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Chapter 9

This chapter does have Sexual content! I’ll place “**” before and after so you can skip it if you wish! Enjoy x.


Waking up, I was reminded of last night’s events when I felt the warm welcomed weight of big muscular arms squeezing me closer to an equally muscular body. Wiggling slightly, I felt the throb of a soreness between my legs, and the slight tenderness at the crease of my neck. I couldn’t believe that we had mated completely last night. I have finally found my mate, my other half, and it just so happens to be Alex! Who would have thought.

Part of me knew that there was something more between us. I mean you don’t have that kind of attraction for just anybody. At least, I never had. That thought brought on other haunting thoughts. It didn’t feel like that was Alex’s first time. He has definitely had experience. Was I upset at that fact? Slightly, but I knew it was unrealistic to believe that everyone saved their selves for their mates just because I did. Werewolves have a high sexual drive, especially the high-ranking wolves. However, I didn’t like the thought of not knowing if his experiences happened frequently with different partners every night, or if maybe there was just one partner over a span of time that he was hoping was his mate?

But that didn’t make sense either, considering that he came home empty handed. With intent to find a she wolf that held promise of being the best Luna for our pack, to mate with. Thankfully, before any of that, we found each other.

Turning over, I gazed at his peacefully sleeping face. He was so handsome. He had long eyelashes that fluttered as he dreamed. A slight smile on his plump lips that I couldn’t help but trace a finger over. His eyes slowly opened as his smile widened. His expression content, happy. “Good morning, my gorgeous mate.” He placed a gentle kiss upon my lips, pulling back slightly when he felt me wiggle.

I let out a small quiet laugh as a light blush coated over my cheeks. “I’m sorry for waking you.” I wiggled again before speaking further. “But I really have to pee.” He let out a loud chuckle before pressing his lips to mine once more before moving to let me get up. Once standing, I bent to retrieve one of Julian’s shirts that I stole, pulling it over my head before rushing to the bathroom connected to my room.

After quickly doing my business and brushing my teeth, I returned to see Alex glaring at me, a scowl evident on his handsome face. Furrowing my eyebrows, I cocked my head to the side in confusion. “What’s wrong, Alex?” I questioned cautiously. He glowered for a moment longer before his eyes met mine.

“I don’t like you wearing another man’s clothes. Even if it’s your cousin. You can only wear mine from here on out, understood?” Giving him a deadpanned look, I glanced down at my shirt. Sure, it was Julian’s, but I’ve had it for years and I’m not going to not wear it just because mister big bad alpha doesn’t like it. However, I could compromise in this moment.

As a mischievous grin graced my face, I looked up at him. “Oh. I see. How about I just won’t wear it right now?” I questioned while pulling the shirt back over my head and walking seductively, or what I hoped was seductively, over to the bed where he was still laying on.


Crawling up on him, straddling his with my legs placed on either side of him, I gently guided his hands to above his head. Which, as a result had my breasts pressed up against his chest firmly. His eyes that held jealousy and anger moments ago, were now lit with lust and need.

I’ve never been one that was typically this confident, especially when it came to sexual activities and advances, but the way he is looking at me is making me brave enough to continue my teasing. I bent my head, barely skimming my lips over his as I placed light kisses crossed his jaw and down his neck before I arrived at his mark. His breathing was heavy as he let out a gasp when my lips made contact with the mark I gave him.

Before I could do anymore teasing, he flipped us over quickly, barely positioning himself before smoothly pushing inside of me. The contact causing us both to moan out simultaneously as our lips met each other’s. Alex let out a growl of pleasure as I circled my hips up to meet his.

Our movements were slow but with purpose. Driving each other wild as we made love. Needing more, I gripped his shoulders tightly, nipping his ear as I pleaded. “Harder, Alex. Please.” He obliged, driving into me at a pace only a supernatural could.

As if our current position wasn’t fulfilling enough, Alex pulling all the way out of me, flipping me over onto my stomach before I could even ask what he was doing. He was being dominating and I loved it! His thighs on either side of mine, he slowly slid back in, reaching further than he ever has before. Crying out at the intensity of it, I buried my head in the mattress, hoping to mute out my sobs of pleasure. I felt as Alex’s hand slid up my spine, and around to the front of my neck, hoisting my head up softly as he bends to nibble on my ear. Whispering huskily, “Let me hear you, baby girl.”

Shooting sparks of pleasure through me as he hit the same spot over and over, throwing me over the edge. “Oh, Alex!” Riding through a mind-blowing orgasm, he finished right after me, growling an animalistic growl right before he bit into my shoulder again. That alone caused another eruption from within me, sending me convulsing for the second time as I came down from another orgasm.


He rolled off of me, pulling me into his side as he kissed my lips sweetly. Smiling in satisfaction, I quickly looked to the clock to realize what time it was. My eyes widening in surprise I shot up, pulling on clothes quickly as he shot me a look of confusion. “Training starts in 15, and I didn’t even help with breakfast!” He shook his head at me, before looking at me curiously.

“Why do you help out so much? You’re the only she-wolf that does a bit of everything.” I would have snapped if it wasn’t for the genuine curiosity in his eyes. Breathing out slowly, I shrugged.

“Well, I guess because I can. Why shouldn’t I help out if I’m available? I suppose, a part of me has always felt like it was my duty to be and do everything I could to help others.” I could see the pride in his eyes before I leaned down to kiss him once more. “Come on handsome, we have to get to breakfast.”

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