A journey for revenge....probably?

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A fight in A Colosseum

“Today, our event will be special, it will be a weapons-only fight, which means no one is allowed to use his abilities to control his element.” Said the host with a rising voice.

“On the left, we got the master of defense, the shield-man~!” Upon hearing his name, the crowd started to scream eagerly.

“And on the right side, the son of the master of our continent, the prince of earth!” And upon hearing his name the crowd started to wash him with booos from every direction.

The two fighters wore a full-body armor with a metal helmet on their heads, the shield-man didn’t have more than two shields attached to his wrists with big metal gloves as a weapon, he may be fat as well since his body armor looks very round.

The prince of earth, or that’s what people call him, was different, his body armor looked buffed in the chest part so let’s assume he has big muscles, he also looks tall, his hair is also tall to the extent of letting it out of the whole armor, it’s black and had a Tarzan-like style.

“Let’s remember the rules, shall we? Rule 1: if the opponent was knocked or surrendered, the other party is the winner, but if the winner hits the surrendered party after declaiming its surrender, the winner will be considered eliminated. Rule 2: only weapons are allowed, any use of abilities will be considered a withdrawal. Rule 3: using any sharp weapons or objects are not allowed as well.”

The crowd was screaming, their screams were demanding the start of the fight.

“Sorry for the long wait, the fight will start is 10 9 8 7…..”

The crowd filling the seats were screaming the numbers, the two fighters left their weapons.

“3 2 1 start the fight~.”

The two fighters ran towards each other, the prince jumped a mighty jump and dropped his two hammers on the shield-man, though he didn’t move an inch, he received this hit with his two shields, he received this strength that was enough to break the land under him.

The shield-man moved his fist to drop a hit on the prince, the prince went backward to avoid this hit, the two fighters stood for seconds in the middle of the screams of the fans, the prince ran towards the shield-man again, but this time he landed a side hit with his hammer.

The shield-man received this hit again with his left shield, he then grabbed the hammer and pulled it, and therefore, pulling the prince who was holding his weapon tightly, the shield-man landed a powerful punch with his metal gloves on the prince’s face.

The prince’s helmet flew away and he took some steps backward, he couldn’t maintain his balance and fell, the fan’s screams were piercing every ear near the colosseum.

The prince was looking at the ground, he grabbed his hammer with clenching teeth, the shield-man was lifting his hands to his fans on the seats, the prince ran towards him with a battle cry, he threw his hammer to the sky, the shield-man looked at where the hammer went.

The prince left his fist to land a hit to his rival’s face, the shield-man realized the hammer was just a distraction, he left his two shields to defend his face, the prince hit the shields which caused his fist to bleed.

The shield-man thought he will win, but he was surprised by the wide mysterious smile drawn on the prince’s face, a moment of silence in the colosseum, the hammer the prince threw to the sky seconds ago landed on the shield-man’s head, his helmet turned flat.

The shield-man couldn’t handle the hit, he dropped on the ground, causing an earthquake in the colosseum.

“Th…the winner is the prince of earth~!” declaimed the host.

The whole crowd started to scream with their mouths opened wide in a smile, the prince started to walk to the gate of the colosseum, he finally ended his fight.

While Samson, also known as the prince, were bandaging his injured right hand, a big man with a big beard and belly came closer to him.

“Haaa, Samson Samson Samson, the champion of the colosseum.” Said the old man while putting his gigantic hand on Samson’s shoulder.

“Get your damn hand off my shoulder, you big bearded old man!” screamed Samson.

“Fierce like usual, you remind me of my old days, young and fast-tempered, the good old days.”

“I’m nothing like you, don’t compare me with you.”

“This talk again? Every time someone says you look like your father you turn this record again, you will use it on me this time?”

“You’re getting on my nerves, old man, get out.” Said Samson with clenching teeth and scary eyes.

“Ah hahaha, ok ok, just don’t forget your training session tomorrow.” Left the old man while laughing.

“Every time he has to make me mad before every training, does he thinks it’s an exchange for him training me?” Mumbled Samson with a sigh, he then dressed his regular clothes and left the colosseum.

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