A journey for revenge....probably?

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A way to the enemies land

The morning finally came, Trenos woke and opened his eyes slowly, only to see Eva in a weird position, this time her upper half was out of the bed while lying on her stomach, Trenos looked with a shocked but calm eyes, the first thing he said was.

“You really didn’t deserve to sleep on the bed.”

Trenos got up and tried to call Eva, he called her name several times until she finally woke.

“Mmmmmm, good morning, brother.” Said Eva while stretching her body.

“Get off the bed and put your equipment, we will start our mission now.”

“Ok, sure, but do I need to wake Gabrel?”

“No, I’m sure he’s already…”

“Gooooood morning.” Said Gabrel with all excitement while breaking to their room.


Gabrel walks to the Eva and Trenos with a smile.

“Are you two ready, It’s our big day, we will kick their asses and grab any information we want!”

“No, we aren’t ready, I hope you go and wait in your room.”

“Oh, sorry, I was a little excited.” Said with an apologizing smile, then continued.

“Ok then, I’m going to wait in my room, call me when you finish your preparations.”

After five minutes, Eva and Trenos came out of their room and called Gabrel too, they checked for everything, they’re totally ready for a battle.

The team went downstairs to the exit of the inn, the innkeeper said to them not to forget to visit back before they left the inn, they then walked to a place full of all kinds of carriages, it was like a station for passengers who want to go to a certain place.

According to the map they have in hand, the enemy’s headquarter is located near a neighboring village, they have to reach the nearest point to the headquarter and continue on foot, this is the safest way to get near the enemy’s land.

“What do we need to do now?” asked Gabrel, there were a lot of carriages all over the place, it was confusing, for him.

Trenos closed the book he was reading and went to a man who was moving some wooden boxes inside a carriage.

“Sir, where to find carriages heading to the neighboring village?” Asked Trenos.

“Are you a traveler?”

“Yeah, I’m a merchant looking for some business.”

The man looked around him while mumbling “where was that carriage.” He then pointed his index finger and said.

“That place over there is full of carriages heading there, you can pick a carriage with the price you want.”

Trenos looked at where the man pointed, he then bowed his head while thanking him for the information, after that, he went to Eva and Gabrel who was standing a little far, he informed them of the next step, and lead them to the place they had to go to.

Trenos was the one leading here, he went to a small wooden carriage with two black horses and looked for the coachman, he had a peaceful argument with the coachman to settle at a price, it was 4 silvers, the team rode and it moved right away after.

After an hour or so, Trenos called the coachman to stop, he went out of the carriage with Eva and Gabrel and started to walk slowly, but he was caught by the coachman’s voice.

“Hey, mister, where are you going, the village is still far away.”

“We’ve arrived at our desired spot, you can continue your way.” Said Trenos.

“Do you all wanna die? We’re in the middle of the desert, and from your looks I assume you’re not from here, how will you manage to survive?”

“We have our reasons, you took your deserved money, now continue on road.”

The coachman stared at Trenos’s face for seconds and then continued his road while saying.

“As you wish, but I’m not responsible if you died.”

He then mumbled “stupid tourists.” And continued his way to the nearest village.

“So where is our way .” Asked Gabrel while rubbing his head.

Eva then took a map out of her pack, only for Gabrel to take it from her hands.


“Don’t worry about it, I can lead us now.”

Gabrel looked carefully at the map as to study it, he then started to explain his theories.

“The carriage was supposed to go from this to that spot, the shortest way to the neighboring village which the coachman took was this way, therefore, we are now ahmm here, which means that we have to...”

Trenos put his hand on the map, Gabrel looked up, he saw the cold eyes of Trenos.


“Y..yes, Trenos?”

“It will be a lot easier if you just put your hand under the map, it will take some of your energy and locate where you are.”

“R…really? Is it that kind of map? I di..”

Gabrel stopped in the middle because he felt a presence of an evil aura, Trenos took the map from Gabrel, while Gabrel was looking behind him slowly, the evil aura was from Eva, she’s in the devil mood now.

Eva made a gigantic bat made of ice and locked at Gabrel as a target, Trenos was looking at the map to determine their location while Gabrel was running for his life.

“P…please Eva, please don’t kill me, I’m sorry~.”

Gabrel was trying to run from the devil queen chasing him while begging for his life, he then fell and looked behind, only to see Eva lifting the bat high.

“Please don’t kill me, I…I have kids!”

Gabrel tried to be funny in his last moments, apparently, what he said made it a lot worse, Eva’s grip tightened to the level of the bat’s handle started to crack, the bat itself evolved to a nailed bat.


Trenos called them before the nailed bat touched Gabrel’s face, Eva moved her gaze from Gabrel to Trenos.

“Yes, brother?”

“We will go this way, quit playing around, let’s get going.”

Eva turned her weapon again to water, Trenos started to walk with Eva behind him while Gabrel was trying to stand slowly, his legs were like jelly and his breath was faster than a man who was going to drown.

“Oh thank god, breathbreath, t..thank you Tre, breath…I...I was going to pee myself.”

“Just move you idiot.” Said Eva with clenching teeth, from afar.

Gabrel then restored his strength and ran to the other two.

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