on me. I like to lay low and not cause problems. Mid bite, Julian was jabbing me with his elbow.

Looking up to him, he tilted his head in Tessa’s direction. “How long you think it’ll take for Alpha Alex to fall for her games?” He asked me so quietly I was straining to hear. Snorting at his question, I tuned into their conversation. “Alpha Alex, you have the biggest arms I’ve ever seen.” She said in her most seductive voice while squeezing his arm. I couldn’t help but glare at her hand touching him. It was taking everything I had to hold back the growl that was threatening to escape my lips.

Scooping more food into my mouth helped, but I stayed tuned into Tessa’s relentless flirty, and to my annoyance, he was flirty back. Alpha Ben cleared his throat, gaining the attention of everyone. “Evelyn, I thought I asked you to sit by my son? Did I imagine that conversation?” Shit. He really just called me out like that. I’m positive my face was as red as cherries as everyone’s eyes landed on me, including Alpha Alex’s which held amusement.

Glad that he finds this funny, but I think I might die. I had to swallow the food that was in my mouth before I could speak properly. “Alpha Ben, I apologize. There wasn’t an empty seat, and I didn’t want to disrupt anyone’s dinner.” Alpha Ben stared at me with a small smirk on his face. He knew I was uncomfortable with a ton of attention on me but this is his punishment for not doing what he asked.

Keeping my gaze low was easy, but not flipping the table or choking on air was hard when Alpha Ben spoke. “That’s perfectly okay. I’m sure Tessa would be thrilled to trade spots with you right now. So, hop to it so we can all enjoy the rest of our dinner.”

And if there was ever a time to wish to be dead, it was right now. Tessa was shooting daggers at me with her eyes, and I could almost see the steam rolling out of her ears. Picking up my plate, I started to go around the table, passing by Tessa. But I never made it to my new seat. Oh no. Tessa’s foot shot out before I could pass by her and the next thing I was aware of was being flat down on the floor, with my plate of food stuck to the fabric of my dress.

It took everything in me not to shift right then and there. Breathe in, breathe out. I had to take several deep breathes before I stood, fists clenched tightly. I knew my eyes were turning gold, indicating my wolf was about to take over. “Alpha Ben, Alpha Alex. If you could excuse me.” And I walked the hell out of the dining room to outside where I shifted into my black wolf and ran deep into the forest.

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