Primal (A Dark Witch Series #1)

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Chapter 9


I moved closer to the crowd she was in, noticing that Justin was part of her three person circle. They both laughed at something she said and heat flared in my chest that someone else was getting to see that up close. So much for hoping no one else would notice her tonight. With that hair and laugh, she was a beacon in this crowd, there was no way there wasn’t a few of my own Weres that hadn’t checked her out.

She wore a plain long sleeved white Henley with faded blue jeans and a thick leather jacket. The blonde hair made her pop out from the mostly brunette and dark crowd, and the smattering of freckles across her nose I had spotted before darkened against her skin in the bonfire light.

It was like she was openly mocking the unspoken dress code for Witches to be flowy and free with cloaks and bustier dresses. This woman wanted hard edges. Maybe they were soft once, taking into account the freedom of her smiles and laughing with the group she was in, but now she looked like she wouldn’t budge an inch if anyone asked her, purely out of stubbornness. I was into it.

Approaching them from the fire, her back was lit up by raging pyre. The heat of it made comfortable by the chill in the breeze. Examining her ass in those tight jeans, it was obvious she was a runner. Taut calf muscles merging into strong thighs, with a shapely but slightly firm ass that would be the width of my grasp. Subtly turning back to the fire, I had to adjust my hard on at the thought of grasping her.

She smelled like fucking vanilla as it drifted with the breeze, and I came up behind her, ready to steal her attention and those smiles when the low hum in my ear grew slightly. It had slightly changed and if a word could be given to it, it would be rhythmic. I took a step back to look around, catching Justin’s eye.

Motioning to my ear to see if he heard it too, he nodded and knowingly grinned, tipping his head slightly to the blonde. What the fuck? I closed my eyes to focus on the hum, and sure enough, it was coming a few meters in front of me, from the woman.

Witches. God damn they were the wildest group when you really got to know them. How the fuck was this chick emitting her own hum and why? Did she even know? It was too low for the Witches to hear, but surely she would know? I caught my friend’s eye again and signaled for him to get out of here with the other lady in their group. His eyebrows peaked in surprise before making an excuse for another drink with the other woman.

Now she was all alone, looking comfortable with her sudden solitude. Moving beside her, with the heat of the fire at our backs, her attention turned toward me and her blue eyes met my hazel. Words were momentarily stuck in my throat and we both stared at each other for a spell until a smile slowly spread across her lips. I shook my head,

“Hi, I’m Will,” my voice unconsciously dropping. The fire illuminated her face, and it was easy to tell she wasn’t wearing any makeup, but mercy, even without she was beautiful.

She looked me down slowly, resting her eyes on my semi, mostly hidden by my briefs and thick jeans, but I had no doubt she could see its outline. Bringing her eyes back to my face, she gave me a knowing smirk. Fuck. This woman wanted to play and I got slightly harder for it.

“I know,” she languidly replied.

I grinned, I knew she didn’t see me when I helped out with Jess’ jeep today and she was asleep, and I would have noticed her at the dinner, but that didn’t mean much when you were the Alpha, everyone seemed to know you. I then asked her cause it seemed important to make sure of it. “So, is that you... humming?”

She gave me a queer look followed quickly by a wide smile.

“I’ve never heard that pickup line before. A bit weak, isn’t it?” I laughed at her honesty,

“Oh, I’ve never been good with the negotiation process of a pickup line. Honestly my idea of a pickup line would be to physically pick you up, throw you over my shoulder and walk a straight line back to my room.” Her eyes lit up with amusement and intrigue, I was not here to flirt.

“It’s a negotiation process?” She amusedly asked.

“Oh, absolutely. I say something inane to get your attention, you decide whether it is clever enough for me to let me have more time, maybe I retort with something else, and so on.” I leaned in to speak low into her ear, smelling the vanilla on her neck. “But in truth, I really don’t ever negotiate.” Leaning back, I gave her body another look to make it known I would fuck her senseless tonight if she was willing.

She drew in a long breath and took my meaning.

“So, do I need to give you my pickup line?” She quipped. Enjoying this tete a tete, I smiled and waved my fingers in a ‘let-me-have-it’ gesture.

“Please, I can’t wait to hear this,” and I went to sip my beer.

The blonde copied my actions and leaned in to whisper in my ear in a raspy voice.

“I’m wet from just looking at you.”

I choked on the beer and coughed it up. I felt her lean back and I closed my eyes to gain control of my dick that had turned hard as stone. Thank god I had tucked the head into my brief’s top otherwise this would be an awkward exit with a full on tent.

Holy shit, I had it wrong, she wasn’t playing either. After a few moments of controlling my breathing I opened my eyes to her smug grin.

“Not inane enough?”

“You’re a master of negotiation,” I retorted, pulling my hand through my ear length hair for comfort. I then offered my hand, indicating we were leaving. Now.

“Shall we?”

She looked me up and down again, and then up to the sky.

“Don’t you have something else to be right now?” She asked, nodding to the now visible full moon in all its glory. I shook my head, leaning towards her.

“The only thing I really have to be right now, is inside you.”

Her eyebrows perked in surprise.

“She doesn’t call you?”

“It’s nothing I can’t put off until tomorrow.”

Convinced, she downed the last of her wine and placed her hand in my waiting one. Suddenly the humming that had become almost an invisible white noise to my ears stopped, and instead I now felt a very slight vibration in our hands. I looked down at them, expecting her to say something. Her thumb rubbed against the outside of my hand in an intimate motion and she looked at me with a smile. When she didn’t say anything and I didn’t make a move to leave, her face scrunched.

“Was my negotiation lacking? Do you need more convincing?”

“No, you were very convincing,” I mused and led the way through the bonfire crowd to the outer edge of the light, where my truck was parked. Who the fuck was this chick, where she actually vibrated and didn’t know it? Was it power, like a Witch’s power, or was she sick? Should I mention it and have an awkward answer, where she storms off? My dick and I wanted her for the night, so I didn’t want to chance an angry storm off that left me bereft. I felt her signal to someone we passed with her free hand and heard a few whispers with the word ‘Alpha’ in them, but forced myself to ignore them.

I had played the good shepherd with my wolves while my dad was sick and refrained from anything outside of our land, the businesses on it, and the happiness of all. I knew in the wolf tradition that there might be a ‘mate’ for me somewhere, but fucked if I knew where she was or even how to find her. I hadn’t exactly ignored the advances of women in our tribe, but none had made my head turn. I had been a slave for our tribe and its prosperity, but tonight I was taking something for myself, if only for a few hours.

We reached my truck and parted to get in on both sides. I started it up and she leaned in across the seat to kiss me.

“Stop,” I commanded to halt her.

“Why?” She asked, her voice hurt.

“Because, if we start, I won't stop, and I have no qualms fucking you in a truck, close to everyone.” She leaned back and placed her hands in her lap, looking well chastised. I nodded to her in agreement. “Yeah.”

We drove in silence for the minute back to the guest cabin I was occupying by myself. In the closeness of the cab, I could hear her heart beat a little faster in anticipation and her ‘hum’ had lessened slightly.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Does it matter?” I gazed at her, surprised. Her hooded eyes were looking me up and down. Holy shit, well this was new. Someone wanted to use me for a one night stand? No clinger asking for my phone number the next morning? I myself was partial to the in-and-out method of a one night stand, but I was usually the perpetrator. I nodded to her.

“I see.”

“You do?“

“Classic wham-bam-thank-you-mister scenario. I get it all the time.”

She leaned her head back against the headrest and graced me with a hearty laugh.

“I’m sure you do, as a man who ’had no qualms fucking me in a truck,” throwing my words back to me. I reached over and grabbed her hand as we slowly drove up the dirt road, her breath quickening with the slight contact. Bringing it to my mouth I sucked her forefinger and flicked and swirled it with my tongue, emulating what I would do use it for later. I released it and placed it on my thigh, looking over to her. Her mouth was slightly agape and looking like she would burst into flames if I touched her elsewhere.

“You may be right, it may just be me.” I retorted.

I parked the truck across the front door entrance and we both exited, reaching the front door together. The house was small, but well furnished, with a queen bed in the bedroom and a living area. It was comfortable enough for a short stay, or a quick hook up. Opening the door with my key and I walked in, dragging her in my wake.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, I let go of the control I had been holding onto since I saw her and it felt

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