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Chapter 5

I woke up in the infirmary, it looked like it was dark outside. I was a little sore but I felt fine so I moved to sit up. Before I could, I was being pushed back down by Julian. “Stay, you need to rest.” Looking into his eyes, I knew he felt guilty. “Julian, it’s not your fault. I’m fine.” I grabbed his hand to squeeze it. He gave me a pained look.

“I couldn’t control it. I’m so sorry, Eve.” I sighed. No matter what I say, he will not listen to me. “There is no need to apologize Jul. That’s why we do that kind of training. To help control our anger. Plus, with your lack of sleep, I knew it was going to happen. It’s my fault for continuing to push you.” He let out a humorless laugh. “I nearly killed you and you’re saying it’s your fault.”

I smirked at him. “Nearly killed me, eh? If I remember correctly, you were the one getting your ass kicked.” He chuckled while I moved over, leaving him enough room to lay beside me. I hugged his arm while we laid there in comfortable silence. Julian and I use to cuddle like this all the time, he is seriously like the big brother I’ve never had. I remember one time I forced him to sit and watch all the Disney princess movies with me. He may have acted like he didn’t like it and that it was torture, but I knew he loved it. Besides he got me back with watching all the Marvel movies. Thinking of that gave me an idea. I began to sing.

“Tale as old as time, True as if can be. Barely even friends, then somebody bends. Unexpectedly.” Julian grinned big before he continued in his deep baritone voice. “Just a little change, small to say the least. Both a little scared, Neither one prepared.” And we both sung “Beauty and the beast.” Giggling together as we shoved one another before settling back down. Silence overcame us as we both had small smiles on our faces. Julian was definitely my best friend in the entire world. We soon fell asleep, both content with our company.

Morning came far too quickly for my liking. I woke up with the feeling of being watched. Looking around, my eyes fell on Alpha Alex. He was just standing there, arms crossed over his chest staring at Julian and me. I raised my eyebrows, hoping for him to tell me what he wanted, but he stayed still, frowning while looking at us. “What?” I finally asked. He scoffed before replied. “Just didn’t peg you as the type to fuck other wolves knowing your mate is out there somewhere.” His eyes flicking to Julian and then back to mine, his tone harsh, his gaze harsher. I almost laughed in his face.

Scratch that, I did laugh in his face humorlessly. “Not that it’s any of your business, but surely you know this is my cousin. And surely your sniffer is better than that Alpha, and you can tell I’m still a virgin. So, whatever your problem is, you need to resolve it.” He seemed in a mood today and I wasn’t about to be the endpoint to his rage.

Alex wanted to be stubborn, however and puffed his chest out. “Well if you keep cuddling with wolves like that someone will start to get the wrong idea.” It was my turn to scoff before gently removing myself from Julian, and heading to the door. “Have a good day, Alpha.” I muttered sarcastically. Quickly making it to my room to shower and get ready for the day. I felt brand new.

Refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Being half human I needed a little longer than most wolves to heal from injuries. After getting dressed in dark blue jean shorts and a nice floral shirt with some brown sandals, I headed downstairs, bumping into Alpha Ben. Bowing my head slightly to show my respect, I went to side step him to continue heading to the kitchen. “Evelyn, please come to my office for a moment.” Following him silently, I was curious as to what he wanted to talk about. Maybe about the fight yesterday?

Settling into the comfortable seat in front of his desk, I waited for him to speak. “How are you doing, Evelyn?” I smiled genuinely at him. “I’m perfectly fine, Alpha Ben.” His eyes scanned mine, as if searching to make sure I was telling the truth before he shrugged. “Good, so have you heard of the ball we are throwing for Alex to officially appoint him Alpha of this pack? I will be stepping down and giving full reins to him.” I shook my head, not aware of it but understanding he was making sure I knew so I could get a dress.

If there was anything I hated most, it was shopping. I normally asked my aunt Sam to just pick me out something. He continued. “It will be a masquerade ball, and there will be the surrounding packs joining us to celebrate and get to know Alex. So, I want you to stick close to Alex and myself so you can be introduced to those pack members.” I sighed. I don’t want to be stuck around an ass hat for the night, but I can’t miss an opportunity to potentially meet my mate.

“Okay, Alpha Ben. I understand, but if it is possible, can’t you just mind link me when there is someone you’d like me to touch.” For an older man, he has an attitude of a teenager sometimes. He rolled his eyes at me before nodding in agreement. “I suppose. But there is one more thing.” He opened the cabinet beside him and pulled out a decent sized box, handing it over to me. “I got you a present. I’d like for you to wear it at the masquerade.”

I gently took the box and slowly opened it. The first thing my eyes landed on was a black mask with red gems, and underneath was an elegant red ball gown that had a plunging V-neck, long sleeves and what looked like a very high slit up the side of the dress. All in all, it was breathtaking. “Alpha I can’t accept this.” Before gently placing it back into the box and trying to hand it back to him.

He waved his hand. “Nonsense. Your Luna picked it out overseas and Sam also helped and gave your measurements. It was meant for you. Something to show our appreciation for all that you’ve done for the pack.” I smiled while I walked around the desk and gave Alpha Ben a hug. He chuckled while returning it. “The ball is this weekend, so be ready.” Thanking him, I quietly left his office with the box in my arms.

There’s one plus about all of this. I’m going to look sexy in this dress. And I just pray and hope that I meet my mate so he can see that I can clean up nicely.

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