A journey for revenge....probably?

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A message of survival

There are water element users in the line of the enemies, they will try to quicken the ships towards the land, and on top of that, their defense will be strong in the middle of the sea, it will be impossible to eliminate all their boats before reaching us.

“Bellcith, collect the best soldiers we have and put them between the wall and the shore, they will be our defense line against the enemies, make some soldiers handle the arrows launchers and make them use it to distract the enemy’s soldiers and to reduce losses in our army.”

The arrows launcher, to describe this weapon easily, we just can say that it’s an iron tube attached with a wheel to rotate it left and right and this wheel itself also attached with another wheel to move it up and down which can give some freedom to aim In any place.

The arrows, which is the ammo of this weapon, made of iron too, the height of the arrow is half a meter, at the end of the arrow, there is a round metal Piece, the same size as the tube, and to prevent the arrow from falling from the other side.

There is a small bump 5 cm before the end of the tube, by using the sound element, they can make a small explosion inside of the tube by using the same technique they used to defend the wall from the cannonballs to shoot out the arrows.

This ammo will be fast because of the small explosion of sound waves inside the tube and sometimes it can reach an incredible speed depending on the power of the explosion of course.

Elmos was watching the boats getting closer and closer, the village’s soldiers were taking positions and preparing the arrows launchers to use, after some several seconds, the boats entered the firing range, only for Bellcith to give the command.


The village’s Soldiers were shooting arrows non-stop, they weren’t as fast because of the far distance between the boats and the defense wall, though, some arrows managed to hit some boats directly, some of the enemies died because of the arrows.

Most of the enemies had no choice but to swim to the shore after their boats drowned, this will take a lot of energy and time to reach the shore, especially because of the cold water they’re swimming in.

Some arrows didn’t hit anything, some of it was blocked, but other some pierced through boats, the enemies started to slow down and mainly focus on defense, it will be a good advantage for Elmos and his army if the boats of the enemies got closer.

The closer the boats get, the faster the arrows will be, the faster it will be, the harder it for them to block it, the sound element is believed to be the strongest element in short-range, but the sound element can’t reach a far distance and that’s the weak point of this element.

While the soldiers of the village didn’t stop shooting arrows, Elmos as well didn’t stop thinking.

“The boats were slowing down but didn’t stop, their goal now is to reach the land and attack our village, we have to reduce the number of the enemy’s soldiers before they arrive at the land.”

Then he claimed.

“Our village is small, we don’t have a great number of soldiers, unlike us, the enemy has 3 ships full of well-prepared soldiers, that’s a big army compared to us and on top of that, there are two elements against us and maybe even more.”

The boats started to get close to the shore, they were starting to block all of the sound soldier’s attacks as well, Elmos changed his plan and ordered the soldiers to try and add more force to their shots.

Elmo’s plan will decrease the fire rate but will make their attacks a lot more powerful, the enemy reacted by speeding up their boats, it got harder to hit them, especially with this low fire rate, so Elmos started to think for an alternative plan.

“All the soldiers, don’t charge your shot very much, just focus on hitting the boats as fast as you can without making the speed of the arrows decrease badly.”

“Yes, sir.” Said the soldiers.

The boats were getting closer and closer, some more meters was all it takes to reach the land, the attacks of the village’s soldiers weren’t effective, the incredible speed of the boats and the dodging made it nearly impossible to land a direct hit.

The boats finally arrived at the shore and the enemies started to run towards the wall, the real battle between the sound against water and earth had finally begun.


With no fear, the village’s soldiers unleashed a great battle cry, brave soldiers heading to the flames of war, to protect their land.

Imagining this scene can send shivers to any man’s spine, the sound village was losing a lot of its fine men, though, this proud army will not give up, they are over numbered, but at this rate, they can win.


A soldier who came from one of the observation towers came shouting to Elmos.

“What is it, soldier.”

“We saw two more ships heading towards us.”


Hellish news came in a wrong time, only to break the hope that they got, Elmos was dumbfounded, his eyes were widened and his face started to fill with cold sweat.

“Then use the arrows launchers against them.”

“But sir, we are out of ammo.”

And just like the previous news wasn’t enough, another shock came to break Elmos, he was looking at the ground with the same wide eyes, trying to find any words to say, the number of the enemies increased, while the village’s soldiers were decreasing.


The soldier was looking at Elmos with a tensed face, he was waiting to be ordered what to do.

“Go to the village and declare for all of the villagers with my name that everyone who can fight and willing to protect his village and family to do so and go to the battlefield as fast as he can.”

“Yes, sir”

The soldier left to do what he was told, Elmos didn’t have any other choice but to involve the residents of his village, he was only hoping for the villagers to have faith in him, a faith big enough to give them the bravery they need.

Elmos started to think about doing something he didn’t wish to do, he sent a message using his ability.

“The number of enemies is huge, go with Gabrel to the main village using the secret tunnel.”

Elmos was completely sure that she received this message, he wasn’t sure if it will be ok for them to go alone to the main village, there was a huge aggressive blizzard that was in their way and it will be hard for them to reach the main village safely.

In the end, Elmos decided to call for help, he started to send a message to his dearest friend Pohg as well.

“Hey, Pohg……can you hear me?”

“Elmos? Why are you calling at this time?”

“A lot of enemies are heading to our direction and they intend to destroy the village, I sent my wife and son to your village, so please help them, go to the direction of our village and you will meet them soon.”

“Can’t I help you in the battle Elmos? It’s right that I can’t send you soldiers of mine, but I can help you al…”

“No Pohg, it’s right that you’re very strong, but even you will not prevent them from destroying the village, just focus on helping my family, please.”

“Okay, I swear that I will protect them from everything even if that cost my life.”

“Thanks, Pohg, I feel relieved now.”

The technique that Elmos was one of the sound element most common technique, it’s right that the sound element is short-ranged, but that’s only right if we’re talking about attacks.

What you have to do to apply this technique is to extend the soundwaves and focus it at a particular Direction, this will make it reach far distance.

There are negatives about this technique, if you made the sound waves of your voice go in a wrong direction, the one who meant to receive your message will not receive it at all, and the other negative is that not everyone can reach far distance, luckily, Elmos can make it reach 5 miles away.

Pohg received the message, Hala received the message, the only thing that has to be done now is for them to do what was told.

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