His Lust, Her Desire

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Chapter 1. The Waking

Her grandmother's angered voice shook her from the bizarrely sexy dream she had been having. Throwing her comforter off her, she quickly jumped out of bed, grabbing her clothing for the day, and ran to the bathroom to get ready. She pulled on her black buttoned-down work shirt and fumbles with buttons her top, she then picked up her pants and tugged them over her thick thighs. Once they were on, she looked up to check her appearance. She was a curvy girl with an hourglass figure, her breast perky and her ass was firm and finely shaped. She had long brownish-black hair that, when allowed to be air-dried frizzed wildly, most days she just threw it up in a ponytail and was okay with just that. Her eyes are what drew attention at first glance. They would appear brown but get her in proper lighting, and that’s when you would see the green mixed with gold and brown. Indirect light, her eyes would take on a breath-taking gold, catching most off guard. Her skin was smooth, and to most, she was considered beautiful, but she had a hard time seeing what others did.

After dressing and deciding to skip the makeup, she threw her hair up like many times before in a bit of a messy ponytail, and hair sprayed the strands that stuck out. Grabbing her charger and phone of her bed, she threw them in her yellowish gold bag and ran out the back door as she heard her grandmother honk the horn for the fifth time in three minutes. Quickly jumping in the car, she started to apologize for not waking up on time while she looked at her alarms on her phone only to realize she hadn’t set them the night before.

Her grandmother, annoyed by her carelessness, looked at her, coldly, “You are 23 years old. I do not need to be waking you up like a child! You need to pay closer attention to what you are doing and start acting your age.” Nodding silently, she, she bit her lip before she quietly apologized once more “I’m sorry I will do better and pay more attention.” The rest of the ride was only filled with the sound of the radio and the cars buzzing by them. This gave Evie time to reflect on her bizarre dream. The man in the idea felt real, but she knew he couldn’t be. Smiling to herself, she decided she needs to take a break from her erotic fiction books, even if they were her only source of sexual insight. She hadn’t been intimate in years; she was just a teen the last time she had sex, that was before she had moved with her grandmother to get away from the demons of her past. Since then, her only source of getting off was her sex toys, erotic books, or porn. When her grandmother dropped her off, Evie leaned over, kissing her cheek; this made her grandmother smile, “Let me know when your through with work, and I’ll come to get you.” She nodded and waved to her grandmother as she drove away.

Evie didn’t look too much different from her grandmother, especially when she was her age, but even now, you would think she was Evie’s mother. They were very similar in a lot of ways, only Evie’s grandmother had crystal blue eyes and short hair that had grayed over the years, the extra pounds she had gained didn’t stop her from being active either. She stood shorter than Evie, only standing at 5ft. Evie and she both had a temper that would make anyone stop talking when they raised their voices, but they were extremely kind-hearted as well. They helped where they could and how they could. Evie only wanted to do one thing for her grandmother, the most important person in the whole world to her; she wanted to make her proud.

Evie worked at a hotel, and she enjoyed it. There was always a constant flow of people who looked forward to sharing their stories with her; there were also her regulars who she kept up with. It was still the same, but something was different; about today, she had felt it since waking that morning, but she blew it off, deciding not to look back on her dream while at work as just the thought had her face hot. She stayed busy for the most part. The steady stream of customers, taking orders and, serving them their meals. Her day was almost over when she greeted her final customer, not looking up all the way she ushered the man to his seat. Taking out her note pad and pen, she finally looked up and was treated, but the very eyes she had seen in her dream. Her breath caught for a moment and shook her head softly, she smiling as she greeted him, “Hi, I’m Evie, and I'll be your waitress is there something I can get you to drink?”

The man was tall and well built; his shirt barely hid the muscles that contracted underneath it as he rested his arms on the table. The low lighting of the dining area shone of his ivory skin, the flesh smooth though under the collar of his T-shirt she could see the faint mark of a scar, his hair was black, short and styled well. His eyes met hers, the velvet color of them shocked her as a smirk lifted at the corner of his lips. It seemed like a long pause between them as Evie found herself unable to look away from his eyes, he finally answered her “Coffee, black, please. And I don’t need the menu I’ll have the coffee-to-go.” Nodding her head, she quickly shuffled to the back, once there she began to catch her breath, taking long deep breaths. “What the hell was that?” She questioned herself in a hushed whisper as she grabbed the to-go cup and lid for the coffee. Walking back out there, she found the man standing by the exit waiting for her to hand him his order. She smiled as she handed it over to him, their fingers brushing slightly for a moment. She blushed and pulled away, bidding him a good day.

Watching him as he left, she found herself admiring his back, the way he held himself his body language, especially the way he walked demanded respect. Biting her lip, she imagined what it would be like to see his back without his shirt on, her fingers trailing down his spine. A giggle left her lips as she thought of this as if he heard her giggle, he turned, smiled, and gave her a wink before disappearing out the lobby doors. Shaking off the delusional fantasy, she went to straighten up the table she had set him at for only a few moments. Looking down at the table, she saw a hundred-dollar tip, along with his business card and a note “This has my cell and email, if you reach out to me, I would like to take you to get some lunch sometime.” She looked over the note for several moments, thinking it couldn’t be real, this beautiful man that was just here did not just give his information to a girl like her.

“What’s that you have there, Evie?” Evie rolled her eyes as her obnoxious coworker Annie started to walk over to her. Pocketing the business card and note, she turned to show Annie the hundred dollars left for her. “NO! FUCKING! WAY! For a fucking coffee, he left you that!?” Annie exclaimed in total shock. “Yeah, he did guess he thought I was worth the hundred-dollar tip.” Evie giggled as she walked past Annie to put away the tip in her purse.

Annie is a heavy-set woman in her thirties, and often the center of much of the drama in the hotel. She liked to cause issues by telling lies or spreading things people had told her in total privacy, Evie learned that raveling to Annie once how much she had made in tips to her. The next day everyone knew, that couldn’t have been possible; she had only told one person. Annie is short, with long, horribly bleached hair, and big black highlights, her makeup is always done up like she was about to go to a club. She still has way too long nails that are against the workplace dress code, but their boss doesn’t care. She has almost black-brown eyes that make her look darker with the excessive makeup. Annie is a single mother of six children, all by one father that never stays with her to help with the children. Which leads her to do extra work that the hotel management has caught on to. She has been sleeping with the customers, people like truck drivers mostly to make a little cash on the side. The managers caught on when she had to work a night shift with the bar manager a few weeks ago and took nearly forty minutes to come back down from the delivery. Evie learned of this due to the managers not being able to keep themselves from telling juicy gossip that shouldn’t be shared with other employees.

“Hey, do you think you can work tomorrow’s night shift, Evie? I have to go to my son’s soccer game; I’ll cover for you in the morning if you work that shift for me.” Annie asked Evie with a hopeful tone. Evie looked over at her “NO! That would be the third time in two weeks, the last time you wanted to switch you didn’t even show up for my shift that you said you cover for me. Not only that but when I got the call you didn’t show up, I had to Uber here because my grandmother was out of town. So, no I won’t cover your shift for you anymore, ask someone else!” Evie huffed as she grabbed the broom and shoved past Annie. “You could have just said no, you didn’t have to throw my screw up in my face!” Annie exclaimed. Evie turned and looked at her, her patients with Annie was running very thin, “Annie let me make this clear, your older but you act like a child I have seniority over you and I am able to send your ass home. If you want to work, then do your job if you don’t want to work then go home. I am not about to sit here and argue with you, because your upset I’m done covering for you.” Turning around Evie went back to sweeping the floor.

Annie stayed for a bit after the argument had gone down, Evie suspected she had told their boss. She received a text telling her to she didn’t have to cover for Annie but didn’t have the right to send her home. Annoyed but the antics of the day she decided to take up the man offer for lunch. Pulling out her cell and the business card she went to text the number provided to her. That’s when she realized there wasn’t a name on the card just the initials D.B... Texting the number anyways she sent “Hi there, this is Evie the girl from the restaurant. You left that note so I thought I would take you up on the offer for lunch.” After sending the message her blood ran cold what the hell did, she just does, it was against hotel policy to date the customers. She didn’t have time to backtrack before she received a text back from D.B., “Well I am glad you found the note Evie, unfortunately, I don’t have the time today for lunch. Do you work tomorrow?” Evie knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help the excitement she felt. “I do in the morning, but I usually take off early, but you can’t pick me up at the hotel. If I am seen getting in the car of a client, I could lose this job, and I need it.” Evie bit her lip as she sent the message and finished her work. She called her grandmother to let her know she was done and would wait for her out front.

After clocking out Evie went and sat outside on the bench, to wait on her grandmother and pulled out her phone. She realized she had received a message from D.B., over twenty minutes ago. She quickly opened the message, “Ah I see they have a rule against employees and clients getting involved smart, but annoying. You must be a brave girl if you’re still willing to meet up with me. Where would you like me to pick you up then Evie?” She giggled at the thought anyone would consider her brave, she was so shocked she was even considering this but still, she wrote back once more. “Sorry it took so long to reply I had some work to finish, I can meet you on the other side of the building across from the hotel. Your funny I am not that brave I am actually very nervous I have never done anything like this, I’m not entirely sure why I am trusting you planning to get in your car with you tomorrow. For all, I know you could be this incredibly sexy serial killer, and I’m your next victim.” She meant that as a joke but realized after sending it he might not see it that way. She soon heard the familiar sound of her grandmother’s horn and turned to see her parked behind the bench, jumping up she jumped in giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“How was work today?” Her grandmother asked as she was pulling out of the parking lot. “It was fine just long, had an argument with that annoying girl Annie over her trying to switch our schedules again. To which I told her it was not going to happen. I also met this very unusually handsome guy who is surprisingly super generous to he left me a hundred-dollar tip.” She reached down into her peruse and pulled out her wallet to show her grandmother. “That’s great now you can buy dinner tonight!” Her grandmother teased

The ride home wasn’t long as normal due to it being the weekend, once home she grabbed her phone from her bag. There were two messages both from D.B. “Well let me put some ease to that mind of yours, I will not disclose with anyone that we are meeting tomorrow, and no I am not a serial killer just very interested in you.” She smiled and relaxed knowing that their meeting tomorrow would be kept between just them, she went on to read the second message. “You haven’t responded so I will say it’s safe to say you are on your way home. I want to thank you for your kind words earlier when you called me incredibly sexy. That was very bold coming from you, I assume you are usually not that bold. Well, I want you to know I think you are very beautiful; I look forward to getting to know you.” She felt her face heating up from realizing that she had called him incredibly sexy. She covered her face for a moment but knew she needs to respond soon.

“Yeah sorry I was in the car with my grandmother and tend to not use my phone while I’m in the care with her. Thank you for agreeing not to say anything I need this job for the time being until I finish what’s left of my schooling. May I ask you what’s your name right now I have you down as D.B., but I’m sure that’s not your actual name.” After sending the message, she quickly ran to the bathroom, looking in the mirror she shook her head at her pitiful state. There were strands of her hair sticking out, and dark circles from the events of the day. She pulled her hair down and brushed it outputting in the hair treatment that controlled the frizz. Stepping out of the bathroom she went back to her room, she shut the door so she could change out of her work clothes. Slipping off her blouse made her flush when the dream flashed in her mind once more of the mystery man ripped her shirt off. Smiling to herself she slipped out of her shirt and unhooked her bra letting both items hit the floor. She then reached down and picked up her tank top before slipping out of her pants and underwear. Digging in her draw she found a pair of blue jean shorts and slipped them on, just as she got them buttoned up her phone went off.

“D.B. It is not my name silly girl; my name is Danny Bryson. Do you not drive yourself? Is that why you were with your grandmother on your drive home?” She blushed at being called a silly girl but bit her lip realizing she had to explain why she didn’t have a car or license yet. “I like that name Danny; my full name Is Evie Winters. The reason for my lack of a car is because I do not have my license, I know it’s a bit unusual for someone of the age 23 not to but I never learned. How old are you Danny?’’ She found herself paid out on her bed looking at her phone, as if she was a teen talking to her crush, she giggled at the state of herself. Looking at her phone again Danny had messaged her, “I’m 27 not too much older than you. I have to go I have a meeting to get to, but I hope we can talk some later.” Disappointment hit her as she realized he had to go but also understood, “sure just send me a text or call either work for me.”

Turning off her phone and placing it on her bedside table, she went to the kitchen to help make dinner with her grandmother. They had decided to make breakfast for dinner, which was just eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Turning on the T.V. Not much was said during dinner. Since her grandfather’s passing two years earlier most dinners were spent in silence, sometimes she felt like she had caught a glimpse of her grandfather sitting across from her smiling at her. Once dinner was over Evie always washed the dishes before retreating to her room to do a ten-minute workout. Then do school till it was time for her to shower and then sit with her grandmother. Hit the shower that night felt so good, but she found her mind wandering to Danny and his velvet toned eyes. The water hot against her skin brought back the dream, it began playing in her head like a movie scene. She began to wash her hair with her vanilla-scented shampoo and conditioner, leaning into the hot water allowing it to caress her body. She watched as the water followed over her nipples, biting her lips she grabbed her body wash gently roaming the washcloth over her body. She excited she couldn’t wait till nighttime, she stepped out of the shower quickly and grabbed her waterproof vibrator that she hid under the cabinet. Getting back in she leaned against the wall in the shower and turned her vibrator on. She ran it over her breast first allowing the beat of it to harden her nipples, slowly she moved it over her torso each movement reminding her how vivid her dream was. Instead of forgetting her dream at that moment she ran with it she moved her vibrator over her nub she covered her mouth as a moan escaped her lips, the intensity of the vibrator was had her bracing herself against the wall. She upped the speed on the vibrator, and she slid down the wall as she could feel the dream man’s hands on her breast again the bulge in his pants. She could feel the sting on her ass that sent shivers up her spine from being spanked, barely keeping her voice down she began to climax. just as she did Danny face and eyes come to her mind and she lost, it she laid in the shower for a few moments. I’m in trouble If his face alone can make me orgasm, how the hell am I supposed to stay composed during lunch.

Turning off her vibrator she turned off the shower and stepped out wrapping the warm towel around her now shivering body. Bending down she put the vibrator back under the cabinet, she began to dry her soaked body off. flipping her hair over she wrapped the towel around her hair and flipped it over to let the towel dry it. She quickly dressed and ran to her phone to check it, there was a message from Danny. “If you would like I can call you in 30 minutes and we can chat for a little bit.?” wide eye she looked to see when he sent it “Shit I only have 10 minutes!” she quickly texted him back “yeah that sounds great!” Throwing her phone on the bed she ran and kissed her grandmother goodnight.

“Going to bed already still have 10 minutes till.?” Her grandmother asked confused why she was headed to bed so early. “I’m just tired, don’t worry I set my alarms for the morning, so I won’t wake up late, love you.” She smiled as she walked to her room. Once in the room she turned on her big fan, her room wasn’t that big, but it was plenty of space for one person, her bed and a bedside table. Turning off the light she laid down and held her phone waiting for his call. within a few minutes, her phone began to ring, “hello?” She asked as she answered her phone.

“Hello Evie, I’m glad you were able to answer?”

Blushing she responded, “Me to, how did your meeting go today?”

“It went well, closed the deal and got what I wanted.” He said in the cockiest tone she had ever heard.

“What exactly do you do?” She asked curiously.

“Hmmm well, I sell things that make many people happy.” He laughed while not sharing too much.

“That’s It? Come on tell me what all do you sell? Is the company you work at yours?” She asked wanting to know more about this dazzling man.

“I’ll tell you what the more we hang out and get to know one another the more I will tell you.” He said slyly she wasn’t fooled but she was impressed by his confidence, though she wanted to challenge it a bit.

“Oh, and what makes you so sure I would want to see you after tomorrow?” She asked playfully.

“You’re going to want to see me, trust me and playing hard to get only makes you that much more intriguing. He gave a bellowing laugh, “Now I’m not saying I want to see you after even if you play hard to get because I’m a guy and I like to chase women, but I will want to see you cause I can’t get your eyes out of my head.’’ He said it so calmly it took her by surprise.

“My eyes, I hear that often that the color and shape make them breathtaking.” She giggled, “you surprise me with how bold your statement was, but I liked it I like how confident you are.” she smiled as she responded to him. The conversation carried on like this for a few hours before she told him, “its eleven o’clock and I have to be up at four tomorrow, so I think I better go to sleep.” She yawned to him, “alright eve I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, good night, and sweet dreams.” He cooed to her before ending the call. Smiling she put her phone on the charger and laid down, she couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring when she woke tomorrow.

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