A journey for revenge....probably?

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A night before the mission

Gabrel had various kinds of food on his hands, he went back to Eva and Trenos, after nearly buying every kind of food he found.

“Guys check this out, the food here is very delicious.”

Gabrel left his hands to the two of them as to invite them to try some, of course, the two showed signs of refusal, but Eva noticed that Gabrel bought a lot of unnecessary food and things.

“How much did you spend on all of that?”

“Mmmm, I don’t know, didn’t count.” Said Gabrel while chewing some food, he looked at his side, trying to remember any number to give Eva as an answer.

“Gabrel please, don’t spend your money on useless things, we may need it.”

“No worries, I brought a lot of money, and Pohg also said this mission won’t take a long time, right?”

“As you wish, but if your pocket got empty don’t come to me crying for money, K?”

“Ok, whatever you say, boss.”

Gabrel apparently is taking this matter lightly, to be out of money in a land far away from your home is not a nice thing to even think about.

After seconds of walking, Gabrel felt they’re walking without a goal.

“Soooo, what should we do now?”

“We will start our mission tomorrow morning, until that, we will spend the night at the nearest inn.” Answered Trenos.

“Shouldn’t we start now?” suggested Gabrel, still eating the food he bought earlier.

“We arrived from an 8 days journey five minutes ago, rushing isn’t good.”

“Hmm, good point actually.”

Eva went to the nearest Person and asked him for an inn, she took the information she needed and came back to tell the rest of the time.

“There is an inn at the end of that street, ten minutes walking and we will arrive.”

The team went to the inn as planned, they interred the loud crowded inn and headed to the innkeeper, Trenos made a small sign on the page he stopped on, closed his book and looked at the innkeeper.

“How can I help ya.” Said the innkeeper, he had dark skin, brown eyes and black hair, the common characteristics of the earth continent’s people, he also had a big body and a scar on his face it appears he’s in the last 30s of his age, that’s the typical badass innkeeper.

“We would like to have 3 rooms for the night.”

“Sorry man, there are only 2 rooms available tonight.”

“Then we will take it.”

“Ok then, follow me.”

The badass innkeeper went upstairs to the place of the room, he then stopped between to rooms in front of each other.

“Here you go, two empty rooms, one night will cost one silver coin for every room.”

Trenos took two silver coins out of his backpack, the innkeeper took it and said.

“This settles the deal, welcome to the earth continent.”

The innkeeper noticed they’re different, he assumed they’re not from here, of course, he left the team in front of the two rooms and went back downstairs.

“Gabrel, you can take this room, Eva and I will take the other one.”

“Yes! I will have my own room.” Said Gabrel with excitement.

“You’re acting like a child Gabrel.”

“You really don’t know how beautiful childhood is.”

“But I’m completely sure there is a time to grow up.”

“Is it really a time for an argument right now?” Interrupted Trenos, he moved his gaze to Gabrel and said.

“You go to your room now, try to have some rest, we will wake at an early hour tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.” Said Gabrel with a made-up serious face, he gave him a salute and headed directly to his room.

“Really a child.” Said Eva with a sigh.

“Let’s go to our room, Eva.”

Eva nodded and went with Trenos, meanwhile, Gabrel was checking every inch of his new room in excitement, opening the wardrobe and every drawer in the room, and finally he lied on the bed.

“This bed is so comfortable and soft.” Said Gabrel with a sigh of relief.

Gabrel was supposed to sleep right now, but he just couldn’t close his eyes for even a second, he changed his position on the bed for lying to sitting.

“I can’t sleep, again, maybe some calm music will make me feel sleepy.”

He then summoned his piano and started to play a song called “River flows in you”, Gabrel was focusing only on his piano which made his face looks expressionless, and he was also isolating the sounds of his piano to his room’s limits so no one but him will listen.

“What’s that sound?”

Though Eva heard the sound, it was said the people who may have a good bond with a sound user will hear any sounds of his instrument, even if he tried to isolate it.

“It’s Gabrel’s piano, that’s for sure.” Said Trenos while putting a mattress on the ground to sleep.

“Are you sure you want to sleep on the ground? I’m fine doing than instead.”

“No problem, I can sleep on the ground, but I think Gabrel have to stop playing if we ever want to sleep.”

“I’m going to his room.” Said Eva, not to note Gabrel of the loud sounds of his piano, but because the sounds of his piano reminded her of the question she wanted to ask earlier.

“Don’t take so long, we have a mission tomorrow.”

“I won’t.”

Eva opened the door, and headed to Gabrel’s, she knocked twice and heard the response.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Eva.”

“Come in.”

Gabrel stopped playing and looked at Eva with a troubled face.

“S…sorry, I think I have to stop playing now, did the sounds reached your room?”

“Actually that’s not what I came for.” Said Eva while getting closer to Gabrel, she then sat next to him and asked.

“You were acting weird recently, is there something wrong?”

Gabrel was busted, his face started to sweat and his eyes shifted around him, he was troubled and was searching for anything to say.

“Aaaamm, w..well I’m just a little worried because of the mission tomorrow, you know?”

“Gabrel, we are a team, if there is something you have to say, then just say it.” Said Eva furiously.

“Eva, I may seem funny and careless most of the, most of the people won’t believe me if I said I feel anything else but happiness and enjoyment, but I’m just like any other person, I can feel fear, sadness, anger, and worry.”

Gabrel was talking with his eyes looking down while Eva was looking at Gabrel with focused eyes, Gabrel then took a breath and continued.

“Just to sum it up, I’m worried and….scared because of the mission tomorrow.”

Eva’s face drew a smile, she then replied with a calm sweet voice.

“You don’t have to worry though.”


Eva then stood, put her fist on her chest, and turned her smile from a calm smile to a challenging fearless smile.

“Because I’m going to protect you no matter what.”

Gabrel’s face turned red because of her response, he looked away and started to scratch his chick while saying.

“R…really? Why then?”

“Because you’re like a little brother to me.”

Her reply was like an arrow piercing through him, he was naïve enough to imagine her saying “because I love you.” or something, too bad for him.

Eva then headed to the door while saying.

“Anyway, I have to go back to my room now, be sure to get a good rest, ok?”

“Ok.” Said Gabrel with a sad disappointed face.

“Good night, Rel.” Said Eva before closing the door.

“Good night.”

After some minutes, the whole team fell in deep sleep, one night between them and risking their lives.

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