His Lust, Her Desire

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Chapter 2. Danny

“Nadia you have to go now it not safe I don’t want you to go any more than you want to but I have spoken with Nessa she has found a way to keep you safe.” The man with scarlet and gold eyes looked fearfully at her, she felt like she knew him but wasn’t sure how. Then she heard herself speak “Father I don’t want to go I don’t wanna leave you, please don’t make me go!” She was pleading with this man she was calling father, but this wasn’t her father. “Nadia hushes my darling you have to go, this is the only way I can keep you from being forced into his family, please calm down remember your mother and father’s bright fire.” Leaning down the man kneeled in front of her and kissed her head.

Suddenly the door flew open a woman came running into her room with a man and one other woman. She couldn’t see them well, but she could see the first woman had long brownish-black hair and her eyes were green. The man who was with her was tall and buff he looked at her with a calm face that made her feel safe. The other woman was short with black and blue hair. She only saw small details, “My Lord its time the army is getting closer and if we don’t do this now, we will lose the element of surprise?” The tall man announced to her supposed father. “Thank you Azuro, I can’t thank you enough for going with her. I am trusting you to keep my child safe, you’re her protector here you’ll be her protector there but also her brother.” Her father raised up and placed a hand on Azuro shoulder and spoke “By age twenty you will remember your purpose; Nessa says you will fight it for a while even space yourself from her. In the end, though you will return to her and will stay by her till the time comes for her to remember. Her memory won’t return however till its ready, so be patient with her.” Azuro nodded and looked over at her.

“My bright fire you will remember you will see us again; I know you’re scared but Azuro will always be with you. My Nadia we love you always know that, know that when you remember.” The woman hugged her, then stood taking the man she had Called fathers hand. She felt herself standing and looking over at the man and woman, before seeing Azuro stretching out his hand to her “It’s time Nadia.” Nodding she took his hand. She watched as Nessa chanted something she couldn’t hear over the beeping.

She was woken by her alarm clock ringing in her ear, she had chosen to wake up early so she could do her makeup, and hair. She wanted to look her best for her afternoon with Danny. Sitting up she noticed the sweat dripping down her face, whipping it away, she quickly got up and grabbed what she needed for the day. Getting ready for the day she decided to let her hair stay down today, she pulled out the instyler and let it heat up while she started on her make up. Her pale complexion was covered by her slightly darker concealer and foundation, which gave her the tanned look she liked. Adding her eyeshadow, she used her favorite colors light pink and red the two blended together really brought out the gold in her eyes. Along with the eyes shadow, she only did a single thin line with her eyeliner, following the shape of her eyelid. bright red lipstick was her go-to color for everything after which her makeup was complete. Now that the instyler was done heating up she pulled back half of her hair so she could focus on the bottom. While curling her hair she watched as each strand fell, her mind wandering back to the night's previous dream. The woman had felt so familiar to her even though she had never met her, their hair shared the same color and length. Finishing her hair, she turned off the curler and started to brush her teeth, once again her mind wandered this time to the man in her dream, she called father. Her heart ached to remember the way he held and spoke to her. The man she shared blood with was nothing like that, her father had nearly come around since she was a baby. Finished getting ready she rushed out the door meeting her grandmother in the car.

“I won't need a ride home tonight granny; I met a guy yesterday and he gave me his number we talked all night and wants to take me out.” She blurted as they were on her way to drop her off at work. “Ok, and you're just now telling me? Why didn’t you say something last night?” She asked shocked and kinda annoyed by the delay of news. “He asked me before we got off the phone last night, and I didn’t say anything because I was annoyed and occupied with the Annie situation. I really did want to tell you about him.” She explained hoping her grandmother would understand that It just slipped her mind. “Well tell me about him, what does he look like? What does he do for a living? What is the license plate number on his car?” Her grandmother raddled off the list of questions listening carefully to each, she thought back to her talk with him last night. “Well his name is Danny Bryson, He’s tall and very handsome his eyes are very captivating they are almost a purplish color. He wouldn’t fully disclose anything about his job other than he sells things that make people happy, and as for his car well I’ll take a picture of it and send it to you before I get in.” She replied confidently while giggling watching her grandmother shake her head.

Once they arrived at her job her grandmother turned to her, “Evie I want you to take care of your self and be safe tonight, keep your phone location on so I can find you if needed.” Her grandmother genially looked worried for her. “I will granny, I will make sure that my phone's volume is up so I can contact you if you text…” suddenly she felt something heavy and cool In her hand, looking down she saw a taser her grandmother had placed in her hand. “Don’t use it if you don’t need to, but if he tries to hurt you use it and run.” Her grandmother let go of her arm and nodded at her. Leaning over she wrapped her arms around her, “I love you, granny, thank you for this I’ll call you before I leave this afternoon.” With that said she jumped out of the car and headed into work.

Her day wasn’t very eventful, beside the text from Danny, she had finally received an email back from her brother Azula. After his twenty birthday something in him changed, then one night out of the blue he left a letter saying he was headed north. He wouldn’t speak to Evie when he called only speak to their grandmother, they had been living with her since she was thirteen. Though he wouldn’t speak with her it didn’t stop her from writing about her life to him, and while on her break today she wrote to him again. She told him about Annie and the argument, how she was doing then she told him about Danny. But in the last six years he’s been gone he never responded, that Is till now.

Hey Evie

I know I been away a long time and to respond to previous emails, you did nothing to upset me. You’re the best little sister ever, I left because I needed to work on myself. I have been training to fight before you ask no I am not talking about boxing and no I’m not actually going to fight anyone unless needed. I am sorry I kept you in the dark so long, but I enjoyed your emails every time you sent them, I read them, I'm proud of everything you have done for yourself. Now, Evie, I know you probably feel like I should have no say in what you do, but I really don’t want you to go out with this guy tonight. You don’t know him, and the fact he barely disclosed with you what he does makes me very nervous.

On other news I’m coming home Evie, I’ll be home in a month. I can’t wait to see you and share all I learned with you. I must go but Evie please just take care of yourself, and don’t go out with that man Evie. I love and miss you very baby sister.


Reading over the email she felt a real annoyance with her brother, she was relieved to find that she had nothing to do with him leaving. The whole time he was away she thought It was her fault that she had done something to upset him. though she was relieved to know he was alive in well, she felt anger at him. Who the hell does he think he is disappearing from my life for the last six years, and suddenly thinks he can tell me who I can’t date? I’ll write to him later to tell him how much of an asshat he’s being. looking at the clock her shift was over, she began to close her tickets when she felt her phone going off, without looking who had called she answered the phone.

“Hello?” She answered. “Hello, Eve I’m currently awaiting your arrival across the street on the other side of the building. When will you be headed over here?” Danny replied excitement could be heard in his tone as he spoke. “Oh, it’s you, Danny, I’ll be over there in just a few minutes, I just have to close really quick.” She giggled as she picked up her pace in making sure everything was closed. “Alright, Eve I’ll be waiting for you.” He replied, then hung up she couldn’t hide the smile on her lips no matter how hard she tried. As she was leaving Annie was just arriving, walking past Evie she was mumbling under her breath. The only word Evie made out was “bitch”, shaking her head. She grabbed her stuff handed it over to the front desk people, then she was out the front door. She quickly made her way across the streets the building in front of her hotel and went around to the front. She sucked in the air as she saw him, he was leaning against a black Audi, he was wearing a black buttoned-down top that fit him well showing his perfectly sculpted bisects. The shirt was neatly tucked into his dark blue jeans that also had a hard time hiding the muscles underneath. He didn’t see her at first which gave her that time to admire him as she approached him, biting her lip she smiled when he looked up from his phone and gave her a cute smile. Running up to her he looked like a movie only It wasn’t in slow motion, “hey Eve you ready to go?”, he asked excitedly once he had reached her. “I’m not dressed properly yet I’m still in work clothing.” She responded gesturing her hands up and down her body.

Biting his bottom lip, he looked at the building they were in front of, “come with me.” He said as he took her hand and lead her into the building and up to the front desk. “Do you think my friend can use your bathroom; she needs to change out of her work entirely.?” Danny asked the beautiful blue-eyed desk girl, who was to Evie's discomfort eyeing him like a piece of meat. “For you handsome she can run the halls all she likes as long as you stay, to talk to me.” She flirted at Danny only glancing momentarily with a look that said begone hoe he’s mine now. “Thanks where’s your bathroom at?” He asked his tone sounding not interested in what she was doing. “Just over there, down that hall it the door to the left.” Her eyes staying on Danny. Rolling her eyes Evie started walking away, suddenly she felt a warm hand in hers and It was lifted. Her eyes got big as Danny kissed her hand “I’ll wait for you baby.” He winked and let her hand go. Looking past Danny, she could see the girl at the desk get red in the face and mumbling to herself. Smiling and shaking her head at Danny she walked to the restroom to change. Once inside she had one mirror and there was one toilet and sink, it was a once person bathroom but it would do. Switching on the light she dug in her bag and pulled out a cute black thigh-high skirt, and red sweetheart neckline shirt along with her red heels and a strapless bra. Slipping off her clothes she couldn’t contain the smile she had remembered she was only wearing a red thong. Biting her lip she slipped on her bra fixing her breast to sit perfectly in it. Then she grabbed her red sweat heart shirt and slipped that on It fir her just right showing off her best attributes. She then slipped on her black skirt, it was flowy and was made mostly of netted fabric. Folding the clothes she took off, and placing them in her bag she pulled out her brush and just fixed a few tangled pieces of hair. She then touched up her red lipstick making sure it wasn’t patchy, looking herself over she smiled and stepped out of the bathroom bags in hand. Making her way down the hall she heard the girl from the front desk chatting away and trying her hardest to flirt, every second she listened the more she became annoyed with her inappropriate behavior. She smiled as a thought came to mind, ok bitch two can play this game.

“Well, babe how do I look?” Evie asked confidently holding back the smirk wanting to come out to play, as the blue-eyed girl’s face became red with anger due to interrupting her flirting. “Beautiful, doesn’t she look absolutely beautiful?” Danny smirked and turned to the girl. “Dashing, well if you decide your done playing with little iris here’s my number.” The blue-eyed girl walked from behind the desk and went to touch Danny’s chest, but Instead, he gripped her wrist stopping her in her tracks. “If I wanted to play with you I would, you think you are better than Evie you got nothing on her. Look at her she got sexy curves a beautiful face, eyes that take your breath away, but it's her kind smile and heart that I like most. So, no I don’t want your number, have a nice day.” Taking Evie's hand, he marched her out of the building, as Evie couldn’t keep herself from smiling. When they reached the car, Danny looked back at her and saw her smile, “what?” He asked her, she could tell he was confused by her smiling. “No one has ever stood up for me the way you just did, Thank you.” She replied she shocked even herself as she touched his chest and kissed his cheek. “For you Eve I would do anything if it meant I was gonna see that smile.” He replied touching her cheek gently. biting her lip and told him she had to one thing before she got in the car. “I have to take a picture of your license plate before we leave.” She told him meekly, she could feel her cheeks turning red fearful he would find this odd. “Your grandmother's idea? She a smart woman and only wants you to be safe, she doesn’t know me so I can understand go ahead.” he mood to the back of his car, walking to the back she took out her phone and took a picture of the plate sending it to her grandmother. “Ok it’s sent now we can go, where are we going anyways?” she asked playfully as she walked back over to him. “Well I was gonna take you to lunch, but I found something more fun to do It’s a surprise so I cant tell you.” he opened her door and took her hand helping her into the car.

The car ride felt a bit awkward, she found herself trying to come up with something to fill the silence. Well hell what do I say to him It’s been a long ass time since my last date, should i turn on the radio? No this Isn’t my car and we don’t know him; do I ask him how his day was just to break the ice? “Eve look at me”, he spoke so suddenly it made her jump from her eternalizing, she looked over at him and gave a half-hearted smile. “Don’t over think this to much.” He told her so sternly, “how did you know that’s what I was doing?” She asked confused wondering if he was some kinda mind reader. Laughing at her confused face he simply replied, “you were biting you bottom lip, and your eyebrows were scrunched you were also fidgeting your fingers.” Her face flushed as she laughed at herself, “Sorry it’s a habit when I can’t think of anything to say.” He lifted his brow, and gave her a side glance with that sexy smirk of his, “I’m really not that hard to talk to sweet cheeks.”Laughing at the silly name he called her she asked, “You could have had that girl and turned me down, but instead you turned her away. Why?” He was the one over thinking now she could tell by the he licked his lips as if trying to make sure not to say the wrong thing. “Well I have been with girl like that, most are only after my money or think I will make a great lay. I don’t want that anymore. Besides there’s something about you that just draws me to you, I don’t know what it is but I trust it.” Suddenly she felt his hand wrapping around hers; she couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her lips.

Evie relaxed into the seat of the car her fingers laced with his, as she looked out the window, she found her mind wandering back to the dream she had the morning she met Danny. The way Danny looked reminded her a lot of the mystery dream man, she wondered if she had, foreseen something that was yet to happen between them. Evie smirked at that idea, while yes, the dream proved to be true about Danny, she doubted that a night like that would happen. As she watched the trees they passed by, it became unbearably hard to keep her eyes open and fell into a light sleep.

“Eve, Sweet cheeks wake up were here.” she heard Danny’s soothing voice, her eyes fluttered open then she shot up. “Oh no how long was I asleep?” she started to fix her har and pull her mirror out of her purse to make sure her make up didn’t smudge. laughing at her reaction, he reached down and patted her head “just a little over an hour.” looking up at him she put her mirror away “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how tired I was from work.” eve clumsily got out of the car holding on to his hand, she stumbled over her foot and found herself against him. Bring his hand to the small of her back pressing her against him more he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I didn’t mind, I liked seeing you so comfortable with me that you felt you could rest. I never thought I see anything as beautiful as you were when you were fast asleep.” Kissing her cheek, he let her go and closed her car door, before grabbing her hand, and began walking. “Ready for some fun?” Danny asked, looking over at her excitement shining in his eyes. In the distance she could hear laughter, and music, “Where are we?”, she asked him very confused. “Well while I was having my meeting today, I heard there was a carnival that I had rolled into town just an hour away from where the hotel was, so I thought why not just bring you to it.” Danny replied scratching the back of his head showing he was hoping she liked the idea. “this was an amazing idea Danny, before we go in I need to call my grandmother, let her know what were doing and that I’m alive and well.” she giggled as she let go of his hand, reaching in to her bag and pulled out her phone.

“Evie are you alright? Do you need me to come gets you?”, her grandmother asked worriedly. “No Granny I’m alright I was just calling to do a checking like I promised. Danny decided to take me to a carnival tonight Instead of going out to eat.” She told her grandmother her happiness about this change of plans did not go undetected by her grandmother. “Well you behave yourself and be-careful since you’re at a carnival I just want you to text me with a picture. This will let me see you’re alive and well.” her grandmother gave off her stern serious voice, this resulting In Evie laughing. “Why are you laughing I am being serious.” her grandmother raised her voice just a bit. “I know you are Granny; I will send you a picture every hour. I’ll be home around eleven tonight instead of nine ok?” Evie asked her grandmother, while turning around to find Danny leaning on his car watching her. “Elevens fine Evie, I’ll see you tonight. I love you.” her grandmother responded. “ok Granny, I love you to, bye bye.” she hung up her phone and walked back over to Danny. “Ready to go in I bought the tickets online while you. were on the phone.” smiling at his excitement she nodded her head at him and took hold of his hand, “I’m ready.”

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