A journey for revenge....probably?

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“Huuuuh, when will we arrive?” Scowled Gabrel, two hours had past and the headquarter is still unseen.

“Quit whining and keep moving.” Replied Eva.

“But I’m tired~ and thirsty~, and I can’t see but sands in the horizon.”

Gabrel has a point this time, they’re in the middle of the desert, and going to the enemy’s headquarter like that won’t be a wise decision, Trenos noticed that and announced.

We will rest here.“”

“What? Why, brother?”

Eva didn’t expect Trenos to say something like that, bur Trenos noticed from the map that they started to really get close from the headquarter, some rest won’t be bad.

“We can’t inter the enemies lands unprepared.” Said while putting his map inside of his backpack, he then kneeled on the ground putting his left palm on the sands.

“What are you doing, brother?”

“.Searching for groundwater”

“Hmm? How so, Tre?”

“As a water user, my energy can affect or be affected by water, I’m sending small bursts from my energy, if there is any water under me, the bursts I’ve sent will bounce back to my palm.”

“Wow, how did you know that?” Asked Eva.

“Knowledge is power, reading books has its benefits.”

When Trenos said that, the other two started to mumble, Eva was mumbling “Well done, bro” while making a fist, while Gabrel was mumbling “maybe I need to start reading a little.” While looking at the sky like an idiot.

Trenos stood and went to a different spot, apparently, he didn’t find any, he did all steps he did before and said.

“I sense some groundwater there, Gabrel, can you use your power to make a crack on the ground? Right under me.”

“Well, I will give it a try. ”

Gabrel then tried his best and made the crack, he saw a natural container full of water.


“Yes, brother.”

“It’s your turn, you’re very accurate in control, can you purify this water?”

“Leave it to me.” Said with a challenging smile, she was waiting for her turn to come.

Eva took a breathe and started to pull some of the water until she made a big ball, she then started the purification process, a small bump emerged from the big water ball, the small bump had a little yellowish color, Eva was trying to collect all dust and impurities in one place.

After seconds the small bump turned big, Eva separated it from the big ball of water, the water now is clear like crystal.

“Here you go.” Said Eva with a smile of satisfaction, Gabrel started to clap while praising Eva.

Trenos took some water from the wooden bottle and turned it to cups, he gave one to Gabrel and one to Eva, the two boys started to drink from the water Eva purified.

“Amm, brother?”


"“S..so you wanted me to purify all this quantity of water for you and Gabrel to only drink?”

“Actually, I didn’t ask for all this quantity. ”

“Couldn’t you just stop me when you saw got carried away.”

“You looked very focused and happy with what you’re doing so I couldn’t stop you, but we still can put this water on the ground and ice them, it will be better than sitting on the sands.”

“Haaah.” Eva unleashed a sigh of disappointment, Gabrel was drinking from the water Eva purified non-stop.

Eva then turned water to ice and made a small rug, they sat down for minutes to rest, she even made a small roof on top of them because of the burning sun above them, some good rest before the actual mission start.

After they finished their small rest, the team started to walk again, an hour of walking was enough for the headquarter to be finally seen, right now they have to get close with caution.

The headquarter was a palace, a red small palace with a high wall around him, it was heavily guarded, a soldier or two on every inch around the palace, Gabrel activated the sound isolation to start their mission.

Eva got near the 6-meter high wall, she left herself using her water to only get a glance for what inside, a group of soldiers walking randomly, though, there was a weak spot, there was a part of the wall that was very near the palace, on top of that, the soldiers didn’t guard this spot very good.

Trenos made a bridge of ice that connects the wall with the roof of the palace, they settled on the roof.

Gabrel started to concentrate to hear if there is any soldier around, he then gave Eva the permission to penetrate the wall with a big block of ice, and of course Gabrel was isolating any sound that may come out of their actions so it was okay.

They finally entered the palace, but leaving this wreckage they made wasn’t a wise decision, Trenos collected the broken parts of the roof using his element and got them back to their place, he iced them together and fixed the hole they made.

The team started to move cautiously, Gabrel was working as a detector since he had a powerful hearing.

So, what are we looking for.” Said Gabrel with a rather loud voice”

Shhhhh, there is a soldier right over there.” whispered Eva.”

“Don’t worry, my technique is isolating any sounds coming from us, I will prove it.” Said Gabrel with all confidence, he then went behind the nearest soldier and started to…sing.

“I’m a bird~ in the sky~ I can fly in the middle of the air.~”

Trenos and Eva got tensed, he was directly behind the soldier, they made a hook and grabbed Gabrel to drag him behind the wall, the soldier looked behind him, and thank god he thought it was just his imagination.

Trenos grabbed Gabrel’s mouth while Eva was hitting him on the stomach repeatedly, she was looking at the soldier and saw him walking forward..

At the end of this dangerous moment, Gabrel may be lost his stomach, but at least he proved his point.

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