His Lust, Her Desire

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Evie is an ordinary young waitress, who dream is to plan events, and marry a kind man, but everything is about to change when she meets Danny. He's everything shes dreamed of but where did he come from, who is he, and why does he want her.

Fantasy / Romance
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His skin was hot and covered in scars; her eyes drank them up as she let her gaze roam over him. His finger traveled down her body; she could see the desire in his velvet eyes as they followed the movement. Her eyes linger on his for a little too long, tempting him to give his best to her. That look was met with a fanged smirk as she was turned roughly and pulled against his muscular chest. His hands caressed every curve of her body, upwards till they reached her chest. He made circles around the fabric of her buttoned-down pink pajama top, teasing her nipples. They were hardening with each circulation of his thumbs and, once they were beautiful and hard, he ripped open her blouse without an ounce struggle. It was barely a second before his hands found her breasts again, pinching and slightly pulling her nipples, a loud gasp escaping her lips.

She felt his lips against the side of her neck, his teeth lightly nipping to gift her with little marks on her skin. She carded her fingers up into his hair and pressed herself back against him; her hips are rolling to grind her perky ass into his Impressive bulge. She grins at the knowledge that she made it this way, and it made her move against him more. This is resulting in a spank, leaving a throbbing heat on her ass in the shape of his large hand. She yelped as the thin fabric of her silky pink shorts did nothing to soften the blow. I warning growl in her ear had her frozen in place, “You move like that again, I will spank you until you can't walk. Do you understand?” She nodded softly, eyes full and body hot at the threatening tone, and began paying attention to his hands as they roamed and caressed her already trembling body.

His hands moved slowly down her silk clothed flesh, his nails scraping her lightly, but she still felt the bite of them as if she were bare before him. His touch lingered on her curves even as he pulled away, shifting his hands to bend her at the waist, pressing her front down against the cold surface of the dinner table, the meal they were about to have a distant memory in their lust clouded minds. He placed his warm hand on her back, her full breasts and pert nipples firmly pressed to the unforgiving table, and it had her panting. She could feel his hips thrust against her, the rounded edge of the table digging into her thighs as he leaned down, leaning down to her ear again, his voice firm and deep in her ear, “EVIE! ARE YOU SERIOUS, YOU HAVE TEN MINUTES TILL YOU HAVE TO LEAVE FOR WORK!”

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