A journey for revenge....probably?

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A fierce talk

“I believe it’s improper to enter the changing room without knocking, even if it’s for an autograph.”

“We’re not here for an autograph, we’re here to warn you, we have information that claims your father, the master of the continent, will be assassinated.”

“My father has a lot of enemies, but I believe no one is capable of killing him.”

“Well too bad for you, they destroyed a whole village full of fighters in a matter of hours.” Claimed Gabrel.

“My father is not that weak.”

“Yeah, I thought that too.”

Upon hearing that, Samson shifted his gaze from his things he was putting in his pack to him.

“You’re from the sound village, I heard there weren’t any survivors.”

“This is not the subject though, you better go to your castle before it is ruined.”

“Sorry guys, I don’t want to break your plans or anything, but I have nothing to do with my father anymore.”

“What do you mean, you’re his son, you’re able to go and warn him yourself.”

“Like I said I don’t have anything to do with him.” Said Samson he was already leaving with his little pack on his shoulder.

“W…wait here!” screamed Gabrel, Samson stopped in his place and looked back at him.

“What do you want now, kid.”

“We told you information that may save your father’s life, are you telling me you’ll leave this chance of saving him like that?”

“If that will make you leave the hell out of here, then yes.”

“Ahem, G..Gabrel?”

Eva was confused, he was walking with steady steps to Samson, he then tried to land a right hook to his chin, but Samson stopped it.

“What is the meaning of that?”

“Betraying your family isn’t a damn choice.”

“You’re mumbling things you know nothing about, brat.”

Gabrel then put his hand to his side again, he then replied.

“I may know nothing about your father, but if you didn’t get this chance, you will regret it your whole life, just like I did.”

After saying all this, Gabrel opened the door of the room, but before he walks out, he said a final line.

“You better look closely to your past with him, this will surely make you know how idiot you were.”

Gabrel then left the room, Eva and Trenos caught him, but before leaving, Trenos apologized for interrupting.

“What a bastard.” Said Samson to himself with a click of his tongue.

“What was that, Gabrel?” Asked Eva, the team was already out of the colosseum, and Gabrel was playing on his piano as to release some of his anger on something.

“Nothing, he was just getting on my nerves, that’s all.”

“You stay here, I need to do something.” Said Trenos.

“What will you do, brother?”

“I’m just going to test something, you two stay here.”

Trenos went to an unknown place, Eva and Gabrel were waiting on the sideway, he was still playing with his piano.

After seconds of waiting at the same place, a drunk man started to walk closer to the piano, Gabrel wasn’t focused on her surroundings, the drunk man collided with the piano and pressed some buttons accidentally, making a bad random sounds.

“Hmmm, is that some kind of a game?” Said the drunk man while pressing random buttons in the piano.

“You better apologize right now.” Said Gabrel with tilted eyebrows and angry eyes.

“Apologize? To you? You’re the one who left his stupid floating game in my way.”

Gabrel was going to burst in anger, Eva tried to calm him down.

“Right sir, I’m sorry for getting in your way, as an apology, you can try this interesting floating game, if you pressed this button, you will fly, want to try it?”

“Well,….that looks interesting.” Said the drunk man.

The drunk man did so and pressed a button, at the same second, he was sent flying by a powerful sound, causing his body to hit a near rock, he was knocked in one hit.

“This whole continent is getting on my nerves.” Said Gabrel with a grim.

“I understand this guy needed a good hit, but I didn’t ask before, what this piano is?”

“You can say it’s a part of me or something.”

“So when this man touched the piano so he touched you?”

“I think it’s a little worse, like imagine someone grabbing your butt.”

“I…is it that extreme?”

“Ahahah no, I was just kidding, its, just….”

Gabrel stopped and looked at his piano, he then continued with a sad smile and a calm voice.

“As I said, it’s a part of me, it holds a lot of memories, I still can remember when I summoned it for the first time, I was five years old, my classmates started to summon their instrument one after another, so I started to secretly train at night to summon it. I was training in the living room alone, but when I summoned it, I was surprised that my father was watching me from afar, he held me and went out of the house in the middle of the night, screaming that his son finally summoned his instrument. In the end, it took for half of the village to wake before my mother finally catches him, she started to scream and scold him until she woke the other half.”

“Sounds lovely.”


When Gabrel face started to pale and get worse, Eva tried to make a distraction.

“But heeey, did you notice something about the people of this continent?”

“Ahem, all of them have dark skin?”

“Well yeah, but what I meant is that their body structure is huge, especially this guy Samson, such a huge muscular body.”

Upon hearing this, Gabrel felt a mix of anger and jealousy, imagine your crush praising you sworn enemy in front of you.

“Y…yeah everything is big here, especially chests.” Said Gabrel, what a critical hit on Eva.

Trenos came after finishing whatever he was doing, only to see the two fighting.

“You’re the one who started it.”

“I was trying to consulate you, idiot.”

“Yeah, as if saying how huge his muscles were will consulate me.”

The two were screaming upon each other.

“Hey!” screamed Trenos.

“Oh brother, where were you?”

“Nothing much, just stop fighting, and listen to me, we talked to Samson and didn’t help us with a thing, I believe you know what well we do next.”

“We will head to the castle of the master of the earth.” Said Eva and Gabrel in unison.

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