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Chapter 4

Uncle Raf, spoke up. “Excuse me, Alphas. I think you need to put Eve up against someone that will pose a challenge.” He looked at Tabitha. “No offense, Tabitha,” Before returning his gaze back to the Alphas. “Eve is far more advanced than you think.” Alpha Ben didn’t get a chance to talk before Alpha Alex spoke, interest shining in his gorgeous eyes.

“Well then she wouldn’t mind working her way up to prove what she’s got.” Challenge accepted Alpha Asshole. He wants to play that way then fine. It looks like they are starting with the women today and then will probably challenge the men tomorrow, but jokes on them, I will take down half of the men here, if not all. Uncle Raf is a fabulous trainer and I have had the privilege of getting one on one training from him almost all my life.

Stepping into the little makeshift battle area, I waited. The smartest thing you could do is watch your opponent. Watch their steps and before long they become predictable. I simply held my hands behind my back, waiting for her to attack. Of course, she did trying to punch me right then left to which I easily dodged. Tabitha decided to try to kick me to which I moved out of the way, causing her to stumble and almost fall face first. She was getting mad.

Good, the angrier she got the sloppier she got. She lunged at me and, being tired of this, I quickly kicked out my leg, foot landing right to her chest, effectively knocking her down on the ground, gasping for air. I turned, facing the Alphas, waiting on what was next. Hands still tucked behind my back.

Alpha Ben was smiling, he knew I was a good fighter. Alpha Alex was smirking, looking at me challenging, almost playfully so. “Next, Misty.” There were only 5 girls that were apart of training, myself included. Misty was better than Tabitha, but she was very timid. Always hesitates on her moves which will cost her one day.

Misty walked up to the battle area, a nervous smile on her face as she looked at me. She flickered her eyes to my feet before trying to swing her leg to try to knock me down. Of course, I jumped over it before kicking her over from her crouched position, and before she could even stand, I wrapped my arm around her neck. “Snap. You’re dead.” If it were a real fight, I would have easily snapped her neck. This went on for the rest of the women fighters. Each one not posing a challenge to me. After the last one tapped out, I stood, staring to see what was next.

Alpha Alex seemed to be contemplating something before he smirked. “Well done, why don’t we try something different. Julian, go up against her.” Julian groaned before moving to the center. I smirked at him playfully. Julian has only ever won against me once. “Don’t worry Jul, I’ll go easy on you.” I snickered. He stuck his tongue out as he got into stance.

Raf was smirking because he knew that Julian was one of the better fighters, but I still had the upper hand with my size. Julian and I circled one another, waiting for the other to attack first. I knew he was skeptical because he never wants to hurt me, but I gave him a nod to assure him that I’d be fine. That seemed to be all he needed before he stepped closer and threw his first few punches. I blocked them with my arms before giving him a nice uppercut and then followed with a right hook. He stepped back, shook his head before smiling. Next thing I knew he stepped to me and did a spin move, landing a punch to my jaw and one to my side. Okay ow, but I deserved it. Without missing a beat, I spun and gave him a kick to the face.

Fight training was dangerous especially because we tend to lose our temper fast, no matter who we are going up against. Half the reason we do this is to help control it, it helps significantly when in battle with rogues because they can’t control their anger at all. Julian and I are typically pretty good at holding back, but knowing Julian didn’t sleep well last night, had me a little afraid if I pushed him to much more he will shift. But I wasn’t backing down, I had to prove my worth. We traded a few more punches before I ran and slid between his legs, hopping up to kick him in the back. He landed on all fours and I could see his shoulders shaking before a loud growl emanated from deep within his chest. A second later he was in wolf form, snarling and growling at me.

Alpha Ben and Alpha Alex stood. “Enough, the match is over.” Raf stated. But I held my hand up to keep everyone calm, never breaking eye contact. Deep down I knew Julian would never hurt me, but his wolf is a different story. He couldn’t control it when he was furious. Julian bent down, ready to pounce, he leaped up in the air and as quick as I could, I slid under, wrapping my arms around his big frame, grabbing firmly around his neck while wrapping my legs around his torso, squeezing as tight as I could.

He dropped down, struggling and withering, trying to get me to let him loose. He managed to claw my thigh with his hind leg in his efforts to kick me off. Hissing out in pain, I squeezed tighter. “Shift back Julian! Now!” I growled out venomously, my wolf was right on the edge, itching to take over and end him. He went slack, feeling the authority in my voice and knowing he was defeated. He did as he was told. Within seconds, a naked Julian was under me, with me sitting on his back. I rolled off of him onto my back, knowing he was back in control. I was breathing heavy, trying to calm down.

Raf and the Alphas ran over to us. “Are you okay?” They all asked. Nodding my head, I pushed myself up to a standing position, hissing in pain as I looked down at my stomach. There were three deep lacerations, dumping blood, that didn’t look good. I looked further down at my thigh, where I had another round of scratches but not as deep. My vision began to blur before I stumbled slightly. Looking up I witnessed four worried faces looking at me and they seemed to be saying something but it wasn’t registering to my ears. Everything began to spin and I started to fall. Losing consciousness as everything went black.

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