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Chapter 23

~2 Year Later~

My heart dropped. I knew this would happen, no one in their right mind would think it wouldn’t. With what Alex and I have been doing, how could it not? I didn’t know whether I was devastated or completely overjoyed. How does someone feel when they first find out? When they first see those two little blue lines on a stick they had to pee on?

I have always wanted a family, I just never pictured it happening this soon. Shit. I have to tell Alex. I shifted on my feet. Do I have to tell Alex? Shaking my head, of course I have to tell Alex. I shouldn’t be as nervous as I am, hell he has been bugging me to start I family since we settled things with Tessa.

Straightening my shoulders, I decided I will tell him tonight. We were having a cookout with all of our family and some friends. Alpha Trent and his newfound mate will be coming, and of course Julian and Fay will be there along with Uncle Raf and Sam. Ben was already downstairs with Alex setting things up and preparing the food to go onto the grill.

I went to my closet, picking out a nice knee length white sundress. The bottom was lined with sunflowers giving it a beautiful pop of color. It was a birthday present from Fay and has quickly became one of my favorite things to wear when we had gatherings or I had to go with Alex to some type of leaders meeting.

Pulling half of my hair up into a ponytail, I left the room, heading down to see if there was anything I could help with. My heart beating a mile a minute hoping no one could smell that I was pregnant. Taking a quick deep breath in, I couldn’t smell it so hopefully I would be fine and no one will say anything before I can tell Alex myself.

Walking to the back yard I slid out, listening to Ben bicker with Alex. “Son, I told you that should go on the other side of the yard under the tree! The sun will be setting and you don’t want to be blinded, do you?” Alex huffed, frustrated.

“Noo, dad. We would never want that would we.” He rolled his eyes before he grimaced. Moving the table where Ben directed him. Ben was shaking his head before he muttered something I just barely caught.

“I swear, you want something done you should just do it yourself.” Alex growled before snapping back at his dad. “Hey, watch it old man. You may be my dad but I could still kick your ass.” Ben threw his head back, letting out a loud laugh as Alex tried to keep a straight face, failing miserable as the smile easily took place.

Ben shook his head, before he turned in my direction. He gave me a bright smile before approaching me and giving me a big bear hug, spinning me around. Placing a fatherly kiss on my head he releases me, “Hello, Eve. You look lovely. I’m sorry you got stuck with my son. Worthless I tell you.” I laughed, as I felt Alex grip my waist. He pulled me against him, giving his father a mock glare.

“What did I tell you, dad? Don’t make me regret inviting you.” He held up to fingers, pointing from his eyes to his dad in a ‘I’ll be watching you’ motion. I smiled. This is what happiness was to me. Being here to witness this playful banter between these two. Being able to say that our pack is happy and healthy, no harm in sight. Having wonderful family and friends to share our life with.

I was genuinely happy. Placing a hand on my belly, I knew that our happiness would only grow from here. Turning around in Alex’s arms, I wrapped my own skinny ones around his neck, pulling him down so I could whisper into his ear. “Can we go somewhere to talk?” He looked at me questioningly before agreeing.

“We will be back, old man. Don’t burn anything down.” Ben tutted before waving his hand absentmindedly, telling us to be back in time to eat and that they weren’t going to wait for us. We laughed together at that knowing he was bluffing. Alex led us up to our room that he had soundproofed about a year ago when I was self-conscious of our lovemaking sounds. He said he wasn’t ashamed of the sounds that he could get out of me or vice versa but he would do anything to make me feel comfortable.

Sitting down on the bed, he pulled me between his legs, his hands gripping my waist gently. “What’s up, baby girl?” I placed my hands on his shoulders before taking a deep breath. I have no clue how to bring this up without just coming right out with it.

“How do you feel about being a father?” He smiled at me, not quite understanding what I was meaning but answering anyways.

“You know I can’t wait to start a family with you, princess. Why do you ask?” I inhaled deeply before locking eyes with him. I just stared at him for a few seconds before realization dawned on him. His eyes widening like saucers. “Are you- wait. Baby, are we... Are you pregnant?”

I smiled shyly. I have no clue what I was shy about in that moment. This man knows every part of me. Physically and mentally. I gave him a slow nod before he jumped up, his arms around me, and spinning me in circles. Laughter filling the room as he gently set me back down on my feet.

I didn’t have time to catch my breath from laughing so much before his lips covered mine. He kissed me passionately, lovingly. His hands holding each side of my face as he finally pulled away from my lips, only to pepper kisses over every inch of my face. He pulled back just gazing at me before his eyes lowered to my stomach.

His smile was so contagious. His happiness killing any doubt I had about not being ready for this. As long as I have him by my side, I’m ready for anything. His eyes met mine again, filled with adoration and love. “I love you so much.” He said softly, before pulling me closer, kissing me gently once more.

“I love you too, Alex.” And I did. So much that I couldn’t imagine having this experience with anyone else. He gave me a big hug before pulling away completely. His eyes shining with excitement.

“Let’s go tell everyone right now princess, and then when we are done, come back here and celebrate!” His smirk was mischievous. My heart soured, nodding my head as we wore matching grins, as he tugged on my hand. He stopped when we were about to exit the door, turning to give me one last loving look before stating, “I’m so glad I met you, Evelyn. I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with you. Living our happily ever after.”

And that is exactly what we did. Lived happily ever after.


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