A journey for revenge....probably?

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A nightmare or A vision

The carriage was going to finally enter the port, but a soldier stopped it and went to the left window to ask the passengers some questions, all for security purposes.

“May I ask the reason for coming to the port today, sir?” asked the soldier Gabrel respectfully.

Gabrel was going to open his mouth, luckily, Eva went to the window to answer the soldier instead, this time this is a security soldier, and any small mistake will be suspicious.

“We came here for the trade ship going to the earth continent, sir.”

“You mean this ship, it’s the only ship heading there in the port right now.” Pointed the soldier his index finger.

“Yes sir, this is our ship.”

“Well, it’s not ready yet, ma’am, you have to wait some minutes until they finish placing the goods and luggage.”

“Thanks for the information sir.”

“You’re welcome.”

And after this small talk, the carriage continued its way, meanwhile, Gabrel whispered something for Eva.

“Why didn’t you leave me the talk? I was going to handle this.”

“No you weren’t, and I prefer for the mission to remain secret.”

Gabrel couldn’t reply, she was completely right about it and he just couldn’t find any excuses.

The trio went out of the carriage, the only thing they have to do now is to wait, so every one of them went to do something, Eva was looking at the blue ocean, Trenos sat and continued reading, and Gabrel lied on a wall and started staring at the sky.

After like 15 minutes, a sailor raised his voice for all the port, announcing the ship is ready for the department, Eva and Trenos heard him, but Gabrel was still staring at the sky and didn’t hear.

Eva went to Gabrel, she started to call his name again and again, but he wasn’t listening, lost in the sea of his thoughts.

“Hey, Rel, can you focus already!?” Said Eva while clinching teeth.


“The ship is ready to leave now, it’s the time to move and you’re staring at the sky, wasting our time.”

“Oh, sorry, I just was thinking about something.”

“You can think later, ok? We have a mission to accomplish.”


Then Gabrel went with her to the deck of the ship, and finally, the ship sailed to the wide ocean, heading to the earth continent to trade its goods with gold.

After seconds of the department, some of the ship’s crew went to it’s rear and started to control the water under it, this technique will speed things up, normally the journey will take like three weeks, but this technique will reduce it to 10 days at maximum.

Eva was staring at the beauty of the ocean, the ocean that can be called the mystery of the world, the treasure of the ea….


…Gabrel is throwing up, sea rotary is the conclusion, and maybe it wasn’t the right time to start a poem about the ocean.

“Panting…panting, j..just how can you handle this torturing, guys.”

Gabrel felt odd since he’s the only one on the ship having sea rotary problems, most of the people of the water continent doesn’t have such issues with the sea, maybe Gabrel is special in a way, may God help him.

“Just look at the horizon and everything will be ok.” Said Eva with a surprised face, she didn’t expect for Gabrel to have any such problems.

“E…easy for you to say, I looked at the horizon for nearly an hour and….Bla’rghhh.” Gabrel can’t maintain himself, Eva went a little far from Gabrel since he was vomiting, then she suggested.

“Maybe it will be better if you go to your room and have some rest.”

“R…right, good plan.”

Gabrel then started to approach the downstairs to the ship’s rear while saying in a tired tone.

“Enjoy this Evil ocean alone, Eva.”

Gabrel was shaking on his way while trying to maintain his balance, he even threw up again before getting downstairs.

Eva sighed and continued watching the ocean alone, Gabrel headed to his room and Trenos was in his room from the start, I think it’s easy now to conclude what’s he doing all alone in his room, masturba……Ahm, no, he was reading a book as usual.

Gabrel unleashed a sigh of relief after lying on the bed of his room, he was staring again, but this time wasn’t about the past, he was thinking about the future.

“Will we succeed in our mission safely? Will everything be ok in the end?”

Gabrel was asking himself, he couldn’t fear but to lose something important in the process, or maybe someone.

Gabrel tried to shake these thoughts out, this time he’s ready, he won’t lose anyone dear to him again, he swore to himself this will not happen again, he won’t run, he will protect his family this time.

Eva and Trenos don’t know that Gabrel is funny, careless, and even reckless sometimes, but all of that is only a cover for his true self, a self that is full of sorrow, pain, and hatred that left a dark hole in his heart.

“I will protect you this time, I won’t leave you to death without doing anything again, my new family.” Thought Gabrel while falling asleep, and he fell asleep at the end.

“I…where am I”

Gabrel was in a dark place, he can see nothing and was looking around him trying to detect any source of light, and when he tried to walk carefully he sensed a weird sensation, there was some kind liquid on the ground that was high enough to reach his ankle.

Gabrel then saw something odd, there was a butterfly, a violet butterfly shining his way, it was flying around him and Gabrel was trying to follow it with his eyes.

The violet butterfly started to move forward, shining in the middle of the dark, Gabrel couldn’t help but to follow it, the light of the butterfly started to get weaker and weaker while Gabrel was trying to run faster to catch it.

Gabrel then stopped and tried to take his breath, the light of the butterfly vanished and he was looking for it, but the light appeared again, it was the butterfly standing on something when the light turned powerful enough, Gabrel’s eyes widened because of what he saw.

The butterfly was standing on Eva’s dead body, her face was full of burns and her blood was filling the ground, Gabrel went on his knees and tried to call her with a face full of fear.

“E…Eva? A…are you ok? Eva talk to me!” Said with a trembled tone.

The butterfly moved away from Eva’s body while Gabrel was trying to shake it in a hope that she will wake, it stood now in a different place and its light got stronger as to alarm Gabrel for another shock.

The butterfly was now standing on Trenos’s body, his body was lying on the ground with the blood soaking his clothes.


Gabrel was looking at Trenos’s body with his mouth open, he got back to his senses and tried to call Trenos.

“Hey! Hey, Trenos what happened!? P…please, tell me.” Screamed Gabrel.

His screams made the butterfly fly again, but this time its light was getting stronger and stronger, it was flying up until it reached a hill, a hill of dead bodies that were placed in front of Gabrel, all the bodies had something in common and it was the blue eyes and hair.

Gabrel looked at the top of the hill, only to see the body of Pohg with burns covering his body, his clothes, and the half of his face.

“D..did I fail again? My family died again?”

Gabrel was looking down with eyes full of tears, he was crying calmly while the light of the butterfly was getting even stronger, the violet butterfly turned to be made out of flames, its fires started to expand more and more, eating the hill of the water users dead bodies, including Pohg, Trenos, and Eva.

Gabrel didn’t move a muscle, he was just crying in a calm sound, while the fire was expanding until it reached him, the flames changed its colors to blue and at the end, it ate the whole darkroom.


Gabrel woke and got his head up at the same moment, he was breathing roughly while grabbing his chest, his heart was beating incredibly fast and his eyes were looking around.

Gabrel was trying to calm, he realized it was just a bad dream and that he was still in his room, he looked at a window located at the side of his bed, the ocean was all black instead of blue, the night had fallen already.

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