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Chapter 22

We arrived just outside of the lake house. Everyone spanning out to surround it just in case either Tessa or Jeremy decide to run. I moved closer, pressing myself close to the side of the house, peeking in the window to see that Tessa and Jeremy are indeed inside.

They seem to be arguing about something, and before I knew it, Jeremy was stomping out of the front door with Tessa following him with her arms crossed. I ducked behind the bushes, praying they didn’t notice me there.

“What do you even mean you are going back? For what? I’m your mate, Tessa! Not him! I won’t help you kill your Luna, I’m not fucking stupid enough to get myself killed! Which is exactly what will happen to you if you leave to go back there! Can’t you just stay here with me? We don’t have to go back to my pack, I’ll cut my ties with them, it can be just you and me if you want. Please.” He was angry. Angry and hurt that she is refusing his pleas.

It was clear that all he wanted was the chance to love and be loved by his mate, the desperation in his voice evident. My heart broke for him, knowing that Tessa wasn’t going to change her mind just because he was begging her.

She scoffed before replying back to him, killing his spirit and hopes even further. “Stay here? With you? HA. As if. You are nothing, you’re not strong enough to be my mate. Look at you! Pathetic. Begging me to stay here. I’m going back to get my true mate-Alex. If you won’t help me, then I will find a way on my own. I don’t need you, never have and never will. You are just a waste of a wolf. The moon goddess must have been playing a sick prank making you my mate.”

Her words were filled with disgust and repulsion. Her eyes portraying her emotions perfectly as she looked down her nose at him. Jeremy’s shoulders sagged in defeat as he let her verbally abuse him. He looked hopeless, ready to give up on life, and that is what had me moving out from behind the bushes.

I stood behind Tessa. She still hasn’t noticed my presence so she continued talking. “Look at me Jeremy. Or are you too weak to look at me? I knew I should have rejected you the moment I saw you. You’re a disgrace and will never make any girl happy. No one wants you, even your own parents left you.” She was cackling, letting off a sinister laugh as if she told a funny joke.

Jeremy finally lifted his head up, eyes portraying how broken he was feeling by her crude words. When he glanced behind her, he looked right into my eyes. I knew I was giving him a sympathetic look. Trying to tell him I’m here for him, as a friend and a Luna, even though he’s not in my pack. No one deserves to be treated like such dirt, especially by their mate.

Jeremy just stared at me with an empty gaze. I knew this is where I needed to speak up. “I’m sure he will make some lucky girl really happy one day. You should be praying it to be you, Tessa. Seeing as he is supposed to be the love of your life, your perfect match, your other half.” She spun around on her heel, glaring daggers at me as she sized me up.

Dusting her shoulder at the invisible lent, she sneered at me. “What the hell are you doing here? Don’t you know when you’re not wanted?” Her eyes scanned me from head to toe once more before she shrugged. “Oh well, it’s better you came to me. Now I don’t have to come find you. It’s time for you to die, Evelyn.

She lunges at me, trying to grab for my throat. I easily side step her, spinning around with my hands held up. More for my people in the woods to stand back, not needing their assistance as of yet. I do need to try once again to get Tessa to back off. “Tessa, listen to me. Jeremy is your mate! You should be thrilled to have found him. Just stop all of this nonsense and live your life with him. You’ll be beyond happy, I know it!”

Scoffing, she let out a shrill scream. “Shut up! You’re so fucking annoying, you always come around and ruin everything good! First with mom and dad and now with my mate! How does Alex even stand someone like you? Don’t worry, once you’re gone, he’ll have everything he could have ever wanted in a woman, I’ll be sure of it.” Once more, she lunges at me, this time shifting into her wolf. Canines bare and claws ready to swipe into my skin.

I jumped to the side, tucking and rolling until I stood abruptly, turning to face her so that she couldn’t attack me while my back was turned. Again, she ran at me, only this time, I met her half way. Dodging her sharp claws, as I grabbed ahold of her back paws, spinning in a circle and releasing her, causing her to go flying through the air across the clearing.

Swiftly shifting into my wolf, I mindlinked Alex. Don’t worry, I have her. You just keep an eye on Jeremy. Before I ran to the outside of the clearing where Tessa landed. My wolf growling and snarling over Tessa as I fought for her to submit to me. Snapping my jaw, she cowered slightly, her wolf whimpering, ready to give in, before she thrusts forward, swiping her claw along my shoulder. Successfully digging her claws in.

I howled in pain before tackling her, rolling on top of her as we snapped at one another, both hoping to land a fatal blow. It was in this moment I realize that I have to kill her. She won’t stop till I’m dead. I was able to get my hind legs beneath her to fling her into a tree trunk, hard. Stalking forward to her, ready to end this once and for all. Just as I grabbed her throat with my teeth, before I could snap her neck, a loud yell drew my attention. “Wait! Stop!”

Turning ever so slightly, I witnessed Jeremy running to us. I stepped back, as Jeremy came to a stop to stand in between Tessa and I. Growling in warning, he held his hands up, giving me a look I couldn’t completely decipher. Alpha Trent and Alex were a few steps behind him, waiting to see what he could possibly do.

Jeremy walked up to Tessa, bending down to pet her fur. She was injured, that much was clear, but even hurt she snapped at his hand. He let out a deep sigh before standing, looking directly into her eyes. “I, Jeremy West, reject you, Tessa, as my mate.”

Tessa lets out a pained howl as she began withering on the ground. I’ve always heard that when a wolf rejects their mate, it feels like their soul is being ripped out of them, their hearts feel like it is melting as the wolf detaches from their host. However, the one doing the rejecting, is fine beyond never feeling whole again.

I admired Jeremy for what he has done. Knowing that this way is honestly easier than me killing her before because then, he would most likely follow behind her. I’ve never really heard of a wolf rejecting their own mate, but I knew it was possible and has been done before. It’s just incredibly rare.

Shifting back into myself, Alex ran to me, throwing a shirt over my head before quickly examining my arm. Blood was trickling down, but I was more focused on Tessa. She has changed back, her wolf most likely gone now. The pain of not being with her soulmate, making her hollow inside. Her wolf will never return to her.

I walked up to her, Alex by my side as I watched the tears stream down her face, she was clutching her chest, almost like she was trying to claw her heart out. I knew what she was feeling mustn’t have been pleasant, however, I couldn’t think of a more deserving punishment for her crimes. Bending down, I tilted my head at her as her eyes widened at me. “Please, kill me!”

I frowned at her, before wrapping my fingers around her neck. She closed her eyes, waiting for me to end her life. Leaning forward, I put my lips right next to her ear before whispering. “I will not kill you. You will live the rest of your days, alone, mate less. Your wolf is gone, so you are no longer a part of the pack. This is your punishment. Not only for trying to kill me, but for being a complete bitch to everyone around you, including your ex-mate.” I dropped my hold from her.

Standing and turning away from her, I made my way over to Jeremy, who looked crushed but validated. He knew he did the right thing. I stopped in front of him. “Jeremy, my name is Evelyn. I want to thank you for what you have done. You are so brave and I’m so sorry you ended up with a mate like my sister. However, I do believe in second chances, and I will pray every day to the moon goddess that you find another mate. A better one than Tessa.”

I pulled him into a hug, earning a small growl of disapproval from Alex. When I pulled back I noticed the shock on Jeremy’s face. Raising an eyebrow, he finally spoke. “She was your sister? And she tried to kill you?”

Shrugging my shoulders. “Yes, half-sister. We had the same father... Thank you again.” Alex grabbed my hand, saying a quick goodbye to Trent, saying something about catching up with him later, before we all left, leaving Tessa to wither in pain as one of Alpha Trent’s warriors picked her up, taking her somewhere far, far away.

Tessa is finally gone. We have finally put an end to this obstacle that was in our way. It is finally over. Alex and I can finally be happy and celebrate our mating as we should have been able to do all along, and I couldn’t wait to be Alpha and Luna, and run our pack together.

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