A journey for revenge....probably?

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A death of A dear

“What? Why did you stop?”

“Nothing, just forget what I was saying.”

Elmos got rid of the topic, he then looked to his right side and said.

“Hey, Bellcith.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go behind Gabrel and try to help him until he meets Pohg.”


“Are you sure about that? Bellcith is a very strong fighter too.”

This question came from Hala reminded Elmos of his anger seconds ago, you can conclude with a glance that he was enduring, after all, arguing of two married couples in the middle of a bloody battle wasn’t a wise idea.

Let’s check the situation now, there are two new ships which appeared a while ago, it will take time for them to send their soldiers.

The whole village is now focusing on attacking the enemies who’re already at the land while observing the other two ships which will send more soldiers to them soon.

If the soldiers of the village are lucky enough, they will finish their business in hand with the enemies in front of them, until the arrival of the other party, the biggest problem though, is that the current battle will reduce the forces of the village.

A lot of men will die or be injured and the remaining men will be already exhausted, the village will lose a lot while the enemies in the two new ships waiting to onslaught them.

This was apparently the plan of the enemies, they’re just using their biggest advantages, the huge number of the soldiers and the use of two different elements.

“Let’s go, Hala, we have to participate in the battle as well.”

“Of course, that’s why I’m here in the first place, to participate in the fight and help us win.”

“Oh really? I just thought that you came here to make me angry, you know? Since I told you to go to the tunnel and you just ignored me.” Said Elmos with a sarcastic tone.

“……you know this isn’t the right time to start an argument, you always start it with this tone.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, you don’t need to tell me that.”

We really don’t need to start a civil war in the village again.”

“I told you that you don’t need to tell me.”

“When was the last time we fought?”

“Hmm, I think it was two weeks ago.”

“Oh, now I can remember, we were fighting about what’s more beneficial, carrots or potatoes.”

“Yeah, I still feel bad about the shop owner, I recall that the owner of the vegetable shop on the next day turned his shop to a beautiful site for observing and studying samples of the modern abstract arts.”

“I still feel bad about him.”

“Speaking of which, I can see the shop owner fighting there, he’s mumbling something.”

Elmos amplified the voice of the shop owner and sent it to him and Hala to hear it, and what they heard was.


“……T-this is a two weeks old rage I presume.” said Hala with a troubled face.

“I- I think we have to participate in the fight, right now.” said Elmos, Hala replied with a nod.

Elmos and Hala jumped from the top of the 10 meters high wall, they used their powers to reduce the speed of their fall, and they started to run heading to the battle with incredible speed by using sounds to push them forward.

The two beasts of the sound village finally arrived at the battleground, the most powerful two on this whole land and maybe even the whole continent.

They jumped to the height of birds and landed on the ground with a powerful boom, all of the enemies around them where like tree leaves on a windy day.

The two beasts didn’t have any kind of mercy towards the enemies, they were knocking every single one of them with one fist, their sound waves charged fists were sending the toughest of men flying like a piece of paper.

The two of them were attacking enemies while protecting their backs in harmony, and all of that without even using their instrument.

The soldiers, the villagers, even the enemies, they were looking at the two of them while fighting with wide eyes, they completely forgot the fight and couldn’t help but watching them dumbfounded like it was a playful show.

After several seconds, the enemies were back to their senses and started to run towards Elmos and Hala, they realized that these two have to be eliminated as fast as they can if they want to win this battle.

The enemy was throwing rocks and water with the speed of bullets while keeping a distance to not be knocked down by them, all of this wasn’t enough to prevent them from knocking more and more enemies, they’re the biggest obstacles for all enemies.

After a full hour of battling, about 3/4 of the enemy soldiers in the battlefield either died or fainted, however, almost all of the soldiers of the village died or had fatal injuries, and over the quarter of the villagers had this very same problem.

There are still two more ships lurking on them, waiting for the right time to land the last blow and destroy the whole village without leaving a trace for any survivors.

After several more minutes, Elmos and Hala finally managed to get rid of all the enemies from the three first ships, they were fighting for almost seventy minutes, they were panting and breathing roughly.

Fighting non-stop with a form close to perfection was stress on them, they used a lot of different techniques and moves accurately and with a godlike speed and control, unfortunately, the second round came very fast.

“Sir, the enemy’s boats are getting very close to us!”

Came the voice from one of the lucky soldiers who managed to live for some extra minutes, he was grabbing his left arm and his head was full of blood.

“Hala pant-pant, this is your last chance pant, listen to me for once in your life and get out of the village.”

“My answer is no pant-pant, I didn’t agree at most of your orders to me pant-pant, even after marriage, do you think that I will change this fact now?”

“Hala pant, this is not a joke, can you please do what I said and get the hell out of here?”

“I know it’s not a joke, that’s why I won’t run away pant, imagine how much panic the villagers will receive if they saw one of their strongest fighters running to safe his skin and leaving everyone behind pant-pant, they will lose all hope.”

Well, that’s a good point, despite being the only woman on the battlefield, Hala is the second strongest user of this element after Elmos, seeing someone as talented as her running away to save his life is not a good encouragement.

“Alright that’s it, I give up.”

The stubbornness that was shown by his wife made him surrender and wait in silence, either because he’s tired of trying to convince her or because what she said was convincing.

After this small talk between the husband and his wife, the enemy’s boats had touched the land and they started to run towards the village.

This time Elmos and Hala were very tired, anyone who will see them will say they’re on the verge of collapsing, the enemies arrived with powerful fast attacks.

The inexperienced villagers were struggling to keep a good fight, they were trying their best to defend their land and families, even if they know that it’s impossible to achieve victory, there was something wrong.

“Hala, did you notice?”

“Yes I did, those soldiers are different, they’re both stronger and faster.”

Yup, after all, their plan was to exhaust them first and leave them with no energy to fight, they left the strongest to the end to destroy them completely.

Elmos and Hala were struggling as well as the villagers, all the sound’s soldiers are now dead and only the villagers are who stayed alive, not for long they will live though.

Most of the enemy soldiers were focusing their attacks on Elmos and Hala, it was obvious that they were the strongest among all, but what was more obvious the expressions of exhaustion on their faces.

It was the right opportunity to get rid of the two who cost them a lot, the two who are preventing them from achieving their goal of destroying the village.

Some soldiers from the enemy’s forces were standing side by side, they were all earth element users, apparently, they were trying to make an ultimate element attack.

Ultimate element is a powerful attack that requires more than one user of the same element to make a particular technique.

That what was happening, all of them were raising their hands and collecting a massive rock, and after they finished making this enormous rock, they waited for the right time and then they threw it in Hala’s direction.

“HALA, WATCH OUT.” said Elmos with a scarred face to warn her.

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