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Chapter 7

Heading up on stage after I talked to the band, I took my place before the mic. I was nervous, I was beyond petrified. I’ve only ever sang in front of Julian. I don’t believe I had stage fright, but I’ve never been in front of this many people. Fay had an extra mic and started an announcement. “Hello everyone. We are here to welcome Alpha Alex home and congratulate him in inheriting his rightful place in his pack.”

There were cheering and hooting, until Fay waved her hand, settling everyone down for a moment more. “We had a wonderful band booked for this event, unfortunately, the lead singer is dealing with some - uh- unforeseen illness. However, we have a wonderful replacement that I had to bribe to take her place for a few songs. Thankfully, I’m very persuasive.” There was laughter flowing through the room, making the atmosphere feel almost carefree. Maybe I could do this. Fay continued. “So please give a warm welcome, and enjoy the rest of the night!” She hollered as the crowd erupted with applause.

I looked at the band before closing my eyes. They wanted to do tough lover by Christina Aguilera. Thankfully I knew that song so I just agreed. So, I started us off. Silencing the audience but keeping my eyes closed, focusing on hitting the right notes, and not psyching myself out with looking at the crowd.

“Ohh, oh. Yeah, yeahh.

Ooh yeah yeah

I need a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah
I need a, a tough lover, woo
I need a, a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah
A tough lover, ooh yeah”

My voice was just as raspy and jazzy as hers was. I didn’t sound the same as her, but I was just as good. Maybe that was a little cocky, but I knew I sang pretty well. It wasn’t until I heard the hooting and whooping, that I opened my eyes and took in the crowd’s awe-struck faces, and surprised looks.

“When he kisses me, I get that thrill

When he does that wiggle I won’t keep stillI wanna a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (woo)
I need a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
Tough lover (hum, hum)”

My eyes landed on Julian, he shot me a thumb up and turned to Fay to wrap his arms around her. She was giving me the biggest smile. I continue to scan the crowd, stopping on one man in particular that seemed extremely mesmerized. His mouth slightly agape. I held his gaze.

“The seven sisters got nothing on him

I’m talking about a lover who’s fast as the windEveryone will talk about how he got me fixed
It ain’t voodoo, it’s just that twist
He will be the greatest lover that ever come to pass
Don Juan ain’t got the half the chance

He’s a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (woo)
He’s a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (oh oh)”

Alex, seemed transfixed, if I had to describe it. Never taking his eyes off of me. I don’t think I truly understand considering he’s heard me sing before, but I just continued the rest of the song. Trying to break eye contact with him. It was easier said than done, and I didn’t succeed until Tessa made a point to grab his face and bring him down for a kiss. That seemed to get both of us out of whatever bubble we were in and the song ended.

Everyone was screaming, and applauding. Looking to the band, they nodded, signaling to start the next song. A few songs later, I was stepping off of the stage, rushing to the bathroom. Just because I did it, sang in front of everyone, doesn’t mean it wasn’t nerve racking causing my stomach to twist. I kneeled in front of the toilet, praying I wouldn’t puke. That is one thing I couldn’t stand to do. Half the reason I don’t drink alcohol. I mean who would want to get trashed and puke their guts up the next morning? Not me, that’s for sure.

Once I knew I wouldn’t puke, I stood up and washed my hands, heading back out, finding Julian and Fay. I didn’t notice it earlier but they have already marked each other. I mean it figures. Wolves don’t waste time. You find your mate, you mark them. It is just the way it goes.

The rest of the night went by pretty quickly with me meeting dozens of other wolves from the surrounding packs and not finding my mate. No thanks to Alpha Alex. If it wasn’t for Alpha Ben, none of them would have approached me. I’m sure that Alpha Alex was just being his regular douchebag self. It is a little discouraging that I didn’t find my mate but I have faith that the moon goddess has the perfect match for me.

Finally undressed and freshly showered, I laid down in bed, hoping sleep would take me fast and I was pleasantly surprised when it did.


I couldn’t have been asleep for more than 2 hours when a knock came outside my door, waking me from my dreamless sleep. Rubbing my eyes to help me focus, I muttered a come in, figuring it was just Julian. So, imagine my surprise when none other than Alpha Alex walked in, shutting the door behind him and taking a seat on my bed. Sitting up, I stared at him with a raised eyebrow. Must be something important if he came all the way to my room.

He was messing with his hands nervously, giving me time to notice that his hair was messed up in every which way, he had dark circles under his eyes and he wore nothing but a pair of sweatpants that hung lowly on his hips. Thanks to the moon light shining in from my window, it put off a soft glow that helped me see every inch of his chiseled chest. He looked extremely drool worthy but I willed myself not to think about him half naked in my room when I am literately wearing nothing but a big t-shirt and panties.

“Alpha, can I help you with something?” He finally met my eyes, turning his body to face mine, staring at me intently. We stayed like that, just gazing into each other’s eyes for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes, if not seconds. He licked his lips, before answering. “Will you sing to me?”

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