His Lust, Her Desire

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Opening Doors

Chapter 4
Opening doors
My Dokath, look what what we have accomplished son! We have taken the Kingdom of Bruviel, and now you will be betrothed to Nadia the beautiful daughter of Tonnod. The story says you the crown prince Drabet will wed the princess of Bruviel, but as I have told you the now fallen king Tonnod refused the match when I presented it to him, the fool!. I told him you refuse me and I would ruin him, and take his daughters hand by force.” Dokath father Krogro spat out as they watched from the hill. Their arms had defeated Bruviel’s forces within minutes, leaving not an Incubus alive out on the blood covered field. Dokath had listened to his father for months now over this story of him and the Bruviel princess, and how she was his destiny.
“Father what you have done here today is a great accomplishment indeed, but what makes you think the Bruviel princess will accept us. We have depleted her army’s and destroyed her homeland, and for what to make a story told come true.?” Dokath looked in horror at the scene he had never liked violence, though it was an unfortunate part of being crowned price. “Son sometimes wars are the only answer when it comes to getting what you want. You’ll get that when you rule this kingdom we will create with your marriage to that little princess. As far as her wanting you who cares, boy the only thing you need out of that slut is your hire. Once you have that you can do with her as you please, kill her if you like she nothing but breeding stock.” Krogro looked at his son disdain in his eyes for his sons kindly heart. Bowing his head knowing that his words would matter not to his father “yes father, as you say.” DoKath shook his head and looked back toward the bodies in the field. Nothing good will come of this disaster, not a damned thing.
“Now boy lets go meet your bride to be.” He momentarily watched as his father marched down the hill with the rest of their army, hatred for that man was written all over his face. “DOKATH! DON’T MAKE ME HAVE THE GENERALS DRAG YOUR ASS DOWN THAT CLIFF.!” His father shouted back over his shoulder at him. “Yes father I’m coming.” Dokath followed his father walking through the destroyed kingdom, as they passed by all the dead and wounded in the street he saw a small incubus boy screaming for his mother, he himself knew that horrific feeling of not knowing where mother is. He looked away holding back the tears that threatened to fall. After a short walk they reached the castle doors, but they didn’t have to break them down they opened for them, a surrender he supposed as he looked up the sun blocked his view of the castle.
Danny woke In a sweating state, he hadn’t dreamt of the day his father had conquered Bruviel In over a century, getting up out of his bed he walked over to the small kitchen In his room at the hotel. Grabbing a glass from the glass cabinet he poured himself some whisky over a ball of ice he had grabbed out of the freezer. Walking over to his laptop turned it back on reading over the email his private investigator had sent him on Evie. He had been looking for her since that fateful day, he sat there staring at her picture and found himself getting hard at the thought of her, and the time they had spent together last night. Standing he poured out his drink and sent her a quick text “good morning beautiful. I can’t wait to see you again I really enjoyed every moment with you last night and I am not just talking about the sex. I want you to know I know you don’t normally don’t do that kinda thing but even if you don’t I loved it, and It meant everything to me.
Suddenly there was a loud knock on his door, dragging him out of his thoughts of tomorrow with Evie. He already knew who was at the door he could smell him, his best friend Rowbart, easily know to humans as Robert. Rowbart was known as a beautiful specimen among their people and Humans, tall and well built with a six pack abs. He has a dark tan complexion that fitting for his sharp check bones and jawline. His eyes a milky blue that were bright against his skin and black hair. Opening the door he gave an annoyed look “well shit how did you find me Row?” Danny asked as he stepped aside letting him in. “Come on man we been best friends for centuries of course I found you.” Rowbart smirked as he looked around the small suite. “So what are you doing in Phoenix Dokath?” Rowbart asked while taking off his brown over coat, and sitting on the edge of the bed. “I can’t tell you Row because if I did it would change things especially if you told my father.” Danny said exhaustedly leaning over a counter in the kitchen.
Row’s eyes wide as he looked at his friend “Brother if you want a secret kept just tell me I wont say a word.” Danny rolled his eyes and looked at his friend then realized he had kept the computer open with the picture of Evie on the screen. “Shit!” Danny tried to run over, and close it, but to late Row had seen the picture and was already standing with shock written on his face. “You fucking found the bitch! That must be the feline sent I smell on you.! You weren’t gonna tell me you found the god damned princess!??” Row stared angrily at Danny. “First you will not call her a bitch, she is the princess yes, and yes this is her sent it’s all over me and my cock. Secondly with her being the princess and my betrothed weather she knows it or not, you will treat her like any other royal understood?” Danny glowered over row his alpha power coming through in that moment. Rowbart bowed his head “Yes my price.” Looking up and the room clearing of the tension he asked “so you have claimed her with your cock then? Does she know who you are or even who she is.?”
Danny sat down at the computer again his eyes lingering on her “No, but I think she will soon, and when she does I am not fully sure I’m prepared for her reaction.” Turning to Row he shook his head, Row raised his eyebrows at Danny “you love her don’t you?” Danny looked at him “I marked her that’s all, she’s my trophy of war nothing more. When I get her home I shall lock her in the tower as planned to keep her from escaping my grip’s again.” Row laughed “Please brother you and I both know you will not lock her up, but If you do your dad will certainly approve. He was more mad than you when she went missing.” Danny scoffed at the mention of his father “How is the bastard these days, I have avoided visiting him.” Row nodded his head, he knew Dokath hated his father all his life.
When Dokath was 12 he made him watch his mother being raped and torn to pieces by the soldiers of his home. He watched as his mother pleaded for her husband and pleaded for mercy, mercy his father was unwilling to give. When Dokath asked why his father did this to his mother His father claimed “she had for filled the only purpose I had In mind for her, that was you Dokath there was no need for the slut after that. That’s all she was a womb to bear a son, Instead of wasting her by cutting off her head I figured our soldiers should have a taste of that tight pussy. Anyways think no more of her son, if you speak that sluts name in my castle I will let the soldiers do to you as they did to her.” With that he walked past his crying son with a mocking smirk. Leaving Dokath alone Row found him curled in a ball In his room and sat with him no words were said, no words needed to be said.
“He’s the same miserable prick he has always been, I look forward to the day you bring him down and kill him.” Row joked as he walked over and patted Danny on the shoulder. “Your not him brother, your good and she will see that when her memory returns you will be happy. Just woo her till then make her climax with your name on her lips, she will be mad when she remembers but It will be to late because she will love you.” Row said as he walked past him to grab a beer from the fridge. “Ah things I love about humans there’s endless tight willing pussy to fuck, and their constant need for alcohol” Row joked. Danny smiled and laughed at Row’s words “
“Well now I need to decided where to take Evie tomorrow, somewhere I don’t feel the need to slam my cock into her. Somewhere public, and where we can talk and I can find out the life she has lived up till now.” Danny sighed his cock twitching with the memory of filling her pussy with it only hours ago. Pushing the memory of It aside he looked at his friend, “you’re the major romance type what do you think?” Danny asked Row who was now spread out on the sofa. “You could take her to the mid evil times, carnival these humans do. I here there’s one going to be about a mile out. You could order her a dress to be shipped to her house and leave a note saying “where this my darling tonight I treat you like a queen.”’’ Row laughed at his idea, but cocked his head to the side when he saw Danny looking at mid evil time dress. “Wait you going with this idea?’’ Row asked surprised he had only been joshing with him. “It’s a perfect idea as dresses from that time take to long to take off, it will sub due any sex ideas if a chance is presented.” Danny responded with a seriousness that surprised Row.
Row snickered, and rolled his eyes “Does this couch pull out? I’m tired and need to sleep.” Row asked quietly. Danny nodded and walked over to help make room to pull the bed out for him. With row settled into the bed Danny went back to dress hunting for Evie. He found a lovely scarlet red one, that had a corset tie around the waist, even if he couldn’t fuck her tomorrow didn’t mean he couldn’t admire her perky breast being pushed up by this dress. Within second his cock was hard as a rock at the thought of her breast in that dress, he began to rub himself as he bought the dress and entered her address along with a note. After he was done with the dress he bought the tickets for the event, then shut his computer. He was still rubbing himself through his pajama pants his cock begging to cum. Walking over to Row he nudged him “Hey man how long has it been since you have feed?” Row stomach growled awhile as incubuses feeding was a must at least three times a week and other incubuses were the best source other than women. Unlike humans the incubuses and succubus’s don’t get jealous of same sex’s getting each other off because its not a love thing but a power thing.Sliding off the pullout bed row dropped in front of Danny slid his pants down his blue eyes glowing with the need to feed. “Your not to touch me understood?” Danny asked huskily as he stroked his cock. Nodding his head Row opened his mouth ready to catch Danny thick cum to fill the power only Dokath could provide. His own cock now out and being stroked ready to cum with his prince.


Her hands were bound to a bed post, her ankles cuffed to an expanding spreader bar. Looking at herself more she realized all she had on was her thongs, her body was on complete on display. There was a man in the corner looking at her hungrily though he didn’t dare come towards her, his eyes were a bright blue his cock thick and hard he let a small moan out when she looked at his cock. She watched him as he stroked himself as he looked at her, seeing this excited her for some reason she found herself aching to touch herself but was unable to do so with her hands bound.
“Don’t move beautiful, you will get your relief soon for now imagine my cock sliding into the ass of your’s stretching it open with my thick cock.” She didn’t know who this was but his words made her soaking wet. Suddenly the door on her right opened, she hadn’t noticed due to her eyes watching the man with glowing blue eyes stroke himself. Looking over at who was entering the room it was Danny, but his eyes were glowing again. He moved over to the man stroking himself “ you like watching him, imagining this cock was in you?” Danny asked as the man lifted his hand to Danny’s mouth. She watched as Danny spit into his hand and then took hold of his wrist as if to control his movements. Danny placed the mysterious man’s hand back on his cock and told him to stroke himself, and to move closer so she may have a closer look.
She watched him move closer to her , her eyes lingering on his cock she found herself licking her lips as if she wanted to taste him. “Not yet my Beautiful.” She heard Danny say her eyes immediately finding him as he crawled on the bed it creaked with his weight , as he made his way over on top of her. She gasped as the tip of his cock slightly slid against her soaking wet thongs that made her clit sing with need. “I can smell your need my darling, its so incredibly delectable I plan to devour your pussy till you feed me your lovely juices. Danny cooed at her as he ran his finger under neath her groping her ass, she felt him pushing his cock against the fabric so she could feel how hard she made him. “ now my sweet I’m gonna untie you from the post but your hands will remain tied, were gonna lean your head off the bed so you can enjoy sucking Rows thick cock as you can see he’s practically begging to have you suck the life from his cock.” Danny whispered as his hands worked the rope that was tied to the bed. He moved her body to the position he promised, her head perfectly positioned to swallow the man she now knew was named Row.
Row walked up closer moving his cock against her lips, as he did Danny moved down her body and ripped her pretty white thongs from her body. With out waiting a moment more he went to work devouring her pussy as promised, the swift action made her moan and open her mouth so Row could enter her mouth. Row tasted of Danny but also sweet like sugar, he smelled of apple cider and fire. The two smells were intoxicating making his massive cock easier to take in her mouth. He bent down he lips engulfing her hard nipples, he sucked and nipped at them making her her moan against his cock more. Danny’s mouth on the other hand was also merciless as he lapped at her juices, while also nipping and sucking on her clit. These men made her dizzy, and she wanted more. She felt a wave of pure pleasure wash over her as Row emptied his seed into throat, her own climax following as he slid out of her mouth though he continued to suck on her breast. He lifted only to untie her hands, as her climaxed reached the pinnacle she reached down to Danny’s head holding it down as she
came into his mouth.
With that Evie awoke to find she was wet with need, before she could take care of It her grandmother sent her a message to tell her there was a gift for her on the counter that had arrived this morning, the gift was from a Mr. Danny. Jumping from the bed, she threw open her bedroom door, and ran to the kitchen. There she found the bright red box with silver bow sitting the counter, walking over to the counter she picked up the note. “Sweet cheeks this is for tonight I plan on treating you like the queen you are.” Giggling she untied the silver bow, and slipped the red top off the box. She gasped as she saw the dress sparkling from the black beads, and silk lace over the scarlet silk fabric. Pulling out the dress the bottom unfolded down to the ground the silk sweeping over her bare legs, the material soft to the touch. The whole dress was a scarlet color only black was from the beads and lace that surrounded the corset. The dress was gorgeous, setting it carefully down on the couch behind her she turned back to the box. There was another skirt in the box that she knew was a petticoat. Lang with a slip and thigh high stocking that had a waist band that clasped together. She knew she was gonna need help from her grandmother to tie the corset.
She texted her grandmother that when she was done getting her hair cut, she was gonna need help getting ready that he had bought her a dress that was a two person job. Her grandmother sent her a laughing emoji with tears and said I will be home soon, we will figure this out. While you wait do your hair and makeup that way all you need to worry about is your dress when i get there. Laughing at her grandmother she slipped into the bathroom, and took down her long hair, and plugged up the wand that would give her hair tight curls. She then began to split her hair into sections to make easier to curl. Without losing the a strand, behind the the already curled strands. It took her about an hour to finish her hair, once it was all curled she threw half of it up and the other half down, causing a beautiful cascade of curls that bounced around her shoulders like a waterfall that was brown. Her make was easy she kept it natural as back In Mid evil times, makeup was consider inappropriate. Once she was done she heard the garage door open and that meant her granny was home. She quickly took off her underwear deciding not to wear them tonight. She smirked at the memory of him calling her a “little minx’s.”she pulled on the waist band and stockings and slipped on her slip, she heard her grandmother gasp when she walked into the living room where the beautiful gown was perfectly laid out on the couch where she left it .
Walking out of the bathroom she smiled and asked her grandmother how she looked. “My sweet girl you look like a pretty doll from my porcelain collection.” Her Grandmother giggled, before grabbing the the petticoat that went over her slip. “Alright arms up my dear, we need to get this over the top of you and down to your hips .” Lifting her arms, and bending enough for her grandmother to slip it over her head. Once the petticoat was tied securely around her hips, it was time for the dress. When her grandmother picked up the dress, and admired the dress. “It truly is a beautiful gown honey, how did he know your size?” She asked as she slipped the dress over her head. Shrugging her shoulders, she slipped her arms into the sleeves as she popped her head through the hole of the dress. Standing she the dress fell nicely to the ground it was so beautiful she could hardly speak. “Alright hold on to the bed post so I can tie the corset.” Her grandmother pulled the strings making the corset tighter around her waist once it was completely tied off, she straightened up admittedly she found it hard to breath but didn’t complain because she waned to enjoy her night. Looking In the mirror she blushed as she noticed her breast were puffed up in the dress, deciding to act like she didn’t notice she stepped back looking In the full length mirror and was shocked at how she looked.
She felt like this was a normal outfit for herself, like she had worn something similar before. Brushing off the feeling she turned to her grandmother and smiled at her “well how do I look?” “You look like a queen, and look what else I found in the box.”looking down at her grandmother’s hands there was a diamond filled crown. Eyes wide she bent down to let her grandmother place the crown on her head. Once it was placed on her head she stood and turned back to the mirror and gasped as her eyes turned pure gold, but just as quickly as she saw it, her eyes went back to green. “Did you see that granny!?” She asked her confused by It. “See what dear?” She replied. Shaking off the strange event she turned back to her as the door bell ring out. “Nothing but I think he’s here.” She smiled at her. “I think he is honey, make tonight a night to remember love.” Her grandmother smiled and walked to answer the door.

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