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Chapter 8

This chapter does have Sexual content! I’ll place “**” before and after so you can skip it if you wish! Enjoy x.


Alpha Alex is asking me to sing to him, but why? I just finished singing at the ball. Surely, he didn’t need to hear me anymore. Confused, I questioned. “Why?” He pulled his plump bottom lip into his mouth and began chewing on it while he was looking for the right words to say. My eyes transfixed on watching the movement.

He finally spoke after a long moment. “When you sing, it does something to me. I just want to know what exactly it is doing.” I’m almost positive he heard me gulp down my saliva. I’m not completely sure why, but I was getting nervous having him this close to me in my bedroom.

I mean I’m not blind. Alpha Alex is extremely handsome, with full kissable lips, muscles that would make any woman quiver with want and his mesmerizing green eyes that hold you captive. But that’s not the point here. The point is, this hunk of a man is right beside me, in my bedroom, all alone. With that thought I answered stubbornly. “I’m not going to sing to you.” Before looking away defiantly.

I never sang for people. Only Julian, and all because I sang for Alex’s stupid ball did not mean that I will just sing for just anyone now. He sighed before scooting closer, causing my attention to snap back to him. He laid down on his side beside me, facing towards me, giving me the cutest look that I’ve ever seen. Eyes widening and basically pleading with me to just sing him a song. I laid back also, staring at him. “Alpha, I don’t sing for just anyone, I’m sorry. Your party tonight was just a special occasion.”

Alex smirked at me. Not a cocky smirk, but a playful one. “Well the party was for me, as you just said. So, can’t you just sing once more for me?” He let out a small sigh before looking away. “Evelyn, Julian said you sing to him when he has nightmares. I just really need something to help me sleep.” When his eyes met mine again, I could feel that he was telling me the truth.

But why come to me? I’m sure Tessa has some techniques that would help tire him out. Just the mere thought of it had me roll my eyes internally. But regardless, he is here asking me, and he is my Alpha. “Okay, let’s go to your room then.” After I finished that sentence he started to look frantic, as he asked worriedly. “What? Why?” He was fidgeting and not meeting my eye. Weird.

“Well if I’m going to sing you to sleep, you need to be in your bed for it.” He shook his head automatically. “No. We can’t go to my room.” Okay, what the fuck? Excuse my language but why was he making a big damn deal out of this? I’m tired on my own. He wakes me up to do him a favor and he doesn’t even want to cooperate?

What is up with this man? What is so wrong with his bed? Why doesn’t he want me to see his room? Does he have a collection of doll heads or something creepy like that? The thought almost made me laugh but I refrained. Shrugging my shoulders before making myself comfortable in my bed. “Well then I can’t help you. Goodnight.” Hoping he would get the hint and get out. But I’m never that lucky.

Alex cursed under his breath before I felt him reaching over. He went to turn my attention back to him with him thumb on my chin and his pointer finger curled under my chin, but he froze as soon as his fingers touched my skin. Tingles erupted where his skin met mine. It felt like electric shocks radiating from him to me throughout my entire body, waking up every single sense that I possess. Stirring something within the pit of my gut that I couldn’t quite explain.

Once the initial shock wore off, he turned me to face him, both of our eyes wide with surprise. His eyes were portraying all of the love and lust he held for me and I’m positive mine were the exact same. I found my mate! Alpha Alex is my mate! He has been here this entire time and I never knew, if only I had listened to alpha Ben that first day and shook his hand. Flour covered hands be damned! This is my mate and we have already wasted so much time when we could have been loving each other all this time.

Alex must have been thinking along the same lines as me because before either one of us could fully grasp what was going on, he brought his lips down on mine. Gently at first, soft and light as a feather. Causing more and more tingles to follow everywhere he was touching me. Our eyes met briefly before his lips were crashing back down on mine, kissing ferociously, and he was moving to be on top of me. Not crushing me but our bodies were molded together, barely letting any air in between us as our lips moved in sync. It felt magical. It felt right. Perfectly right. Our hands were exploring each other’s bodies. Taking in every curve, every outline, willing it to be ingrained into memory. I barely noticed his hands skimming up my thighs, and dragging my underwear down. All without breaking our passionate kiss.

Feeling light headed from the lack of air, lungs burning, I had to break the kiss to get some much-needed oxygen. Alex didn’t mind, he continued placing kisses across my jaw and down my neck. Finding my sensitive spot and nibbling causing a light moan to leave my lips. Groaning at the sound of my pleasure, he pressed his hips into mine. The feeling was impeccable. We fit perfectly together. Nothing else on my mind but him and what we were doing. This is something that I want to remember for the rest of our lives. I’m so glad I saved my first kiss, my first everything for Alex, my mate. Alex sat up briefly on his knees, just long enough to pull off his pants. Not even letting me get a good look at his manhood, but if the feeling of him pressed against me a moment ago was anything to go by, he was very blessed.

I was nervous to go ahead and do this. I’ve never had sex before. I’m not Tessa who has done half of the pack. At that thought, I froze. What about Tessa? She thinks that Alex is going to mate her. They are dating, right? Should we really be doing this without her knowing things between Alex and her are over? Alex noticed that my body was tense and leaned back slightly to look into my eyes. “Are you okay? Shit, I’m moving too fast. We don’t have to do this, if you’re not ready.”

My heart pulsed at that, warming at his kind words. What a silly man. Of course, I wanted to do this, he’s my mate and he is who I have been waiting for my entire life. Shaking my head to reassure him. “It’s not that. I want to, I want you...” He smiled wide, before placing small kisses around my face causing me to let out a light giggle. “But what about Tessa?” I continued.

Alex paused, before looking into my eyes. “What about her?” I sighed, half way between sad for Tessa and regretful because if I mention it, this might not happen tonight. And damn it I want it to happen tonight. I want my mate. I want Alex. But the other part of me, knew I couldn’t just disregard Tessa. She may be a terrible person, but she is still my half-sister.

“You’re dating her. Shouldn’t we tell her before we fully mate?” Without a hesitation, he threw his head back in a chuckle, before nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. “We aren’t dating. She likes me, and has been following me around. Tonight’s the first time she even kissed me.” I furrowed my brows in confusion. Everyone was saying he chose her to mate with? I just don’t understand.

Alex seemed to have read my mind because he began to place small kisses against my shoulder. “It was just rumors. And tomorrow, people will know that you are my true mate.” Before he claimed my lips again in a passionate kiss, making me lose all of my self-control and give in to temptation.

** SEXUAL CONTENT**(skip to next chapter if you don’t wish to read it)

His lips on mine, all my worries flooded away as our bodies connected. Alex’s fingers skimmed up my sides, pushing my shirt up slowly before his fingers came in contact with my breasts. He twiddles one hardened nipple between his fingers as his mouth left mine, going down to latch onto the other. His swirling tongue on one and the slight tug of his fingers on the other had me panting. Never had I experienced this kind of pleasure by this kind of touch.

Alex bit down gently, tugging my bud before sucking it in his mouth, releasing it with a pop. Kissing down my navel, looking up at me through his eyelashes once he arrived at my center. The place I’ve never been touched before by another person. He gave me a reassuring smile before flicking his tongue out, in one long smooth stroke through my folds. Gasping immediately, I let out a quiet moan. His hand that was still playing with my chest, skidded over my skin, waking up all my senses as he lowered it to my entrance, pushing a finger in while his tongue worked the little bundle of nerves above.

I laid there enjoying the new sensations he was giving me, letting him work his magic and explore. It felt so good, that I could feel myself becoming needy. I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed, but I needed it now. “A-Alex, please.” I begged, breathily. And as if he knew exactly what I needed, he added another finger, pumping them in and out, curling them inside me to press on the perfect spot every time.

“Give it to me, pretty girl.” He commanded against my sex in a low husky voice. Shooting me into oblivion as I felt my juices soak over his fingers. That was absolutely mind blowing, but I wanted more. Needed more. I needed him inside of me.

We were on the same page, as he wasted no time in kissing up my body, pressing into me with his as he placed a short and sweet kiss on my lips. “This will hurt, but only for a moment. Do you trust me?” I didn’t have to think about it, I nodded my head, giving him the answer he was seeking before he slowly opened me up with the tip of him.

I wiggled slightly, impatiently. I wanted him inside of me and I didn’t care if it hurt or not. Alex pushed into me, inch by inch, until his was buried deep, it was slightly uncomfortable but I was already wanting him to move. Alex groaned as he rested his forehead on my shoulder. “Fuck, Evelyn. You feel so fucking good.”

Fuck, the way he talks to me, turns me on so much. I bucked my hips up, swiveling them around to get some type of movement. I needed it. “Alex, move please. I need you to fuck me.” I couldn’t help but moan out a demand. I understand that he is trying to go slow for me, but I needed him to move.

Alex cursed out, before bringing his hips back, almost backing completely out of me before slamming back into me. Both of us gasped at the extreme amount of pleasure, as he continued to pound into me, giving in to my pleas for him to move harder, and faster. Arching my back, I pressed my chest against his as the friction rubbed against my nipples, making a cry escape my lips.

His thrusts started to get erratic. Not as controlled as they were previously. His grunts of satisfaction were muffled as he kept his face in my neck, right before we both reached our climax, he sunk his canines into the base of my neck, before pulling back and licking and kissing the area. An explosion went off in my body, as my vision went blurry and my body tightened around his. “Alex!” I moaned as I convulsed around him.

When my vision returned, I quickly leaned up, bringing my wolf forward as my own teeth extended. I brushed them against the spot I would mark him teasingly. He moaned out, panting as he waited for me bite him. Not willing to wait any longer, I pushed down, completely our bond, as Alex groaned in satisfaction “Fuck, Evelyn!” Releasing his hot seed into me, pushing me into another orgasm. Licking his wound clean, I slumped back onto the bed.

Exhaustion washing over me as we stayed wrapped around each other for a moment longer, coming down front our highs. Alex leaned back, giving me a sweet kiss before getting up out of bed, heading into the bathroom attached to my room, I heard the water run for a moment before he reentered the room. He had a wash cloth in hand and came over to clean between my legs. I watched him intently. Love and adoration playing in his eyes that I was sure matched mine. He put the rag into the hamper, before crawling into bed, pulling me flush against him before yanking the covers over us.

Alex placed a kiss on my forehead before snuggling closer to me, if that was even possible. Resting my head on his chest, I listened to the sound of his heartbeat, letting it lull me to sleep. Alex whispered. “Thank the moon goddess, I found you.” Before the darkness pulled me in, sending me into a blissful slumber.

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