A journey for revenge....probably?

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A repeating of history

Elmos’s perspective

Elmos followed the soldier afterward with top speed, he started to have many concerns and asked questions while running.

“The soldier said they’re coming from the northwest, it’s the direction of the fire continent, does that mean that the fire continent wants to attack us? That doesn’t make sense, the water continent and the fire continent were in good terms for years, even before me.”

Then he remembered something.

“Hmmm, after thinking, no one heard anything from there for a whole year, the four continents agreed on saying all information and news every 6 months and they just kept silent, did something happened? I hope this will end peacefully.”

Then continued.

“Wait for a second……the fire continent has a history full of conflicts, my father told me once that hundreds of years ago, the fire continent lead by the master of the fire element wanted to take control on all the other elements. The master of the sound defeated the master of fire with the help of the other masters, if the history to be repeated, if he came again, he will do anything to win this time, we’re dangerous enough for him to be eliminated first this time.”

Elmos’s mind was rushing faster than his body, he couldn’t feel time or exhaustion from this continuous running.

Finally, Elmos arrived at his destination, the defense wall, a 10 meters height wall made of stones and plated with steel, provided with observation towers to oversight any attacks.

This wall was meant to defend the village from any long-range attacks that may come from the sea direction since the village was placed in the far southeast at the edge of the continent, the shore can be seen from the village.

the defense wall wasn’t Elmos’s destination, it was the army headquarters, a small building, that meant to be the place of putting war strategies, though, it’s a little smaller than Elmos’s house, war is not a very common thing like in the past.

No one used it for long, oh wait, Elmos used it days ago, he wanted a wide place to play indoor soccer with Gabrel.

Elmos went inside, there was someone behind a map board, he was the army leader, Bellcith Ramum, a lifetime friend.

“Explain the situation, Bellcith.” Said Elmos with a straight face.

“Yes, sir, we noticed 3 ships getting close to our land they have water element users in their army, we still don’t know exactly where did they come from.”

“They came from the fire continent.”

“But sir, how did you know?”

Elmos looked at Bellcith with sharp eyes, Bellcith understood what he meant and ordered all the soldiers to get out.

“What is it, sir?”

“There is a secret I have to tell you, Bellcith, a story of a lost history that was known by the families of the masters.”

“Sir, are you sure about revealing this secret to me?”

“You are my Faithful friend Bellcith, and you need to know what’s happening and why.”

Nodded Bellcith with a serious face, then continued Elmos.

“1000 years ago, there wasn’t anything called elements, just normal people with normal abilities, though, someone somehow woke his powers and a pole of flames appeared in the sky, it was the master of the fire, the first one to ever use the elements. The other elements came after the water, earth, air, and finally us, sounds. the master of the fire started to think that he was the cause of all that glory, that the fire is supposed to be above all others, so he started a war, and he was going to win and take control of all continents that were one. He started to think the sound element was just an extra, a useless element, he thought it was inevitable for him to win, he didn’t think for a second that it could be dangerous. The master of the sound killed the master of the fire eventually to end the war, but then they realized that he used a secret unknown technique that made his soul stay with us, to reincarnate someday, in the future.”

“So you’re saying that he came again?”

“Yes, and this time he will fix his past mistakes.”

“Then what do we need to do?”

“We will fight, we will defend our village, that’s our only choice, order all the soldiers to get ready, I will go and see the situation outside by myself.”

“Yes, sir.”

Elmos stepped out and went to one of the observation towers, he saw that the naval fleet of the enemies had stopped, and took this chance to warn them.

“You crossed the borders of the sound village, please go back to wherever you came from or we will consider you an enemy.”

They were 1 mile a distance and maybe more, but Elmos was sure that his voice reached their ears, that’s because he used his powers to amplify and send his voice for them.

Elmos waited some time for a sign or something, instead, he heard something weird, a whistling sound is getting closer, and what was seen was a cannonball approaching them.

Elmos’s jaws were wide open, the cannonball hit the wall and settled down on the ground, Elmos looked at the cannonball and noticed that it was a round stone with a layer of metal, they were some spots that are made of stones.

Elmos clenched his teeth and his face started to sweat, why? It’s because he knows what that cannonball means, the earth element users are against them too.

“For all the soldiers of the village, we’re under attack, prepare for battle and defend the wall!”

Declared Elmos to all of the soldiers in the village, he used his power to send this message.

“Yes, sir.” The soldiers (near Him) said in unison.

Bellcith reached to Elmos’s side and asked with a worried tone.

“What’s our plan, sir.”

“We can make a counterattack and defend the wall and the village at the same time by shooting back the cannonballs before they hit anything.”


Nodded Bellcith, he redirected his face to the soldiers near him and said with a firm voice.

“Split into two groups, one at the top of the wall to block any cannonballs from passing the wall to the village and the other group will go to the other side of the wall to block the cannonballs from damaging the wall.”

“Yes, sir.”

Declared the soldiers in unison again, Elmos started to think that the army of the sound village is actually a choir, but they’re excited and that’s a good thing.

A rain of cannonballs started to fall at them, Elmo’s plan was good enough to prevent any kind of damages, they were using a technique base on concentration, by charging the sound waves in one point and use it as a pushing force.

The soldiers can easily send the cannonballs back before they even touch anything.

This technique is helpful and easy to achieve, but it’s hard to be applied on the battlefield, mostly because of the hard requirements of perfect timing and accurate control of the charged sounds.

“Sir, they won’t continue like tha…”


And even before Bellcith finishing his line, a sound of pain came out of a soldier who failed once, his shin was broken and he was rolling on the ground.

“Bellcith, order the soldiers protecting the wall now to retreat, and send other groups to switch with them.”

Elmos started to sink in the sea of his thoughts again.

“We can’t stay like that for too long and we can’t go and attack them by ships, it’s right that we were targeting their ships when we sent their cannonballs back to them but it’s very easy to them to redirect the cannonballs away from their ships. Our weapons are out of range, we don’t have any way to attack, and our defense is getting weaker.”

“Sir, the enemies are sending boats to our direction.”

Said a soldier to both Bellcith and Elmos, Elmos remembered the enemy’s main intention is to destroy them completely, this can’t be done by shooting cannonballs.

“Tell all the soldiers to prepare for the battle, use the metal arrows to attack their boats if they reached our fire range, don’t let them arrive the land.”

“Yes, sir.”

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