Primal (A Dark Witch Series #1)

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Chapter 10


I pushed her back up against the door, gripped her face with my hands and kissed her deeply and frantically, my tongue exploring every part of hers and lathering it. She responded with equal fierceness and hands slid underneath my shearling jacket and onto my shoulders, pulling and kneading. Together, we shrugged off our jackets and I started to walk us back to the couch, never breaking our kiss. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

My knees hit the couch and I dragged her down to straddle me, her breasts now in my face where I started to rub it against them over her shirt. Her heartbeat was now pounding wildly and I could almost smell the 'wetness' she referenced.

“What’s your name, baby?”

She opened her eyes and looked down at me with the same amusement as before, her fingers were weaving their way through my hair, gripping my scalp.

“I was hoping you could make me forget it?”

I smiled and pulled it over her head. A lacy black bra was staring at me. Half transparent, I could see her almost pink nipples underneath and sucked at them over her bra, hoping to make her peak.

"But what will I moan while I'm coming?" I asked in between nips. Her eyes had closed again and her head tipped back as I oscillated between sucking her and kneading those pink buds.

Head still leaned back, she answered, “'Jesus', 'God', 'Goddess', 'oh yes'. Honestly, I don’t care. Fucking howl if the mood takes you.” I growled in response to her sass and suddenly ripped her bra apart in the middle. She looked down at me in shock as I pulled it off her arms and I almost smiled,

“You want an animal, don’t be surprised when it turns savage.”

She leaned down, her hair surrounding our faces, and kissed me again, biting my bottom lip between her teeth, causing me to wince. Growling again to let her know what that sweet pain did to me, I gripped the bottom of her thighs and stood, her legs quickly wrapping around my waist and she hugged my shoulders, clamping our bodies together. Walking us to the bedroom, I dimmed the lamps low and threw her onto the bed, her breasts bouncing as she landed.

I started to take off my shirt but stilled when her voice from the bed commanded.

“Wait,... go slow,” her voice low and wanting and I gave her a smile full of teeth. She wanted a god damn striptease. Hell, I wasn’t shy and I knew what I was. I worked our land, I helped build houses, tussled with horses and helped herd cows. I wasn’t a bodybuilder, but at six foot one, I was still cut and had always caught ladies' eyes.

With more focused movements, I peeled off my shirt and gazed down to her, half naked on the bed. She had kicked off her boots and undone her jeans and looked like sin itself.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to hold on? I mean, you do just get wet from looking at me.”

Her eyes were on my stomach, focused on the area above my groin, I was almost tempted to flex to see her response. I had a chest full of curly brown hair, but worn down by years of wearing denim shirts. It was covering a stomach full of abs, though I had never bothered to count how many. One thing I knew was that I was solid and thick, everywhere.

“Just do it, I want to remember this,” she explained. I started to unbutton my jeans when I stopped purposefully and looked down at her.

“A show for a name.” She raised her eyes from my hands resting on my fly to meet mine staring her down. She thought for a moment, before replying,


I chuckled. Devon, it suited her. A little warrior in the old tongue across the sea, though she certainly wasn’t little with her C cups staring at me with their peaked nipples. I shucked off my boots and undid my jeans, letting them drop, leaving me in plain white briefs. Devon sat up and edged herself to the end of the bed, she reached behind me, grabbed my ass, pulling me between her legs. My cock positioned right in front of her face.

Tracing the outline of me with her forefinger, the tickling sensation made me still. She made the movement a few more times, before grabbing the top of my briefs and dragging them down. Something incomprehensible escaped her lips when I was released from the underwear and began to stroke me up and down. I gripped and pulled her hair back for want of something to do with my hands, loving to watch her enthusiasm. She was so intent on my length and I was content for this to be her show. I let my head fall back to look at the ceiling in hopes that she wouldn’t take me too far.

Warmth and tongue suddenly surrounded me as I gasped and looked down to see her mouth swallowing me to the root. Blue eyes flashed up to meet mine briefly before casting them back down. I squeezed my own shut and placed my two hands on her shoulders as she rocked back and forth on me, oscillating in pleasure. After a minute of her soft lips and the back of her throat, she decided to add her hand to clasp my testicles and I nearly saw stars. I was so full since it had been so long. It was too much.

Clasping her shoulders, I pushed her back so she fell onto the bed and almost violently yanked off her jeans and matching black panties. I stared down at her. With her arms above her head, she was stretched out the length of the bed. Fuck, I had never seen anything so carnal in my life as she was wriggled in anticipation, her legs squeezed shut. Underneath her breasts was a flat, but soft stomach, followed by wide hips. As I noted before, she didn’t have the classic hourglass figure, but it was still entirely too feminine when it was writhing in need.

I grabbed her foot and lifted it to my mouth, her leg lifted straight up above her. The inside of her arch was high and soft and I kissed it, moving down to her calf, going slowly and moving further between kisses, bites, and licks. Creamy white thighs trembled underneath my lips and I pushed them open, exposing her center to me. She suddenly piped up between her moans.

“You don’t have to do that, I am very ready.”

“It’s not for you.” I kissed against the junction of her thigh and groin. A little patch of red hair was on her mound, but besides that, she had been waxed recently and I parted her lips and flicked her clit, now exposed. A deep groan emanated from her throat and she gripped my head with one hand as I took her into my mouth. She was right, she was sopping and didn’t need any foreplay, but she wasn’t the only one who wanted to fill the spank bank and remember how she tasted on lonely nights. I would live on this night for some time, feasting on the memories just like I was about to on her.

I slipped a finger inside her and used my tongue to swirl her clit around. She moaned louder and tipped her hips up giving me more access, her legs gripped the side of my head, and I briefly wanted to wrestle her to see if she could tussle.

“Stop,” she panted. “I don’t want to come like this.”

I forced one of her legs open to the side with ease and took a broad tongue stroke from my finger and up. Fuck, I could feel her vibration on her clit. I probably wouldn’t last long once I got inside her.

“I don’t think you understand the point of sex,” I murmured through my lips, still pressed against hers.

“I want to see you, put a face to the orgasm.”

I paused my tongue mid-stroke. That had to be the best argument I had ever heard for not finishing off a lady. Making this woman remember the climax I was going to give her and pair it with my face was arousing. I got on my knees, still between her legs and looked the length of her. Damn it, I had to ask.

“Are you clean? Do you want to go bare?” Please fucking Christ do not ask me for a condom. I wanted nothing between me and this wet dream. She blinked up to the ceiling, trying to lift her brain out of the sex fog.

“Um, I’m clean and have an implant,” tapping to a point under her upper arm. I sighed in relief and she asked,


“It’s been a very long time for me, and I was clean last I checked.” I moved over her to catch her soft lips and she wrapped her legs around my hips. No doubt Devon tasted herself on my tongue and she grabbed the back of my head to pull me down, swathing my tongue deeper. The kiss was the material used in shower jerks, hard and deep, and it drew my body down into her.

I slid into her effortlessly and we groaned in unison, foreheads touching. When I wasn’t being an asshole, I could occasionally be a gentleman, and for this woman I would be, and I stilled to let her adjust to my size. I wasn’t a monster, but I certainly would make a woman sore if I tried.

In the quietness of our pause I could feel her vibration surrounding my dick. Holy fucking Christ, this was going to be a short rodeo. I groaned out to her.

“How are you doing that?” In between my arms, her eyes were closed, lost in pleasure, not caring what my mouth was saying.

“Shut the fuck up and move,” she replied. Yes, ma’am.

I started to thrust into her, trying to hit the end of her every time, her breaths were ragged and mixed with moans. Her leg wrapped around the inside of mine and she abruptly pushed me over so she was straddling on top. She moved up and down on my length and I was transfixed by the sight of her breasts bouncing with the motion. For the first time in a long while, I felt lucky. That this sight was one that should be revered. Planting her hands on my chest, she leaned down to kiss me and panted,

“I’m close.”

“Tell me and I’ll be with you,” I groaned. It would not be hard.

She sat back up and I grasped her hips to help her move more vigorously on my shaft. I licked my thumb and touched it to her exposed clit. The effect on her was immediate.

“Fuuuuuuuuck.” Her body was signaling that she was going to orgasm and I started to thrust harder for my own, still circling my thumb in her. Her head tilted back and eyes closed as her body was undulating on top of me, like an erotic siren. Suddenly the dimmed lamps in the room started to glow brighter until the room was bright and completely illuminated.

“Fuck! I’m coming,” she moaned, and I thrust up in wild abandonment while squeezing her hips, orgasming with her. She wasn’t paying attention to the lights with eyes squeezed shut and her body shuddering with a powerful orgasm. She fell forward onto my chest and the lights dimmed back to their previous level.

Our hard breaths filled the silence of the room as I thought about what just happened, and she was coming down from what seemed like a life-changing orgasm, enough to generate electricity apparently.

What the ever-loving fuck?

My hand smoothed out the hair on my chest and I looked down to Devon’s resting face. Her eyes were closed and lips slightly parted. Her breathing had evened out and was totally at ease, but not asleep. This woman. Holy hell, I hoped to god I learned nothing else about her.

There was too much there already that was enticing. Her looks, that sass, this bravado she was putting up about being no cares. Telling me to shut up during sex, but got sore when I wouldn’t kiss her in the truck. Whatever it was, I was down. I shouldn't be, but I was. I had too many responsibilities to play around with a woman with a hard candy shell and a gooey center who could fuck my brains out for a change. I would be lost fast.

And holy shit, what about that orgasm? This thing with her body had to be a Witch thing. I didn’t get it, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain, and if she didn’t want to offer about it, then I wouldn’t ask. But that kind of thing is what makes a man pussy whipped, for lack of a better word.

She stirred on my chest and sat up, her short blonde hair in disarray. Sex hair suited her and for the first time I wanted to see more of it. Meeting my eyes, she leaned down and kissed me, much more conservative than half an hour ago. She then propped herself and started to look around the room.

“I think I’m going to go,” she muttered, almost embarrassed. I furrowed my brow in confusion.

“Really? It’s only early, we left the party fairly soon. As far as I’m concerned, I am in for the night,” I said, softly stroking her arm. She shook her head.

“No, I’ve probably set the commune gossip mill in motion enough, if I do the walk of shame tomorrow, I won’t hear the end of it for the month I’m here.” Moving off the bed, she reached down for her pants and I inwardly felt disappointed but resigned.

“Well, okay, whatever that love spell vibration thing was, I certainly enjoyed it,” I spoke softly, more to myself to remember the feel of it and her.

She stood up, still naked, pants in hand, and turned to look at me, her face now holding the markings of anger.

“You think I cast a love spell on you?”

“What? No, of course not, I was just referring to that orgasm that was so good, it was almost spiritual. God damn enlightening.”

It was like she didn’t even hear me. Glaring at the floor, she whipped her pants in her hands and shook them out.

“You know what, I’m so sick of that bullshit, anyone even hookups with a Witch it’s ‘Ohhhh, it must have been a love spell’. People are so fucking stupid.” She jumped on the spot to slide her pants on, getting herself worked up by the second.

“You don’t know the first fucking thing about love spells.” With her pants now on, but still bare-breasted she looked me in the eye with a fury that came from nowhere. “If you were under a love spell, you wouldn’t even be able to think it. You would beat the shit out of anyone who would even suggest it, and you certainly wouldn’t remember any of our time together, spiritual or not. Years could go by, and you wouldn’t fucking know it til I released you.” She was seething and half-naked, it was thrilling to watch. Suddenly she stormed out of the room, looking for her shirt.

I quickly jumped out of the bed, still naked, racing to follow. I held my hands out between us like I was trying to soothe a cornered animal.

“Woah woah woah, Devon. I don’t know where that came from, but I was just making a clearly poor joke at your Witch heritage, and I am very sorry for it.” She paused to look me up and down again, before bending over and picking up her shirt, discarding the ruined bra. Pulling her shirt over her head, I heard a muffled response.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, family of Witches, the only way I could get someone is by witchcraft.”

I moved in front of her when her head popped up again. I grabbed her chin.

“Hey, don’t talk about yourself like that. And I apologized. I know for certain that it’s not anything like that because I have been thinking about your lips long before you ever saw me tonight. Ever since I saw you asleep and drooling in Jess jeep earlier this afternoon.” Her mouth formed a little ‘o’ at my admission.

“Yeah, are we clear?” She nodded her head and moved to straighten out her shirt.

“Yeah, I guess. Sorry, I just... have a thing with ‘love’ spells.”

“A history?” I asked, now concerned.

“Yes, but not mine.”

She moved back into the bedroom to find her boots.

I stopped her at the foot of the bed, moving in front of her to give her no space. I leaned down to nuzzle the side of her face and pulled on her ear lobe with my teeth.

“Devon, I don’t think we should leave this at you yelling at me for a bad joke.” We both knew this was a one night thing, I’d be back to my side of the river soon, and from what she said, she wouldn’t be here for more than a few weeks. She slowly leaned her head to the side, inviting me to kiss her neck while her hands wandered down my still naked body to find me erect. She moaned as I lightly bit her neck and she grasped me firmly in her hand. Taking it as an agreement, I pulled her shirt off again and pushed her onto the bed for round two.

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