A journey for revenge....probably?

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A visit to the prince

Back to the team.

“They want what!?” Screamed Gabrel.

“They want to assassinate them…”

“I heard you the first time, Eva.”

“Then why the hell did you ask?”

“I just mean, what will they benefit from such a thing?”

“Maybe they have a further plan?” Entered Trenos the chat.

“Further plans? What kind of further plans?” Asked Gabrel.

“I can’t throw assumption right now but we need to call Pohg and give him a report.”

Upon hearing that Eva put her hand on her backpack and started to search for the contacting device.

“I think we got a problem.”

“Don’t tell me, Eva, let me guess, our only contacting device is…”

“Broken, I’m sorry brother.” Said with the contacting device on her hand.

“Ahhh, I think it’s my fault?” claimed Gabrel.

“I was supposed to be responsible for the protection of you two while the enemies were throwing rocks on us so, I’m sorry.”

“No, Rel, the contacting device was my responsibility, it’s my fault.”

“No, as your leader I’m the one responsible for any mistake that happens, it’s my fault.”

“Guys, it’s my fau…. I mean we have to break this loop.” Broke Gabrel the loop.

“What we need to do now is to get back to Pohg.”

“What!? I know you’re the leader and everything, but we have to warn them about the assassination thing.”

“It’s neither our job nor our responsibility, don’t forget your mission.”

“But we can’t just watch him dying, we have to work with that information in hand.”

“We don’t even know when this operation will start, if we came to them and tried to warn them as you say, they will consider us suspicious, we may not be able to get out of the continent.”

“But what will happen if they will assassinate him soon, preventing our enemy from doing their plan is also a priority.”

“You know brother? I think Gabrel is right, with this information in hand, we can’t just let him die, and on top of that, the whole continent will be badly affected by his death.”

“……who am I to refuse then.” Said Trenos with a sigh.

“Yes!” Gabrel felt happy, maybe because it’s his first time to win a logical argument in front of the living library Trenos.

“Now let’s move, we need to reach the nearest village, it will take approximately two hours of walking.”

“We have to walk for two hours in the middle of the desert again!?”

“It’s not the time to cry, we have a continent to save, Rel.”

The team then started their extended journey, Trenos took his book from his backpack and started to walk in front while reading.

“Ahhh, finally~.”

After over two hours of walking in the middle of the desert, the team finally reached the nearest village.

“Now then, we need to know where the residence of the master of this continent.” Mumbled Eva, she then got closer to a random man and asked him.

“Sir, please, can you tell us where the master of the earth lives?”

“Hmm, and why would you ask for him? Or maybe you are asking for the prince of the earth?”

“The prince of the earth?”

“Yeah, Samson, the son of the master of the earth, he’s the champion of the colosseum so it’s pretty common for tourists to ask.”

“Ah…yeah yeah, I was asking for him, do you know where he is?”

“Well, he’s supposed to have training in the colosseum tomorrow, if you want to catch an autograph or something you better reach a carriage heading there.”

“Ok, thanks for the information.”


“So we were lucky enough to get everything we wanted that fast.” Said Gabrel.

“We will head to the colosseum tomorrow, as for today, we have to find an inn to stay the night.”

The team did so and went to the nearest inn, this time everyone had his room, it was all standard simple rooms, they paid the double of the last time for them in an inn.

Gabrel was thinking about the events of today, the event of Eva’s fall on the ground couldn’t leave his mind, he went to her room to apologize decently.

“Knock knock knock.”

“Who’s there.”

“It’s me, Gabrel.”

“Oh come in.”

Gabrel lowered his head upon being face to face with Eva.

“I’m so sorry, when we were trying to escape at that time, I couldn’t protect you, I wanted to apologize at that time but…”

“Hey now, you don’t have to apologize, we were in a tight spot after all, and it’s our first official mission to top it off.”

Gabrel then left his head slowly and continued.

“I wanted to ask something, at that time, I wanted to help you, but you refused fiercely, why?”

“Why are you asking that?”

“Just curious.” Said Gabrel while making a funny face, it felt tensed when he asked this question.

“….Let’s just say the last one who tried to help me lost his life in the process.” Said Eva with a fake smile.

“I…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Don’t worry, just focus on what we got now, get back to your bed, we have a tough day tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.” Said Gabrel with a smile and, he then left Eva with a salute.

In the colosseum.


The old man who came to Samson after his fight yesterday was counting Samson’s punches in a sandbag.

“297,298,299,300, good work Samson, you finally finished your training, that’s it for today.”

Samson was full of sweat, he didn’t wear a shirt, making his muscular form clear for all, he went to his changing room and had his towel on his neck, he was wearing off the bandages on his two hands, he then heard the opening of his room’s door, Trenos went in front and said.

“We’ve discovered something we believe it concerns you.”

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