The curse of the seven pearls

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My name is Lana I'm 10 years old I was playing with mini my black lovely cat in our backyard when I heard a sweet voice calling me : Lana honey grandma is here without thinking I ran into her arms < grandma I have missed you you took so much time to come back > she kissed me then she said <sorry my perl your grandpa was a little bit sick , and it's Friday night > I screamed < yes what's the story of today it has to so good as punishment for being late> she looked at me for a while then she said < yes of course the story of today is so different it's about a beautiful friendship , let's go in side and prepare some cookies first, put on your pyjama and let's call my lazy son and your mom > My granny has a beautiful smile and gorgeous body even that she is old, she is 65 years old but she looks younger than my mom. I prepared my self, I feed mini and joined my family in my granny's room, well today I'm sleeping with her my grandpa is not always here so yeeeeeey. My mother brings the cookies and tee. I said with glowing eyes < granny please start I can't wait any more> , she closed her eyes , smiled and took a long breath then she begins < well well well everyone is here , the story of today is called the curse of the seven pearls like I said before it's about an an usual relationship between Sam and beautiful woman and Sasha a gorgeous blue eyes black panther >

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Chapter 1 :  the beginning

It was June 29 Sam's 20th birthday, her parents were planning to take her in the zoo then having dinner in the beach as Sam wishes, in 15h the beautiful family took the car and drove to the zoo, Sam was extremely excited and happy because she was planning to steel a little lion or even a cat, her parents was allergic to animals specially cats so she couldn't have a pet, after an hour of driving they finally got there, Sam screamed < yeah cool look at that it's just like paradise, this lion is so cool I wish I could have one, mom let's take it home I promise to take care of it > my mom looked at me and said < honey don't be fool we can't have a lion as pet, what if he eats us >and she smiled , to be honest I never paid attention how my mother's smile was beautiful I was happy but there was a sad feeling growing in me, I hug them and I said < let take a picture with this black panthers he is doing cut isn't it > my father yelled < yes it is but your better my love > .

I never thought that this day will be my last day with them, we took the car and drove to the beach, we took a short road across the forest, I was looking through the window then I saw something or maybe someone moving in there it was 18am but I couldn't recognize it and I ignored it .

We finally arrived at the beach, my father told me to close my eyes and to trust him he gave me a beautiful black pearl nickles but when I opened my eyes it was gone and I feeled a strange energy in me then my mom said < it's your time now to protect the perl > that was her last words before they die, the strange thing in the forest was a tall man with a very dark energy he killed them in front of me and he was coming to me < give the perl and I will let you live > I didn't understand any thing I couldn't say a word my body didn't want to move his sword was on my neck that was all what I remembered when I woke up in a strange temple in middle of the forest. I slowly opened my eyes wishing that all of that was just a bad dream, I looked around me there was no one I tried to get up but I couldn't my leg was broken , I feeled pain every where in my body, the tears were falling down my face then this old man entered and said < you're finally awoke, you're lucky I found just in time and I took care of you > I was scared < who are, where l'm I where is my parents and who are you >

He gently said :< don't worry my child you're safe now and I'm sorry for your parents, my name is Simon I'm the guardian of this forest> I just cried and cried I couldn't say a word.

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