A journey for revenge....probably?

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An arrival to A new continent

Gabrel then went out of the bed, the only thing he’s thinking of now is to check on Eva and Trenos, this is the only thing that will make him calm and sleep peacefully after such a nightmare.

Gabrel opened his room’s door and headed to Trenos’s first since it’s the nearest, he turned on the stealth mood, in other words, he started to walk on his tip-toes.

Sound users are supposed to have the ability to erase any kind of sounds, though, Gabrel didn’t use that useful ability, so maybe he’s half asleep.

Gabrel finally arrived at Trenos’s door, he stopped for a moment to think if it was really worth it, that’s because if you pissed Trenos, then you have to pray for god not to see hell before even your death, that’s why it was unexpected to see Trenos dead, even in a nightmare.

He then took a deep breath and serious eyes came out, he opened the door carefully and entered the room he checked Trenos and everything was ok, Trenos was just sleeping peacefully on his bed.

Gabrel sighed in relief and went out of Trenos’s room very silently, mission successful, now to the next mission, Eva’s room.

Eva’s room was an easy task, she’s a heavy sleeper and she can control her rage more that Trenos who can go berserk sometimes.

Gabrel now is in front of Eva’s door, he opened the door quietly and what he saw was…

“H..huh?” Gabrel was so confused and didn’t find any words to describe.

Eva was sleeping with her head out of the bed, the bed was like 2 meters long and 1.5 wide, but for some reason, she left all of that and place most of her upper half out of the bed, just a small touch and she will fall from the bed, that scene was enough to tell that she’s totally ok.

Gabrel checked on them, he then closed the door but he lowered his defense and closed at a little harder, he made a loud sound that reached Eva’s ears, Gabrel started to sweat, he opened a little of the door to check on her since he heard her voice.

Eva moved her body slowly she didn’t wake though, she just changed the position to the fetal sleep position, Gabrel was thinking she’s getting weirder and weirder while sleeping, she’s the queen of weird sleeping positions.

Anyway, Gabrel finished his last mission, now he can sleep with a peaceful mind, he went back to his room to have some rest after this stress, he opened the door and threw himself on the bed, he then closes his eyes…, but he discovered something important.

“….I can’t sleep.”

Because he slept all day he will be awake all night, so what has to be said now is, may God help you, Rel.

The morning finally came to life, Eva woke and stretched her body with a smile, after all, she slept like a baby that night.

She went out of her room and went to the deck, she breathed some of the morning’s fresh air while staring at the beautiful ocean of the day.

“The ocean is so delightful, just as always.” Said with a smile, she then heard steps on her side, only to see her brother Trenos already woke.

“Oh Tre! Good morning, did you sleep well last night?”

“Yes I did, though, I can’t say the same to the dead meat right here.” Said while moving his gaze to his right side.

“What do you mean b..Aaah!” Eva move here gaze to where Trenos were looking, Gabrel’s hair was very messy, half-opened eyes, and black under his eyes.

“R….Rel, I think you need some rest.”

“You think?” said Gabrel sarcastically, this man needs a bed as soon as possible.

Trenos looked at Gabrel and smiled…..wait he smiled!? Well, that’s a rare sight, Gabrel noticed and moved his gaze to Trenos with the same half-opened tired eyes with his mouth on the side.

“What’s so funny, Trenos?”

“Maybe I need to throw you to the ocean, just to make you wake properly.”

With a sarcastic tone, Gabrel replied “Haa Haa Haa, very funny, and when did you start to act like the normal people, and telling jokes on top of that.”

Gabrel looked at Trenos and inhaled a breath of fear, Trenos was looking at him with a devilish smile and said.

“I wasn’t joking.”

An evil aura started to flow, Gabrel tried to step back very slowly, as if trying to move away from a monster, then a group of tentacles made of water started to appear behind Trenos.

“You were in my room last night, weren’t you?”

“Wh…who? Me? Nah, that’s impossible, m…maybe you were dreaming or something.”

“Dreaming? About you?”

Gabrel’s words apparently made it worse, he then started to run away from Trenos who was chasing him, they were running around the deck while Gabrel’s screams pierced the planks of the ship, making everyone hearing his cries that demand mercy.

Eva watched them without moving a muscle, she was looking at this weird scene not knowing what to do or say, she just sighed in silence.

This journey may make Gabrel’s life a living hell, even before it started, the only thing has to be done now is to pray for him, may god help you Rel.

The next days of the journey went very normal, Gabrel, Eva, and Trenos were just spending time doing what they like, Gabrel practicing his piano, Eva watching the ocean while deep in thoughts, and Trenos was just reading his book that apparently won’t end soon.

After 8 days of starting the journey, they finally arrived at the earth continent’s port, specifically to what’s called the south seaport village.

The earth’s port village looks different from the one in the water continent in various things, the one in the water continent has buildings made of mainly wood, but the buildings from the earth continent are made of stones and bricks.

Hot springs in some of the water villages while the earth continent is famous with some natural caves and groundwater, the water continent is also famous with shows called “The dancing water” while the earth continent is famous with its colosseum and fighting shows.

In the end, the only common things between the earth port village and the water port village were that the two are very loud, lively, and full of traders and merchants.

“Oh god, this place is so hot.” Complaint Gabrel, he was already out of the ship with Eva and Trenos.

“Stop whining, we only arrived seconds ago.”

“Yeah, easy for you to say, Eva, you can control your body temperature, I don’t even remember how that possible.”

“I’m not sure if I’m capable of explaining it to you, I’m the worse in explaining things, maybe Trenos will say it better.”

“Are you sure you didn’t just forget as well?” said Gabrel with eyes suspecting Eva, she then replied with an upset tone as if he insulted her or something.

“Of course no you idiot, how can I apply it if I can’t remember it?”

“I will ask Trenos then, hey Trenos, how c……”

“The human body is full of liquids that contain water at most, as water users we can control the water temperature, therefore, controlling our body temperature.” Answered Trenos before even waiting for the question, he was still looking at the book though, Gabrel then replied with “wow” and the talk ended just like that.

The team was walking on the crowded streets of the village while having this conversation, Gabrel was looking all around, trying to see every detail of that village, until a sound of two metals colliding made him notice a cook who was making fried rice while mixing it inside of a pan using a metal scoop.

Gabrel was staring at the dancing pan above the blue flames, this flames made him remember his nightmare days ago, he remembered all the faces of the dead people who were there, that caused a small panic attack which made his face turn upside down.

“Rel? Are you ok?” Eva worried because of the face Gabrel showed, but he came to his senses again and tried to hide it.

“Yeah, of course, I’m totally fine, oh look at this, it looks tasty.” Gabrel tried to change the subject and went to the small restaurant he saw earlier as a distraction.

“Brother, there something wrong.”

“I know, Gabrel is acting weird, let’s not forget his visit to my room days ago, perhaps he visited yours too, he’s hiding something.”

“Yeah, I will try to ask him later.”

“He won’t tell you even if you asked.”

“I know, but this is the only way to know what’s happening, I’m not sure if the mission was the cause of that weird behavior, I’m worried.”

Gabrel was talking to the cook and telling him how tasty the meal he’s eating is while listening to Eva and Trenos’s small talk about him, they forgot Gabrel’s ears are more powerful than normal ears which made him hear most of their talk.

“They do care.” Said Gabrel to himself.

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