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Chapter 6

The weekend came in a blink of an eye. It was the morning of the ball and I was once again in the kitchen before everyone else, about to cook breakfast. I felt like I should help the ladies out since they will have their hands full with tonight’s preparations. I just finished putting plates and bowls stacked with shredded hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and waffles, and fresh fruit in the middle of the dining room table, heading back into the kitchen for the apple juice, coffee and water containers. It all smelt so good and I was excited for everyone to join me so I could dig in.

Alpha Ben and Alpha Alex were the first to join me and Ben immediately thanked me for the delicious food. He sat down and motioned for me to sit next to him, across from Alex.

Nodding, I wasted no time, I’m starving. Offering Alpha Ben a cup of coffee, I poured it easily, so to not spill it and my eyes met Alex’s. “Coffee?” I questioned. He seemed surprised that I was even offering considering that the last time we spoke it wasn’t really pleasant.

He agreed, thanking me lowly. I piled my plate and began to eat silently with both Alphas talking among themselves. “Alex, I want you to keep an eye open for your mate tonight, and I want you to be sure to point any eligible males in Evelyn’s direction so she can potentially find her mate tonight too. We have several other packs attending tonight and I want things to go smoothly.”

Alex met my eye briefly before questioning. “Why do I have to send men her way? Wont they be able to smell if their mate is nearby, and upon seeing her, know if she’s their mate?”

I was surprised, that Alpha Ben hasn’t told him the small tidbit of information about me, but the other part of me was pretty thankful for it. It doesn’t really define who I am. Hell I am a better wolf than half of the females in this pack. I know how to cook, how to fight, how to hold my own. The only thing that really sucks about it is I have to touch strangers to make sure they are not my mate.

Ben stared at his son for a moment. Almost angry? I’m not positive I’m reading his expression right. “Have you not taken the time to read about your own damn pack members, Alex?” Yes, definitely angry.

Alex stiffened. “Of course, I have father. I don’t recall there being one on Ms. Evelyn.” Ben scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion, muttering that it has to be a mistake because he purposely put mine on the top of the stack when he handed them over to Alex. I just continued to eat my breakfast silently, hoping to finish soon so I could leave this conversation.

“Alex, has anyone else been in your office? Possibly someone took the file?” Ben suggested. Which caught my attention. Obviously because they are talking about me but the fact that someone possibly stole the file they kept on me with all of my information, it’s absurd. “Who would want a file on me? Alpha Ben, I mean no disrespect, but no one would be interested in taking my file.” Alpha Ben tilted his head in thought as Alex finally spoke up. “The only person that has been in my office was Tessa. And she was only there once.”

I snorted. Well if anyone would steal my file it would be her. She probably hid it or something but the question is why? Alex looked questioningly at me. As if asking for an explanation for my response. “If anyone took it, it would be her. She probably burned it or something so I doubt there will be a chance to recover it.” Alpha Ben, agreed slightly, about to say something but I stood up. Finally finished with my plate, as a few other pack members joined, filing their own plates with all the breakfast foods. I nodded my head in respect before dismissing myself.

Later that evening I was getting ready for the ball. I curled my hair in nice soft curls, and did a dark smoky eye with deep red lipstick to compliment my dress. I put in silver earrings and finished with putting on my dress, along with black pumps to cover my feet. I barely ever wear heels but when I do, I always feel empowered. Like I could rule the world. I gently grabbed up the mask, pulling it on carefully, before checking the time.

Well the ball has officially started and I was running a tad behind. I’m sure that no one would notice. Walking down I entered the ball room, surprised by the amount of people here. Julian was easy to find, at least for me. I snuck up behind him and grabbed his sides, causing him to jump in surprise. Once he spun around to face me, his jaw dropped. “Eve, you look stunning!” Giving me a quick hug before a little she-wolf beside him started growling.

He smirked before wrapping his arms around her. “Eve, I’d like for you to meet my mate, Fay. Fay, this is my cousin, Evelyn.” I knew my mouth was open in shock but I quickly regained composure and pulled her into a hug. “I’m so happy to meet you, Fay! When did you guys meet?” Fay blushed, before returning to Julian’s arms. “Just a little bit ago. I put together this event, I’m from Alpha Trent’s pack. Once I stepped foot in this ball room, Julian found me.” I ‘awed’ and pinched Julian’s cheek. “My little boy is growing up!” He swatted my hands away before Fay received a message that had her groaning.

“Shit. The lead singer to the band that I hired is currently in the bathroom puking her guts up. What the hell am I going to do now?” She looked around frantically, catching a glimpse of Alpha Ben, Alpha Alex, and Alpha Trent all standing together with their Betas, talking casually. Tessa was standing with her arms wrapped around Alex’s and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I could see it in Julian’s eyes that he hated seeing Fay in any type of distress already which caused me to giggle slightly.

His eyes snapped to me before they widened and he smiled big. You know the kind of smile someone does when they need a favor and really don’t want you to say no. Yeah, that kind of smile. I groaned, shaking my head, already pretty positive I know what he is wanting me to do. “No, Julian. I’m serious, I’m not doing it.” Fay looked between us, curiously before Julian told her I could sing. She jumped up and down, “Omg. Please, Evelyn! I will owe you big time! Please, please, please!” She tugged on my hand with every please, giving me her best puppy dog eyes.

Rolling my eyes, I shot a glare to Julian, before nodding my head. “Fine... But you BOTH owe me big time.” And left them to go find the rest of the band mates to see if they knew any songs that I knew the words too.

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