Psycho Werewolf Sister's Michelle's POV Book Two

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This is book two in the Psycho Werewolf Sister's Saga (This is not a stand alone book) Please read Psycho Werewolf Sister's Michelle's POV Book one first. These two sister's have really had a lot to deal with from finding out who they really are to dealing with ones dad. With more challenges up ahead will these girls continue to be the Psycho Sister's they always were or will they loose all sense of reality. Just when you think things have calmed down more drama shows up, as the past starts to show itself can these sisters and their mates help each other over their next lot of hurdles or will it finally be too much, only time will tell.

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter One

Nothing happens or so I thought.

Elaina sits back on her legs leaning away from Jen and relinquishes control back to me.

Once I am back in control seeing Jen laid there in front of the pack house on the dirty ground and all I can do is sit there holding her hand and shutting my eyes crying.

I must have been sat there for around two hours until all of a sudden Jen’s body starts shaking erratically to the point that I needed to move away before I got hurt.

When Jen’s eyes open I feel relief flood through me that she is still alive. Jen sits up and looks around once the shaking has subsided.

Damon, Nik, Nate and Ethan are sat down on the grass about 10 foot away from Jen and I. Mum is sat right next to me.

“Jen thank the goddess that you’re alive.”

Mum says also relieved, I fling myself at Jen hugging her but then she starts getting really hot and I need to move away and the next thing I know it is not Jen sitting there it is her Demon Misty with blue flames dancing around her, then suddenly she changes again and she turns into what looks to be her vampire side she has long curly hair wearing a beautiful silk black and red dress when I look at her mouth her tongue slides across, I notice she has fangs protruding from her teeth.

Next minute she is changing again I know this because she starts twisting on the floor with her eyes clenched shut, when she opens her eyes she is wearing a tight blue bask with black pants with a blue mist all around her, that is so cool.

Then I hear bones breaking then suddenly Jen shouts out loud.

“Ahh fuck!”

Suddenly she turns into a cute little light blue and dark blue wolf puppy, she is soooooo cute awe.

She makes a cute little sound and I just can’t help but pick her up and cuddle her, Jen looks up at me giving me a big growl but I can tell she gets pissed off when I laugh at her.

“Aww, my sister is the cutest pup ever.”

When I finish speaking I look to the side to see that Damon is giving me evils whilst looking pissed off when I look back at Jen I put Jen down, she looks over towards Damon and she starts making a weird but funny noise but within a minute she is proper laughing because she has turned back to her normal self also still clothed.

Nice least she isn’t naked in front of everyone.

“Hahaha, I get to keep my clothes.”

I jump at Jen but then get smothered by everyone else hugging her, this has turned into a right big bear hug. Once everyone pulls back Jen socks me in the arm.

“What the hell Jen.”

“I am not a cute little teddy.”

“But you are, Oh my god your wolf pup is ssssooooooo cute next time I’m so taking a picture.”

Jen sits back and sulks before giving me the evil eye.

“Carry on. I dare you!”

I keep my mouth shut which makes Jen smile which makes me smile as well.

“Okay come on Jen you need to see the doctor then you need to rest.”

“Yep, you too Michelle.”

Jen and I look over to Damon and Nik when they finish speaking.

“What! No I am fine.”

“Not for long that is most likely the adrenaline, now come on my rose.”

Jen pouts and tries giving Damon the puppy eyes but he turns away from her then all of a sudden she changes into her cute little wolf pup then runs and hides behind my legs.

I mentally awe at how small and cute she is, Jen peeks around my legs, so I look back up and see a shocked and surprised face on Damon, with him trying to look around trying to find Jen.

Then I think of a good way to get back at Jen.

“Damon over here.”

Damon looks my way as I point down to Jen, his eyes follow my pointing and you can see the pissed off look he has on his face. Next thing I know Jen bolts off into the woods hiding in the bottom of a tree.

I see Damon turn into his silver wolf and start running in the region of where Jen went, he runs straight past the tree and I snigger haha.

But then he turns back and drags Jen from under the tree, next thing I know she is this massive wolf about ten times bigger than the little pup she was, she starts growling but when she turns around and sees that it is Damon she stops growling and gives him evil eyes before she turns on her legs and walks over to me sitting down and laying her head in my lap.

On instinct, I start brushing through her fur on her head. I see Damon come over and nudge her and all Jen does is move her head closer to me and huffs which makes me start yawning so I lay down with her.

I close my eyes and start drifting to sleep, before going into a deep slumber I feel Jen being moved I peak an eye open and see Damon in only shorts picking her up and taking her into the pack-house.

Then the next thing I know, I am being picked up, I look up at the persons face to see Nik holding me, I smile and yawn again.

“Go to sleep My Little Wolf.”

All I can do is nod and snuggle closer to his chest as he carries me to our room.

The next time I wake up, and when I look out the window the sun is just about making its way up in the sky. When I sit up I notice I was right with where Nik was taking me but Nik is nowhere in sight.

I get out of bed and make my way out of the room towards the kitchen. I haven’t eaten properly for quite a few days. When I make it in the kitchen there is no one here. That’s good because I hate cooking when other people are around.

I start by getting bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, and other bits to make a full English breakfast out of the pantry and putting them all on the kitchen counter I switch the oven and hob on then get the pans out, starting on my food.

About half an hour later I am nearly done with cooking when I feel someone come into the kitchen, this feeling is not a good feeling.

When I turn around with a knife in my hand ready, I notice that it was in fact Little Miss Barbie Bitch Broomhead.

I just see red and go after her. She starts screaming and running around the island. I am going to kill the bitch. We are both at opposite ends of the counter and she starts smirking thinking she has got away, ha not on my watch.

I jump onto the counter which surprises her and flying for her I land on her stomach effectively knocking the wind out of her, her head also hits the floor with a thud. Instead of using the knife I use my fists and pound them down on her face screaming profanities at her.

Suddenly I get pulled off of her, I swing around and punch whoever stopped me from killing her. I notice it is Nate and then I notice all the blood coming out of his nose. I burst out laughing at him.

“Nate, you should have remembered not to do shit like that when either asleep or fighting.”

“Yeah, I should have.”

He mumbles but then he says.

“Why the fuck are you battering her though?”

“Because this bitch sold my whereabouts to my bastard of a sperm donor.”

We both look round and notice loads of blood on the floor but no Barbie Bitch. Where the fuck did she get to, that bitch. I turn back to Nate and go.

“Now look what you have done. You let her get away.”

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