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Chapter 21

Brin and Jen were more than willing to help to spare their lives. Once they learned that Tessa has escaped and not even attempted to free them, they opened up like a pop bottle that was shaken up before taking the cap off.

Sitting down in front of them, I started asking the questions I needed them to answer. “Has Tessa found her mate?” They looked to one another before Brin rolled her eyes, her voice shrills as she answered, noticing that Jen didn’t want to talk as openly about it.

“Yeah. She found him at Alpha Alex’s ball. Some warrior wolf from Alpha Trent’s pack. Justin or Jarred?” Brin turns to Jen, both of them shrugging their shoulders. Neither remembered his name, before Jen finally spoke up.

“When she found him, and he wasn’t an Alpha or Beta like she wanted, she completely shrugged him off. She wasn’t interested.” both of them snickered before Jen continued. “She didn’t reject him though. As if she knew that she would need someone to fall back on. If you’re trying figure out who helped her escape, I’d lookfor him.”

Brin scoffed, almost disgusted as she adds, “Yeah, he followed her around like a love-sick puppy. All he wanted was a mate, I kind of feel bad for the chap for getting paired with that ungrateful bitch.”I agreed silently, before looking to Alex. He moved his head up and down in one single nod, giving me the go ahead.

Giving my attention back to the two girls, I began. “Thank you for the information, however you both still tried to kill me, your Luna.” I paused, more for dramatic effect as I watched their faces turn into panic and worry for what their punishment will be. I blew out air before I continued. “However, since you have been so cooperative, I will reduce your punishment severely. Instead of killing you both, we have decided you both will be banished. Dropped off somewhere by one of the warriors... You are now rogues.”

With that, I stood, walking out of that room without a backwards glance. Alex follows me out and wraps his big arms around my waist. Nuzzling his nose into my neck, he mutters, “You were great in there, baby girl. I won’t lie, when you are being all dominating like that, it really turns me on.” As if to prove his point, he pressed his hips further into my backside where I could clearly feel the outline of his hard on.

Groaning out softly, I spun around, wrapping my arms around his neck before kissing him hard. Sucking his bottom lip into my mouth I bit into it softly, pulling back and letting it go, stepping completely away from him with a smirk. He glared at me, realizing that I was just teasing him. Knowing he wants me so badly makes me feel really good about myself.

Biting my bottom lip, I cleared my throat. “Anyways, Alpha. I think you should call Alpha Trent, see if he can give any clues on which of his warriors is Tessa’s mate and where he could possibly be hiding her at.” He nodded dejectedly, his eyes still portraying the lust he was feeling as he scanned over my body.

If only we had time for that, I would be more than happy to take him to my room and let him devour me. The thought alone sends jolts of pleasure through me, and causes liquid heat to pool between my thighs. Knowing he could smell my growing arousal, I tried to keep our conversation serious. “While you do that, I’m going to go gather some people to come with me to fetch Tessa and her mate. Just in case we need backup.

His eyes were dark as he still wasn’t focused on the task at hand. When he went to grab for me again, I jumped out of his reach, giggling slightly before turning on my heels to walk away, mind linking him in the process.Don’t worry, baby. We will have plenty of time for you to have me anyway you want me after we deal with this situation.

I heard him let out a growl as I rounded the corner to the house, shaking my head in amusement. I can picture him now, tying me up to the bed so I couldn’t get out of his grasp as his head is buried between my thighs, making me cry and beg for him to just fuck me already.

Walking into the house, I found Julian and Fay, cuddled up on the couch as Uncle Raf came walking down the hall towards us. Great, just the people I wanted to talk to. I waited for Raf to get a little closer before I spoke. “Hey guys, are you all up to helping me fetch Tessa?”

Fay’s eyes lit up immediately as she pushed away from Julian. “Shit yeah, count me in. I can’t wait to drag her back here by her hair. Man, I hate that cunt, when are-” She was cut off by Julian, who was giving her an odd look as I tried to suppress my amusement. I had no idea she was so, passionate? If that is the right word. Chuckling, I looked to Julian as he replied.

“Geez woman, you’ve barely met the girl for 2 minutes. Calm your shit. But yes, Eve. We will help. I know you can’t do it without my manpower. So ye- ouch!” Fay punched Julian in the stomach. Rolling her eyes as she muttered something about him being ridiculous and he wasn’t even that strong.

Laughing out at their behavior, I turned my gaze to uncle Raf, seeing the pride in his eyes at his son and his mate. Feeling my eyes on his, he returned my smile. “Well I guess I can’t miss all the fun. Do you think you’ll really need all of us to get her though?”

Sighing, I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah, I’m not sure. I’d rather be prepared though. We now know she has indeed found her mate, he is a part of Alpha Trent’s pack, a warrior.” Uncle Raf grunted in comprehension. Julian sobering from bickering with Fay to tune into our conversation as I continued. “We aren’t sure where they are, or if they have anyone else helping them. Hell, it might just be the two of them, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

They all agreed silently before Alex walked in. His phone in his hand as he came over to me. “Trent has informed me that the warriors name is Jeremy, and he has a lake house a few hours from here. I bet they are there. Trent says Jeremy followed him here when he delivered the Wolfsbane, he didn’t think anything of it. But he must have waited for the right moment to break Tessa out. Trent is coming along with his beta, since this does involve one of their own. We leave as soon as they get here.”

Acknowledging what he has said, I move up to our room to get ready. I pulled on black leggings, and a black sports bra, along with a black long-sleeved shirt. I will take them off and carry them in my mouth and change back when we get closer to the lake house. But if I have to shift during a fight or something, I don’t mind these clothes being shredded. Alex walked in at that moment. I glance over at him, noticing that he too has changed into a plain black shirt and some stretchy shorts.

He pulled me into his arms, placing a soft kiss on my lips before pulling back. “Are you ready?” I nodded my answer, knowing that I was more than ready for this to be over. I know that after this, Tessa will be out of my life for good, either by moving on with her mate or the other, not so pleasant option. Either way, this ends today.

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