A journey for revenge....probably?

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A place of information

“Anyway, we’re looking for a room that’ looks like a library, that’s where they restore their information.”

The team started to walk quietly again, moving forward while dragging Gabrel’s body with his soul trying to crawl out of his body.

The team continued like that for a while, the soldiers guarding the place were moving in a random way which gave the team a better chance of not being seen, at the end they saw a big red gate with a chart mark in middle, the problem was, two soldiers are guarding it.

“Hey, wake him up, it’s getting serious.” Whispered Trenos.

Eva obeyed and splashed some water on Gabrel’s face.

“Huh, ar we her’ yet?” Said Gabrel with a weird voice.

“Gabrel, you need to make a powerful sound towards the enemies ears, this will paralyze them a little, make sure to isolate any sounds coming from our actions, Eva, you and I will make a surprise attack and knock the two before they realize what’s happening.”

Gabrel’s left his hand towards the two guards and made them hold their ears in pain, at the same moment, Eva and Trenos jumped and onslaught the two of them, the plan succeeded.

Gabrel reached the gate and put his ear on it, he closed his eyes and was focusing on his hearing sense instead.

“Gabrel do you hear any presence inside?” Asked Eva.

“All clear.”

Upon hearing that, Trenos opened the gates and Eva dragged the bodies of the knocked soldiers inside of the library, they can’t leave them like that since it will be suspicious, they closed the gates and split to cover more area.

Meanwhile, there was a soldier who was just standing and…yawning, he started to walk randomly, looking for anything that’s wrong or out of place, he turned left and saw something weird, the gate doesn’t have any guards, the gates of the library has guards, all the time.

The soldier started to get closer and closer to the gate of the library, he was just standing there, trying to think where they went.

Meanwhile in the library, Trenos and Eva were trying to find information about future plans, but Gabrel was looking at old scripts, five years old scripts, what he found was the attacking plan against his village.

Gabrel was imagining every scene he couldn’t see based on the scripts he’s reading, and then he found a line at the end of the script, “the old history will never repeat itself again.”

He then was in deep thoughts, trying to comprehend this ton of information he received, but he was interrupted by someone, he looked where the sound came from and It was the soldier who was where did the guards go.

“H-hey?” Said Gabrel as he left his right hand.

Eva and Trenos tried to attack the soldier, though, he hit his foot on the ground for a wall to merge out, he was running while talking to his wrist that had a contacting paper on it, they were too late, everyone knows about their presence now.

Eva hit the soldier’s back, he was going to fall but he fixed his whole body and stood with his face in front of them.

The soldier made a wall and some parts of the ground broke into rocks and were thrown at the team with high speed, Gabrel summoned his piano, pressed some buttons, and changed the rock’s direction.

Gabrel pressed on his piano again and destroyed the wall that was made seconds ago, only to reveal the soldier escaped.

“Gabrel, make a hole on the roof, we need to get out of here.” Hurried Trenos.

Gabrel did so and the team went the roof of the building, they found large groups of enemies around the building, no one saw them, but it will be impossible to run away from such a number.

“Ahh Trenos? I don’t want to be a downer, but how will we escape all of them?” Asked Gabrel.

Trenos didn’t reply, he was just trying to get a plan to escape, after a moment of silence, he opened his mouth.

“I have an idea, listen carefully you two.”

“Close all the exits, don’t let them escape.” Said the captain of the enemy’s soldiers, though, a soldier at his side proved his captain’s brilliant plan won’t work.

“S..sir, I think closing the exits won’t be enough.”

Upon hearing this, the captain looked at the direction the soldier was pointing to, the roof.

The captain was stunned, it was a skateboard made of ice sliding on a new way also made of ice from the roof to the ground out of the territory, Eva was turning water into ice to make their way and Trenos was turning ice into water as to use it again.

“I…I’m going to lose my job.” Said the captain of the soldiers.

Gabrel was sitting at the back of the skateboard, the enemies were throwing rocks on them and he was hitting every rock to protect them, though, there was one rock that escaped Gabrel’s site, which hit Eva, and made her lose balance, she fell very hard on the ground.

Eva fell on the ground so the skateboard stopped, Gabrel screamed her name and went there to help her stand again.

“Eva, I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I’ll….”

“No! Don’t touch me!”

“I….i just wanted to help.”

“I don’t need your help!”

After screaming on Gabrel’s face, Eva stood by herself and went to the skateboard again, Trenos was just looking at them.

Gabrel felt very bad, but he went back to his senses and went to the back of the skateboard again, this time he worked as their motors, by using his sounds to push them forward with powerful blows.

After making sure no one is on their tail, they stopped to take a breath.

“W….we escaped, we’re…alive.” Said Gabrel optimistically, unfortunately, Trenos came with some bad news.

“Though, we didn’t…..get all information we needed.”

“Yeah… all information I… got is 5 years old.”

“Eva,…did you catch any useful information?”

“I…I think I have one.”

Eva took a deep breath and looked at the other two, all of them wore a serious face for this moment.

“They’re planning to assassinate the master of the earth continent.”

Meanwhile in another place.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the great colosseum of the earth continent, I will be your host for today.”

The voices of the screaming crowd filling the air while the gates of the colosseum were opening for the fighters to enter.

“Today for the main event, two of the best fighters of the colosseum, on the left the people’s champion and the master of defense the shields-man!”

The crowd couldn’t stop screaming, all encouragement for their favorite champions.

“And on the right, the only fighter with 200 winning streaks, the son of the master of the earth continent, Samson Redshield!”

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