Primal (A Dark Witch Series #1)

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Chapter 19


Leaning back in my chair, I positioned my body to be right in the late afternoon sun’s path, soaking up its warmth. I glared down at my phone to stare at the picture again. God, even in house clothes, Kelly was stunning, casual, but stunning. It was hypnotizing and I cursed Jess for giving me my first picture of her to obsess over. Fucking hell, I thought and I threw the phone across the room and onto the couch.

Rubbing my face over, I leaned on the desk and tried to focus on the paperwork in front of me. Another request with more strongly worded language from the local county asking for permission to send surveyors onto the south portion of our land. Basically the Blue Moon Pack’s home base.

It was an impressive piece of intimidation. It even went into detail over what might happen if they find something of value. Compensation beyond wildest dreams, relocation expenses paid, the Wenatchi people’s heritage preserved on separate parcels of land. It even quoted a court case where native heritage protection was removed to fulfill national security and interest. Basically, if the surveyors find something, they would kick us off the land citing that it was in America’s best interest to have more of whatever they find.

Fuck. I needed that coven to step in soon. The deadline for a response for the letter was stated for six weeks from now. There was still a little time.

My phone pinged from across the room. Retrieving it, I was surprised to see a text from Jess, who is usually hard to get to respond, let alone send.

Dude, I’m itching to run. Hate to ask, but can you relieve me tonight for a little while? I almost snapped Kel’s head off today over Cheetos.

I frowned, Jess had been away from home for about two weeks. Yeah I could imagine him, the kid who likes being more wolf than human starting to feel caged up in the city. And on the middle night of the full moon, when the call would be strongest. I did the mental calculations in my head before replying. If I took the Indian, I could make it work.

Okay, I’ll be there by 10, will have to leave by 7 am tho. Text me her address.

Fuck, in the same apartment with the succubus who had invaded my brain. I still couldn’t get her out of my head going on a month now, but with the little tidbits that Jess had been feeding me, it was enough to keep total insanity at bay. Except of course when he baited me with something like fake boyfriends. Hopefully she would be asleep and wouldn’t tempt me farther than I could stand.

I got changed into some cold weather riding clothes and let dad know I was going out but would be back for breakfast. He wasn’t at the Alzheimer’s stage yet where I had to worry about him wandering about at night, but I still locked the front door.

The Scout Indian motorcycle stood waiting in the barn as I looked up and planned my route. She thrummed underneath and I let her warm up for a minute before pulling out of the barn and into the cold night. The main road out of the Res was dirt, well maintained, but still dirt. If the moon was full, there were certainly going to be some of my wolves out roaming, and I went slow to not alarm anyone who had shifted. Once I hit the main tar road, I let the bike go and opened her up, flying across to Seattle.

The full moon was sitting low in the West and was staring at me as I rode. With no clouds and only a gentle breeze, I could hear her hum loud and clear. It was no coincidence they called people who went mad lunatics, after luna, the moon. Weres could hear it best, it was the call to nature, to revert to our primal selves. It was the siren’s call. You couldn’t ignore it forever and those who tried went mad, losing themselves. That was the catch 22 of being a werewolf. If you ignored your wolf and refused the call to shift, you lost your mind to some kind of in-between. However if you shifted often, you risked becoming like my dad and again, losing your mind altogether.

I focused my eyes and mind on the road and blocked out the moon’s call. Instead, I thought about what to say to Kelly if we came face to face.

After three hours of riding and thinking, I still had nothing when I parked my bike on the street and checked up and down the road. It was lateish, but not so late that there weren’t still some people around. A white van down the end of the street caught my eye, but no one was in or around it that I could tell. After Jess buzzed me into the building, he met me at the door.

Oh shit, he looked wild. Hair disarrayed and his jeans and shirt definitely had served as bedclothes for a few days. But it was his eyes, they were nearly his wolf’s, animalistic.

“Okay, brother?” I asked. He answered as if he was on speed, fast, and to the point.

“Yeah yeah, I just gotta get outta here for a few hours, you know? She’s so fucking loud tonight I can hear her in my sleep. I’m clambering the walls in here. Can I borrow the bike? ” I nodded and tossed him the keys and my helmet and peeked inside.


“Don’t worry about her, she was starting to get sick yesterday, had the fever and sweats most of the day. She has kept to her room today, but to be honest, I’ve been too inside my own head to see straight.”

Jess pulled on his shearling, and stepped outside while I stepped in.

“Where you going?”

“There is a national park about an hour north, should be enough room to breathe,” he muttered.

“Okay, be safe and bring the bike back in one piece”

He quickly muttered goodbye and I shut the door. I kicked off my boots and took a long inhale of the apartment. Kelly’s vanilla was faint, but there was also a hint of an old cologne I didn’t recognize. I walked in and found the living room- kitchen set up, Jess’ bag of clothes next to the couch with a sleeping bag on top. Kelly’s door was shut, but I could hear her tossing in her bed and there was a dim light shining out from underneath.

I wondered if it was the flu. Jess clearly wasn’t in the frame of mind to take care of a sick person. The fridge held some juice, water, a few boxes of leftover Chinese, and enough fixings for sandwiches. Satisfied, I started to look around the small apartment and Kelly’s life.

She had some pictures up on the wall, mostly of her friends, a few of Franny, a few of her dad, I assumed. He had red hair and her eyes and smile. There was a blank space that clearly only recently had a picture up. The ex I assumed, now realizing it was his stale cologne I had initially smelled.

God, I was so angry when Margaret had announced to everyone that she had just been through a breakup at the council meeting. I was clearly a rebound to her and I had no idea how to feel about it. The no exchanging of numbers, pleasantries, hell, there was a whole twenty or thirty minutes between meeting her and then being inside her. I probably could have guessed, but for some reason I was still glad she chose me as a rebound if it had to be anyone.

I took off my leather riding jacket and settled in on the couch, listening to every sound going on behind that door. I was a damn sucker for pain.

After ten minutes or so, I closed my eyes and tried to block her out. I then heard an unusually loud groan from the bedroom and a moment later the door opened up and Kelly walked out in flannel pajamas.

“Jess, something’s wrong, I feel like I’m gonna twitch outta my skin, I haven’t felt this way sin..,” she paused mid sentence when she saw it was me laying on the couch.

“Will? What.... Where’s Jess, what are you doing here?” I looked at her in concern, she did look like something was going on. Her hair looked like she had run her hand through it a million times and there was a layer of sheen on her forehead.

“He had to do something for a few hours, but he will be back by morning. What’s wrong?” I quickly jumped up and came over to her, touching her shoulder. She was not so much vibrating, but tingling, only a small amount. It was different than the first time we had met. Seemed she really was sick.

She mirrored me, and touched my forearm for an anchor, closing her eyes to think of how to articulate. My heart paused a beat with her touch, innocent as it was.

“I don’t know, I feel like I’m high or something, like there is something in my system.”

“Are you high?” I asked.

She gave me a look.

“Hey, no judgment, but you look strung out. Grad students have done crazier things.”

“I..I feel like I did a month ago, when I saw my ex... And this all started.” I grabbed both of her forearms, she was shaking as well, like the fever kind. She looked freaked and her eyes moved to the window for a few moments, listening to something outside. All I could hear was the passing traffic and the lunar hum, nothing else. I shook my head to her and she returned her focus on me.

“Kelly, I don’t know how I can help. What do you need? Do you want to go to the ER?”

“I... don’t know. I don’t think it’s a doctor issue. I feel like I need something to shake this off? Maybe I need to go for a run or something?” She looked down to the floor and then up at my lips, staying silent for a minute while I thought over our options.

Suddenly, she tiptoed up and kissed me, hard, wrapping her arms around my head and pulling me to her. Her tongue invaded my mouth and for a moment, I responded in kind, hugging her waist to me. Fuck, she even tasted like vanilla now. I brushed hair away from her face, my fingers wet with her sweat. I pried us apart.

“Kelly, wait, you’re clearly sick. I don’t want this when you’re not up to it.”

She clenched the shoulders of my shirt in desperation and leaned her forehead against my chest, like she had just run a marathon.

“Will, I think this will help, I can’t explain. Like it will replete me, or exert something out. I just...I’ve been thinking of you, and now you’re here,” she looked up at me with doe eyes. No sane man could have ever said no to those eyes. I pressed our foreheads together but said nothing in return for fear of confessing the same.

“Please, I just need you to do this for me...and I need you to not be gentle. I want that savage animal you once promised.” She gave me a small smile and ever so slowly, as if not to frighten me off, leaned up to gently kiss me again. I let her because I was weak but her words had made me hard as stone. Fuck, why had I been avoiding her? Why didn’t I come up instead of Jess? Still holding my forearms and sensing my agreement, she started to pull me back to the bedroom and I pushed all thoughts away.

Committed to it now after a month of torture and celibacy, I frantically worked on her buttons as we kissed and shuffled. Getting frustrated, I ripped the remaining two while she pulled my shirt over my head. By the time the back of my legs hit the bed we were both naked and exposed to each other.

I dropped onto her bed while she stood over me and hugged her waist close, smothering myself in her chest and indulging in her smooth curves. Latching onto one of her breasts, I took a mouthful and massaged the other with my hand while she gripped my head.

Her cream skin contrasted against my brown, her pink nipples were almost the color of a dusty rose and I softly pulled it between my teeth. She moaned in response and I buried my head between them to take in her smell. Memories never included the smell and I inhaled all of her before looking up to her face between the slope of her breasts.

“God, you’re perfect,” I sighed and reached up to touch her chin. Hooded eyes looked down at me and gripping my scalp, she leaned down to speak in my ear.

“Will, tonight. I. Do. Not. Need. Kind,” and she savagely nipped my ear with her tongue and teeth for emphasis. I gave her a deep growl and threaded my arms between her thighs and lifted until my elbows were under her knees and she was spread wide. She clung to my shoulders and I kissed her while walking us back to the bedroom wall. Landing onto it, I pushed up into her wetness, sinking right up to my hilt. Sweat already coated her body and I locked and braced my arms to hold her up while I started to thrust up in a punishing manner, trying to fuck out the craziness of the last few weeks.

She had her eyes closed and her head leaned against the wall. Lost in the motion of me, I realized this was every man’s erotic fantasy come true. A woman who didn’t want me to talk, just to fuck her until she was spent. It seemed to have the opposite effect on my wolf though. I had been torturing myself for the last month over this woman and all she wanted was a good dicking. She wasn’t even looking at me as we were face to face. Was that all I was to her, a dick for use? It enraged my wolf and he howled inside to show her it was more. I was more. We were more.

Pushing us off the wall, I threw her onto the bed, just as quickly dragging her ass back to the edge. I parted her ass cheeks and drove into her, reveling in her yelp of shock. Gripping her hips I set a steady and punishing rhythm while she buried her face into the mattress and moaned. She lifted her hand to touch herself, to make herself cum and I quickly caught them, pulling them behind her back and her chest arched up.

“Not yet,” I growled.

She turned her head to look at me like she was going to talk back and tell me off. One look at my face though and she seemed to think better of it, nodding in agreement. I dropped her hands so she could be on all fours and resumed my rhythm, looking down at where we were joined. She moaned again as I slowed down and I wanted to see that face and what I was doing to it.

Grabbing a fist full of her hair at her scalp, I pulled her up and back, wrapping my other arm around her torso and up to turn her face to me. Eyes closed and her mouth opened, she was gone in sensation. But she did not want kind, and I wanted her to remember who was inside her. I would force the intimacy of this on her and sneak into her spirit the way she did mine.

“Look at me,” I said in between thrusts. She opened her eyes and locked them to mine.

“What do you want, Kelly?”

She hooded her eyes again to close and moaned, “This”.

I yanked her hair back slightly to open her eyes.

“From who?”

Her face puzzled and I paused thrusting but stayed buried.

“From you, Will.”

I grabbed her chin tighter and brought it to my lips, only millimeters apart.

“Why me?” I whispered against her lips. She pulled back and seemed to understand what I wanted. I flexed myself inside and felt her pulse around me, she leaned her head back on my shoulder, arching her body. I looked down at her breasts, grabbing one with my free hand and pinched her nipple. She gasped in surprise and started to rock herself back and forth, sliding me in and out. I grabbed her hip to still the motion. I focused on deepening my voice and using some of my Alpha tone.

“Say it!” I commanded.

“Fuck, Will! What do you want me to say?” She shot back in frustration. “That I think about you too much? That I haven’t been able to look at anyone else? That I moan your name at night when it’s me and my vibrator? Is that what you want to know?” Wrapping an arm behind her and around my waist, she leveraged her weight and pulled me up and around so I crashed onto the bed on my back. What the fuck?

In shock, she jumped on top of me and planted herself, positioning me under her and sat down, taking all of me in one slide. She looked untamed and wild, like tonight she was part something else I had never seen and my wolf was savoring it. He was fucking going wild for her craziness.

“Fuck,” I muttered and she leaned down to speak low, still rocking her hips up and down on me.

“Or do you want me to tell you that I relive that first time you were under me? Or what about when I first saw you in the bonfire’s light your skin was practically glowing.” She pushed herself back up and I was enthralled by the way her breasts rose and fell with her strained breath.

I grabbed her hips and pushed her to the side, but she resisted and rooted herself on top of me.

“Not yet,” she moaned, still pushing herself up and down. Not surprised by her strength anymore, I put some muscle behind it and wrestled her off, quickly mounting her.

I found her mouth and kissed her desperately while I slid in, hooking one of her knees around my elbow and brought it up to our chests. Kelly almost purred. We both groaned as I opened her up more and we carelessly mashed our lips against each other. Quickening my pace, I felt her breath pick up, she was going to come soon. Her eyes were closed again and I used my whole hand to grab the side of her face. I was going to make her remember the closeness of this moment.

“You fucking look at me when I am coming inside you.” Her eyes snapped open and looked at me. Thrusting faster, my root rocked forward to hit her clit at the end, she groaned and I kept our eyes locked. It was too much, her lips parted like I would fit perfectly between them, I started to drive into her and told her.

“Come now, Kelly,” her mouth opened wider in a silent scream as she was reaching her climax, her hands clawing at my back for purchase. I poured out into her and felt her throb round me in orgasm. Still grasping her face, I moved to hers and filled her mouth with my tongue, occupying her everywhere. She moaned her climax deeply into my mouth as I shook the last vestiges of me into her.

Our heavy breathing filled the room for a few minutes, our foreheads still touching. When we had both calmed, I unhooked her leg and rolled us onto our sides, still wrapped around each other.

The wild twitchy look Kelly had come out of the bedroom with was mostly gone. I stroked her face, ending on her lips, brushing them with my thumb. Holy shit, my erotic dreams would have plenty of material to work with for the next few weeks.

She stretched her arms above her head.

“I feel a hundred percent better.”

I had to smirk.

“So what? You were just horny?”

“No, definitely not. I… I don’t know what I was but that certainly helped.”

I slid out of her and looked up at the ceiling. From my side she muttered a low,

“Thanks for that.”

I rubbed my face. Fuck, I swear this woman. Thanking me for sex like I had just delivered her takeout. She didn’t get it. At least, I think she didn’t, but she did just confess that she had thought about me since we parted, so maybe something was there.

Turning my head to her, she was looking at me with a wide smile. There. That was what my brain was clinging to. A beautiful girl laying naked in bed, looking like I had solved world hunger. My inner animal wanted to curl up and rub himself all over her. My eyes ran down the length of her face and down to her neck, stopping at her exposed pulse, thrumming. It was strong and healthy, she was strong and healthy. Where did she learn to flip a man like that?

Noticing me looking intently at her, she raised her eyebrows.

“Ready for more?”

Our eyes met and I propped myself up to face her. It was time to clear the air. My brain couldn’t sustain this for much longer. I wasn’t sleeping, I was shifting too often to escape, I’m sure I had dropped the ball on other things and didn’t even notice.

“Kelly. I...I don’t know how much more of this I can take before I want it all.”

She mimicked me and sat up. Raising her finger to the dimly lit bedside lamp like she was cocking a gun, she pulled the trigger and the light brightened. My face must have shown surprise because she shrugged.

“I’ve been practicing. And what do you mean?”

“I mean, I think about you too. Too much.”

Bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them, she studied me and queried.

“Okay? So, what do you want to do here?” Motioning between us.

Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I leaned down and rubbed my head. What did I want to do? That was the million-dollar question and I had no clue. We couldn’t be together, she wasn’t wolf, but mine definitely felt something for her. And I had no doubt dear old Gran would have something to say about it, abducting her granddaughter would probably not go down well with the treaty and the coven. We couldn’t be apart though because when we were, my brain was on fire and my body ached.

Warm hands rubbed my shoulders from behind and Kelly kneeled up to massage them. She continued for a minute then I felt her lips on my neck, placing gentle kisses across my .

“Will, it seems you are overthinking this,” she murmured against my neck.

“I am?” I most certainly was.

“Why don’t you just show me what you want?”

I turned my head to her, kneeling naked behind me, hands on my body. I reached back and cupped her face, leaning back to kiss her, our bodies falling back onto the bed to entwine for the rest of the night.

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