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The curse of the seven pearls

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Chapter II : it's time to leave

It has been a month since I lost everything, my leg is completely healed but my heart still broken Simon was taking care of me for all this time without asking me anything he is so gentle . Sometimes I feel like I want to tell him about this stupid black pearl I have but also I was wondering if I really can trust him, it's true that he saved my life and if he really wants to hurt me he would have done it already but he's just helping me with out anything in return. Well that's when I asked my self about it < does he know about the pearl? Should I suspect him? Can I really trust him? Who was that man who murder my parents? Does he know him or maybe they work together but one thing is sure I have to be careful so I can get my revenge > . Well before I get revenge I should take a nice shower I smell horrible then I get up but we're is this old man and I went to look for him, I searched in every single place in the temple but nothing so I decided to go out, once in front of the door I heard something < wait what's this voice ? Is there someone else in this place? As I get closer to that door my heart was biting so fast I was scared my hands were shaking I recognized that voice is he here to kill me ? Sedenly the door opens and someone came in oooffff he was simon he looked at me and said <hide in side quickly > I said < but why> he screamed < just go now I have no time to explain > I hided in the fridge yeah cool right but I couldn't think of anything else I was a little bit lucky that Fridge was empty but why did he even bought it if doesn't use it? This man is so strange. Few minutes later the criminal is gone, offfff finally but why was he here I had to get some answers now then I get out from the fridge and gonna strike to Simon < what's happening what was he doing here? Please tell me I really need to get some answers > he told me to calm down first but I was so nervous to do that I was completely terrified, < calm down my child I'm not gonna hurt you, this man was looking for you so I told him there is no stranger here > I yelled < how did know that he was looking for me I didn't told you anything about me > he said < it was not difficult he showed me a picture of you> I screamed < what!! ! That jerk how did he get my photo, what would I do now> I couldn't stop my tears then he hugged me as I was crying < I'm so sorry my child but you have to go I'm sure he will be back soon after all he a servitor of the lord Marcos and I'm so weak and old to protect you > I said < how did you knew that? > he replied < I'm the guardian of this temple I know every single guardian of 10th kingdoms, take this book and leave, I'm sorry but l'm doing the best I can to protect this temple > I said < why, it's just an old temple> he responds < it's the biggest and oldest library in the world and the book I gave is it's treasure so protect it > I said < OK but can I take a shower first > he laughed < yes of course, I have forgotten to tell you I know who you are that's why I helped you I wrote a letter where I explained everything so leave please before he kills you > .

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