A journey for revenge....probably?

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A beast getting berserk

Hala tried to defend herself by making a shield out of soundwaves, it’s a defense technique that depends on focusing sounds in one area, and this massive rock was as big as a house and was powerful enough to breakthrough.

Hala raised her two arms as a protection, but of course, it wasn’t enough, the rock hit her in its way, and landed on the ground… above her.

Elmos’s eyes were wide open, there was a soldier who got near him to attack since he was staring afar, though, Elmos sent him flying and ran to the place of the big rock, he used his abilities to make himself a lot faster.

He reached the rock and saw it clearly, something that made him completely speechless, his eyes were wide open just like his mouth, Hala’s lower half crushed under this rock, the white snow around her turned to crimson red, her arms were full of violet.

Elmos didn’t speak a word he thought it was over, but Hala’s eyelids were twitching which made Elmos get back to his senses, he got closer and kneeled.

“Hala, d-don’t worry, I will get you out of her an-.”

“No dear, it’s…already too late, cough-cough, almost…all of my bones are broken, j-just focus on the battle.” Said Hala while coughing blood.

“Nononononono please Hala, stay with me, you will live I promise you!”

“I’m sorry……dear.”

Elmos’s eyes were full of tears, he can’t comprehend what he sees with his eyes, after a couple of seconds, Hala closed her eyes and died calmly, his beloved wife died in front of him.

“H-Hala, talk to me please whining, Hala noooooo whining."

Elmos couldn’t maintain himself, he doesn’t care for the battle anymore, though, there was one of the enemy’s soldiers who idiotically thought that this was his best chance to knock him as well.

He was gathering a stone as big as an adult to throw it on him from tens of meters range, he threw it towards Elmos, however, Elmos sensed the stone that was accelerating towards his face, his head was still facing the ground.

Elmos raised his right fist to the stone, the soldier who targeted him was shocked, the bullet-fast stone stopped in the middle of the air and was vibrating very fast that it even made vibrating sounds visible for everyone on the battlefield.

After just two seconds the stone that was big as Elmos turned to dust, only to reveal Elmos’s eyes flamed with anger and hatred, it sent shivers to the enemy who attacked him, the full-grown tough soldier was going to pee himself.

Elmos dashed to him very fast that the soldier couldn’t even see him, he just felt something piercing his armor and looked down, only to see Elmos’s fist diving to his stomach.

The soldier coughed blood on Elmos’s head since he was so near to him, he sent the soldier flying back to the sea near the shore which caused the water to create a tall pole that informed all enemies of how dangerous this man is.

Elmos dashed to the rest of the enemies and started to send them flying with powerful blows, he forgot his exhaustion and started to send blasts to them all.

There was a group of soldiers from afar trying to use the same ultimate technique again to finish him off, but this time it was the water element, they gathered a big ball of water and threw it toward Elmos while he was busy fighting the other soldiers.

The water ball hit Elmos and swallowed him inside, Elmos couldn’t breathe or move inside of it, there was great pressure upon his body, it felt like he was in the depths of the dark Ocean, but killing Elmos like that? Not even in their dreams.

Elmos finally summoned his instrument, it was a giant drum with four arms, two arms were forming a straight line vertically and the other two were forming an inverted V, all of their ends were all gathered in the middle.

One of the Drum’s arm moved a little and hit the center, at an instant, the water ball blew and freed Elmos, he then landed on the ground and put his instrument in front of the enemies.

The drum was above his head and it’s upper arm started to hit it’s middle continuously and slowly which formed a shield of soundwaves around Elmos, meanwhile, the two arms on its sides alongside the lower arm started to send blasts to the whole army.

It was like a rain of grenades upon them, on top of that, the soundwaves shield that was blocking all their attacks, but using an instrument that powerful drained Elmos’s energy, his drum vanished as well as the shield that was protecting him.

all the attacks that were targeting him were all direct hits, Elmos was trying to protect his face with his arms but a powerful attack sent him flying back and caused him to hit the ground three times before settling down on a particular spot.

Elmos landed near the gigantic rock that hit his wife, Elmos’s arms were still in front of his face as if to protect him, but he felt that the attacks finished so his arms fell on his sides.

The attacks against him hit almost every inch of him, his arms were full of red and blue, his whole body was full of injuries, he couldn’t endure all of that pain and hits which caused it to give up against his will, and at the end, he lost consciousness.

After an unknown period, Elmos woke and opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the blue sky of the morning, he started to look around and observe his surroundings.

Elmos saw a lot of bodies on the ground, he then looked back, he saw the ruined defense wall that was once great and saw the massive rock that hit his wife, as for the village, there wasn’t any building that was kept undestroyed.

It was going to be normal for him to cry, though, he smiled instead because he remembered his father’s words when he was a kid “If the only thing that you can do is to cry, then smile instead, even if you don’t have a reason, even if everything wasn’t ok, just smile, and you will find the reason.”

As such he did, he wanted to cry from all of his heart, it was obvious that this smile was fake, though, it turned into a smile from the heart, why is that? It was because of only one fact, Gabrel, his son managed to run away he’s still alive!

Elmos started to crawl heading to Hala, he wanted to see her face at least once before he dies, he still aware of the fact that she’s dead, but he wanted to rest in peace with her.

He was struggling on the snow trying to reach her, he arrived and looked at her face, only to see her smiling, her cheeks were full of signs of dry tears, he then lied on his back to her side, he grabbed her fallen hand, closed his eyes, and received death with a smile.

Gabrel’s perspective.

"I can feel……warmer, where am I."

Gabrel was wondering this odd sensation, it was weird to feel this warm after this massive blizzard, he then recalled that he fell unconscious and that the last thing he saw was a shadow of a man walking toward him before fainting.

“Did he save me?” Asked Gabrel himself.

Gabrel went up of a soft warm bed he was lying at and started to examine the place he was in, it was a wooden room with a small wardrobe at the side of the bed, the only source of light inside of this room was an oil lamb place at the top of the wardrobe.

Gabrel started to restore his memories of what happened, especially what his mother said.

“Go to the continent’s main village.”

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