A journey for revenge....probably?

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A plan for A mission

Gabrel then sensed a move, Eva was moving to the other side of the bed, though, he thought that she heard him and ran as fast as he can downstairs.

“Rel, where is Eva? Did she refused to wake?”

“Ammm…actually when I saw her I thought it was too early to wake her, right?” said Gabrel with a troubled tone.

“Rel, she needs to wake up now.”

“Then you can tell Tre to wake her.”

“He’s still checking his equipment for the mission.”

“The….then what about you waking her by yourself, you don’t need to move a muscle, I will amplify your sound and send it to her.”

Pohg then nodded with a wondered face, Gabrel’s actions were weird and unreasonable for him, “Why didn’t he just wake her.” that what Pohg was thinking.

“As you wish then.” said Pohg with a sigh.

“Ok, you’re ready, say anything and your voice will reach.”

Pohg then took a deep breath and inhaled.


Pohg’s call was followed by the sound of Eva screaming and falling out of the bed, Gabrel was giggling, “That’s what you deserve.” Was what Gabrel thought about, maybe she was annoying to him in times?

After several seconds, Pohg and Rel saw Eva getting downstairs with messy hair while yawning.

“Good morning Eva.” said Gabrel with a smile.

“You did that on purpose, right?” replied Eva with slanting eyebrows.

“I swear I didn’t.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Good morning, Eva.”

“Oh father, good morning.”

“E-Eva, is there any “good morning” to me?”

“Nope.” said Eva as she closed her eyes, Gabrel then replied with a sigh of disappointment.

Eva didn’t know that her father helped in the crime, his voice was loud because he thought it will be easier to reach Eva that way.

“Ok then, it’s time to make breakfast, you hungry guys?” Said Pohg.

Did you think that Eva was the one who said? I don’t blame you, she’s already 16 not a kid, but Eva wasn’t ever a good cook, and she can literally burn anything, even soap.

“What will you make for breakfast, Pohg?” said Gabrel with full eyes, Pohg’s food is always tasty.

Eva looked at Gabrel with weird eyes, it’s a normal reaction towards someone who came to your house very goddamn early, wake you in a bad way, and now asking for breakfast, thank god Gabrel is still on the ground with us.

“Its rice, miso soup, and grilled fish.” said Pohg while rolling up his sleeves.

“Ohh, classic.”

Pohg wasn’t thinking of throwing Gabrel from the window like Eva and Trenos, he actually sees him as a second son after Tre, Pohg sees people younger than him as sons and daughters no matter what, even if it’s one year difference between ages.

Sounds of footsteps on the wooden stairs were heard, Trenos finally ready to go out of the mission after breakfast, Pohg was in the kitchen to prepare it, meanwhile, Eva went to her room to get ready as well.

Eva and Trenos dressed like some sort of ninjas, though, they didn’t have shuriken or kunai, their faces were exposed, and Eva was wearing something like a dress with black tight pants that don’t surpass the knee to make it easier to move.

Trenos was wearing a shirt with wide sleeves and an open triangle from the neck on the shirt, with two lines of cloth from the back to the front through his shoulders forming an X, also a long wide pants to his feet, the wide sleeves and pants to move with more freedom.

The two of them were wearing blue, Gabrel was wearing the same as Trenos but in white, Eva and Trrenos had 4 big wooden bottles on their backs, two for each and with a small pack for each between them, Gabrel had a pack as well, but the bottles made him wonder.

“Hey, what’s inside those bottles, are they the equipment you were talking about?”

“It contains water, Rel, and yeah it was the equipment we were talking about.” said Eva as if it was a matter of fact.

“But why are you holding all this quantity? This will make your movement slower, right?” pointed Gabrel.

“That’s a good point but we don’t have any other choices, water users can’t make water, they control it, and not like rocks and air, we can’t find water everywhere, we will be vulnerable.”

Think about it, every element has good points and bad points.

Air can be produced by its users, the temperature can be changed and it has a very long range.

Fire can be produced by users, the temperature can be significantly changed but the range is low.

Earth can’t be produced, but it’s under your feet, though, it needs some muscles to use, it’s easy to dodge its common attacks, and the temperature can’t be changed, but has a powerful defense and a moderate range.

Water can’t be produced and not everywhere, but flexible and all its forms are controllable, the temperature can be changed and the range is above moderate.

And sounds, can be produced or found everywhere, has different applications in communication, stealth, attack, and defense, very powerful in short-range, though, weak in long-range and needs a ton of energy to be controlled or produced.

Back to the topic, Gabrel moved his gaze to pohg and asked.

“Soooo, do we have a plan.”

“Of course there is.” said Pohg who was the leader because:

One: he’s the chief of the village.

Two: he’s their guardian.

Three: he’s the guy with the map.

Pohg put the map on the table, he left the food on the fire as to explain the plan while it gets cooked.

“I have to note this mission as dangerous, so try to be careful. First, you will go the green land of the water continent, the land that doesn’t have any snow, you will go there by yourself in a straight line to the north until you find a carriage waiting for you there. The port village in the far north is your departure place, you will take a trade ship that will head to the southern port of the earth continent as traders.”

Then he pointed his finger and continued.

“This is the location of the enemy headquarter, placed in the southeast between the port and the main villages of the earth, it has a big wall around it and guards on the front gate, the guards will be doubled at night so be sure to process in the daytime.”

He then moved his gaze to Gabrel.

“You can control sounds, be sure to insulate any sounds they make. This place contains information about the past and plans of the future, use this contacting tool to inform me with your report from there, if anything goes wrong, abort the mission immediately. ”

Then he put a small wooden box with weird circular signs written on it, it was a contacting tool.

“How did you know the place of this headquarter that was supposed to be top secret.” asked Trenos.

“The day when I went to the sound village to look for survivals, I found one, a soldier from the enemy’s forces, he was dying though, I told him I will help, but he just told me this information instead.”

Gabrel’s face was pale when Pohg opened this subject after he buried his parents with Pohg, he couldn’t handle it anymore and went back alone to the main village.

“Why did he care more to give you this information, he’s an enemy.” said Gabrel with the same pale face.

“Because he was a victim.”

“What do you mean a victim?” said Eva.

“He said someone started to threat the families of the other elements who were living there, he made them participate unwillingly to the army”

It was a shock to all, especially for Gabrel, everyone died on that day were innocent, in the end, the one who was responsible for that didn’t lose even one of his men, didn’t lose anything.

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