His Lust, Her Desire

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Chapter 3 Carnival

The music at the carnival boomed in her ears as they walked up to the entry way, Danny reached into his pocket pulling out his wallet. She watched as he pulled out the cash for the admission fee and handing it over to the person in the ticket booth. It was an older lady with very little hair but a kind smile. “Would you like to pay a little more for the bracelets that let you bypass the long lines?” She asked kindly, Danny looked over at Evie his eyes asking If she wanted that. Evie bit her lip and gave a little shrugging nod yes; he raised his brow and smirked handing over the extra twenty for the bracelets. The lady handed him the bracelets and waved them on, “Give me you’re arm.” Danny told her, turning towards him after they had entered, she lifted her arm to him. He put the paper bracket on her, and it was her favorite color, blue, this made her smile. Taking his she did the same for him and took his hand, “well Danny what should we do first. She began to look around at all the games, rides, and different food booths that we surrounding them. The lights from them sighs and rides were so bright they lit up the night sky, making it hard to tell it was nighttime.

“Well Its never a good idea to eat before getting on rides, so its not a matter of what to do Eve, it’s a matter of what to do.” The way he said that made her skin tingle causing goose bumps, smiling up at him she decided to try her luck at catching him off guard. Looking around, she saw the ride called ‘Spider,’ the middle piece was shaped and painted to look like a spider's body lying on its back, and Its eight legs bent to let people into the ride. Once you were In, it would just slightly lift off the ground then out of nowhere flip your upside down while moving up and down all the while you're still spinning.

Looking back at Danny she pointed at It, “That’s the one I want to ride, it looks crazy fun.” she smirked proudly and didn’t let it show, that on the Inside she was yelling no at herself. Danny looked at her impressed, “You sure you wouldn’t wanna try something else Sweet cheeks?” He asked, “Yes that’s the ride I wanna get on first.” she said taking his outstretched hand. “Alright, lets get over there then.” he replied with a chuckle, taking a deep breath she tried to ready herself for this crazy situation she put herself in. Her mind was yelling at her the whole walk over to the ride, you are a dumbass you could have just told him your scared of heights, but no you gotta act tough. As they got on the ride, she tried to hide the fact she was shaking but holding on to the bar that was locked onto their laps. “You alright, your shaking so much I can here your teeth chattering.” he whispered into her ear, looking up at him she truthfully showed him that she was terrified of what was to come. He looked her in the eye and went to call the guy that operated the ride but was to late it had already started. Taking his hand, she closed her eyes and started taking deep breaths, then she didn’t have his hand anymore, instead she felt it the warmth of his hand on her cheek. Her eyes flew open moments before his lips were against her’s, her lips moved with his she felt his hand moving from her cheek to her back pulling her closer to him. one hand still holding on to the railing her own hand wrapped around the back of his neck. her whole body felt like it was on fire the longer the kiss went on, the less aware she was of the ride. He pulled away suddenly her eye found his, he wasn’t letting go of her yet and she wasn’t letting go of him.

It was still the earth wasn’t spinning behind his head anymore, “you’re still shaking, and the ride has stopped Eve.” Danny whispered as he leaned over unlatch her side of the railing, “I don’t think I’m shaking because of the ride anymore.” she replied as she took a deep breath, unhooking her hand from his neck. Danny jumped out and held his hand out to her, slipping her hand into his as he helped her step out. As they walked out the gate there was a moment of quietness, before he turned and apologized, “Evie I'm sorry I shouldn’t have kissed you like that without your consent." Danny looked at their clasped hands and sighed when She said nothing, "I just wanted to distract you from being frightened, if you want to end the date I completely understand." Finally, he looked up only to see her amused eyes, she didn’t say a word, no instead she walked up to him kissing him once more. His arms wrapped around her lower back as he pulled her against him, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. After a few moment’s she pulled away, "I don’t want to end the night, as for kissing me I liked it so don’t apologize for the best kiss I have experienced." Evie giggled as she sipped her hand back in his, smiling back at her he pointed to a balloon game, "I'm going to win you that big panda bear." Danny smirked at her as he took her hand and walked her towards the game. The game was simple enough, just three darts pop three balloons in a row win a prize. Danny handed over the five dollars, to the grungy looking man, and he handed Danny the three darts. reaching up she gently touched his back "Do your best, it’s ok if you miss." She told him sweetly, laughing Danny just shook his head and threw the first dart popping a yellow balloon. "One." He counted as he threw the next one, and again he popped another balloon, he looked over at her and threw the last dart popping the final balloon. Her eyes were wide with surprise, Danny just laughed and asked the man for the large panda bear.

"How did you do that most of these games are rigged, and damn near impossible to win." Evie exclaimed excitedly, looking at the big bear that was nearly as tall as she was. "I learned when I was younger, my father taught me archery at a very you age. He came into my room one day, grabbed my arm pulling me outside. He puled me till we were in an open filed with nothing but a target, he told me till all ten arrows hit the target I was not allowed to come back home. He showed me how to stand and how to hold the bow and arrow, and how to aim, before he left me with he demonstrated how I was supposed to shoot It. He did everything he showed me then he let the arrow go and hit the target, handing the bow back to me he walked away leaving me there with nothing but the bow and arrows, and a target. I was out there three day's I never gave up, I wanted nothing more than to make my father proud. After the third day I had managed to hit the target with all ten arrows, that’s when I heard clapping my father had been watching me while hiding in the woods. He didn’t say anything just patted my back and walked me home." Danny looked up at Evie the look on her face was not of pity but of concern, taking his hand she smiled at him Evie knew that saying anything in that moment wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

"let ride the Ferris wheel, I know you don’t like heights, but this wouldn’t be so bad." Danny looked at her, "I like the Ferris wheel besides each cart has a cage surrounding it for safety." Taking her hand, they walked over to the ride the man conducting the ride told them the bear couldn’t go up with them. Leaving the bear with the man they climbed into the cart and sat down locking the bar over their lap's as the conductor locked the cage for their safety. They had been the last to get on the ride itself was ten minutes long, "Are you enjoying the carnival Eve?" Danny asked her making her turn her head to face him, "I really am I haven’t been to one since I was twelve, I forgot how fun events like these are.'' She replied, suddenly a thought came to her mind she knew no one could see them, so she leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I know we just met, but I want you to touch me it crazy I know but I cant get the thought out of my head." Leaning back, she saw a smirk on his lips he leaned against the bar of the cage and beckoned her to follow. She moved to lay against his chest, she felt his head move down to her ear, "I like when a girl knows what she wants, and if you want me to make you feel good by touching you, then your wish is my command." He whispered to her, he moved her hair away from her neck and placed his lips to her neck kissing It softly his hands moving down her body, till they reached the him of her skirt. He carefully pulled the skirt up exposing her lacy red thong she had on, groaned against her neck, when he saw them. "you little minx." he whispered as he pushed her legs apart just enough for his hand to begin to explore her core. He lightly stroked over her clit making her gasp, he didn’t stop there he pressed against her clit rubbing it softly her hips unable to stay still as they moved with his fingers. Lifting her head Evie captured Danny's lips with her own, they moved together, his tongue sliding against her lips demanding entry. Opening to him their tongues explored each other’s mouths, she barely noticed his finger slipping under her thong.

Suddenly just as quickly as they started, he stopped "I want to drive you over the edge you beautiful girl, but not here." he kissed her once more and fixed her skirt, Evie felt her face flush with embarrassment as she sat up. The rest of the ride was quiet, but he never let go of her hand, when they got off the ride Evie grabbed the bear and hugged It tight, Danny had decided to grab them a burger to go. "Ready to head out?" he asked cheerfully, "I'm sorry if I came on to strong, I'm not usually like this." Evie replied looking down at the ground. "Evie you didn’t do anything wrong; I want to do that to you. Hell, woman I wanted to take you right then, but ten minutes wouldn’t have been enough for either of us." Danny told her kissing her forehead.

They walked out of the carnival laughing, he had parked his car In a shaded area hidden by bushes, witch mad it hard to see the car so much so that Danny and Evie almost walked past he car. Once they were at the car Evie felt his eyes on her he sat the burgers in his car, then walked around, and took the bear from Evie putting it in the cars front seat. She watched him as he stepped in front of her, he bent till his moth was right against her ear,” Would you still like me to touch you sweet cheeks?” His words sent chills down her body, she felt herself being moved to the front of the car and lifted off the ground. He laid her against the cool metal hood of his car, his lips moving with hers as his hands worked on her blouse pushing it up enough to expose her breast. His lips left hers traveling down her neck till they found her nipple, he gently flicked it with his tongue before wrapping his mouth around it. His hips rocked against her core she could feel he was very hard his jeans not hiding a thing. As the thought of reaching down and releasing his cock, she felt him pushing up her skirt. She watched as he knelt between her legs, his fingers gently rubbing her clit, “I want to taste you, would you be alright with that Evie?” Danny asked as his fingers moved her thong to the side. “Yes please, I want you to.” Evie responded, as she spread her legs wider for him giving him better access to her. Leaning forward he captured her core with his mouth, his tongue flicked against her opening taking time to enjoy the taste of her. The feeling of his mouth working on her opening sent shivers all over her body, she was no longer aware of their surroundings only the feel of his mouth sucking on her clit. His tongue slipped Inside of her lapping up her essence, his hand unafraid to explore her body making their way under her shirt. Pushing her bra up his fingers began to gently pinch her nipples, causing her to gasp out and whisper his name.

She felt his finger slowly enter her, then another he moved his fingers working her insides. Coating his fingers in the mess he had caused, she watched him as he stood his fingers inside her pumping. Slowly he pulled them out of her, and brought them to her lips, “I want you to taste how delicious you are baby.” Danny commanded his eyes lit up by lust. Opening her mouth for his finger, she suckled them tasting her essence on him. She felt her desire growing for him, she wanted more so much more. She wanted to feel him penetrating her tight core fucking her in the open, underneath the starlit sky. Slowly he pulled his fingers out of her mouth, “what else would you like sweet pea tell me.” Danny asked need and want was crystal clear in those velvet eyes of his. “You, its crazy I know but i cant help it, every ounce of me wants you to have you way with me right here, right now.” Evie boldly looked at him confident in her words, as her legs wrapped around his waist. Danny smiled as he pressed himself against her core, “so let me get this strait your not only willing to get in the car of a complete stranger, but you want him to have his way with you right here on the hood of his car.? You my beautiful girl are a brave one, well sweet pea you want it, get it.” Danny whispered in her ear, her hands fumbled down his chest to his pants. Leaning up a bit she kissed him, as she tugged his belt loose from his pants. She unbuttoned his pants as she slid down the front of the car till she was on her knees in front of him. Pulling down his pants, she watched in delight as his impressive member popped out in front of her face. Looking up she smiled at him, as her hand wrapped around the base of his cock and her other stroked It lightly. His eyes watched her every move, as she moved forward wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock. She flicked her tongue against it and licked up the pre-cum, slowly she allowed his cock to penetrate her mouth. She pulled him back out her hand still stroking the full length before pushing it against his stomach, leaning down more she captured one of his large balls in her mouth. Sucking his balls while jerking him she could feel him twitch in her hand, that’s when she heard him growl. Suddenly she was being lifted off the ground, and splayed out on the hood of the car. He stood between her legs as he took In the sight of her. Her skirt hiked up to her waist exposing her wet needy folds. Her shirt pushed above her perky full breast, her nipples erect showing how much she wanted this.

Leaning over her he captured her nipple in his mouth once more, his hands reached up into her hair, lacing his fingers in her tresses. He tugged her head back, and let loose her nipple from his mouth, allowing the tip of his tongue drag against her skin to the nap of her neck. As his lips graze her skin he sank his teeth into her flesh, his hands roaming her body as if trying to memorize every inch of her. He reach down between them grabbing his cock and rubbed the tip against her openings, the little wimpier that came out of her mouth was so beautiful he had to restrain himself. “Sweet pea I want to be deep in you hut only if you want this? I don’t want you to think this is all I want from you, I have many plans for you.” Danny whispered trying not to let the group walking past the shrub hear them. “Yes I want you, I want you to know I would never usually do this but my body is aching to be claimed by you.” She whispered back as she rotated her core against his tip, earning a deep groan from him. His slowly dipped inside her slowly allowing her body to get use to his size.

Holding on to his shoulders as he opened her core with his massive size Evie had a hard time keeping her voice down when he slammed the rest of himself into her. He was soft at first being gentle with her, she could feel him holding back and she wanted all of him to give his all to her. Lifting to meet his lips she captured them taking a moment to savor the gentle, she let her sips graze his cheek as she made her way to his ear. “I know your holding back, I don’t want you to be gentle. If you mean what you said then we have plenty of time for gentle, but I want you to fuck me hard and fast. I want you to make me scream your name, I don’t care who hears us.” Hearing this made Danny give a soft growl. “Your wish is my command sweet cheeks.” Grabbing her leg he flipped her his cock still deep Inside of her, he gentle kissed her shoulder before whispering “vanilla is what I want you to call out if you want me to stop, do you understand?” He continued to do soft thrust, “I need you to say yes baby, yes you understand.” Evie still In state of surprise from being flipped so easily finally found the will to speak. “Yes, Vanilla Is the word to stop.” With her confirmation out of the way, he grabbed her hair and wrapped it around In his fist pulling it making her arch her back. His other hand worked her nipple, twisting and pulling it making It harder than it already was. Once satisfied with the state of her nipple, he moved his hand to her throat wrapping it around it. That’s when his thrust became harder and faster, deep-loud moans made their way out of her the pleasure his cock was giving her was pure euphoria. She no longer cared who could hear her, he let go of her hair and throat and pulled his belt from his pants and looped it around her neck. “Do you trust me?” Danny asked her as he slid the end f the belt through the belt buckle. “Yes I do.” She replied breathlessly.earning yet another growl of approval, he tightened the loop on the belt and pulled her against him with it, his free hand held her hips in place as he picked up pace. She could feel his strokes quickening and him getting deeper inside of her, he picked her up and placed her on the ground on all fours the belt still around her neck and his hand. He pushed her head down as his cock continued to slam into her reaching under her he started to massage her clit being taller gave him access to fondle her clit and whisper “cum for me baby I wanna feel you explode around my cock.” As if trained to do so her body exploded around him she cried out his name as she did. Close to cumin hisself he pulled out of her and told her to open her mouth he wanted her to swallow his cum. It only took a few strokes till he was releasing his cum deep into her throat.

As he pulled out of her, he grabbed her face and kissed her holding her close. “This was the best date I have ever had sweet cheeks, I hope you don’t mind me wanting to see you again.?” Danny asked his hand wrapped around the brace of her chin making her look up at him so she could see he really meant it. “I would love to see you again to Danny.”Pressing her lips to his he helped her stand and walked to the back of the car there he grabbed out whips, coming back to her he kneeled and cleaned off her knees and hands from where the had been on the ground. She grabbed one from him and cleaned all the areas she had kissed him where it had left red lipstick on him. “Well as much as I would love to take you home I Know your grandmother must be wondering where you are. Send her a message tell her we lost track of time at the carnival, and we are barreling down the road to get you home In an hour.” Smiling at the fact he remembered she reached into her bag that had been dropped on the ground, and messaged her grandmother just that. “It’s alright, just let me know when you’re almost home, Love you.” Smiling and surprised his framing of words worked. He was suddenly in front of her helping her striated her clothing and handed her a brush to fix her hair in the car.

The ride back was full of laughter, and and calming conversation none about what happened at the carnival. Once they were ten minutes away she sent her grandmother a text to let her know, “Evie I want you to know I plan to see you again, I enjoyed all of tonight not just the sex but just being with you has made me very happy.” Danny stated as he moved his hand to hold hers. Smiling up at him she lifted his hands that Still smelled of her to her lips and kissed his fingers. “I look forward to another night or day with you, I really enjoyed all of tonight including the sex.” She leaned across the dash and kissed his cheek before slipping the silver ring that hand been sitting on his pinky. “Hey, why you slip that off?” He asked a smirk on his face showed that he was intrigued by her action. He pulled up to her house, and turned to face her the question still on his face. “If you want it back you will have to see me again till then i will keep it safe on my finger.” Slipping the ring on her middle finger, and looked up smirking at him. “Alright, deal but might i add that ring looks mighty fine on you.” Blushing she watched as he got out of the car and walked around to help her out. Holding his hand out to her, she took it and with little effort was pulled from the car gracefully. They walked to her door in silence, upon reaching it he looked down at her and cupped her face in his hands. “When you wake tomorrow there will be a lengthy message from me, I’m telling you now because I love to spoil when I truly care for someone. I plan to take you out again hoping tomorrow if your free.”Evie speechless just nodded her head In agreement. Capturing her lips one last time he kissed her for a good while, before letting go and opening the door for her she watched as he walked back to the car and he got driving away.

Her grandmother greeted her when she entered the living room with a grin. “So how was the date did you have fun? Was he a gentleman, he didn’t try anything did he?” Licking her lips she knew she was going to have to lie. “I had so much fun granny he sweet, fun, smart and endearing. He was the perfect gentleman, he even asked to take me out tomorrow.” Smiling she gave her nod of approval, both tired they hugged goodnight. Laying down that night she didn’t think she would sleep but upon laying her head down sleep engulfed her, along with that a new dream did as well.

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