To Walk The Paths Of Death

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Chapter Ten - A Journey Begins

“Maida,” Cedric spoke, placing the palm of his hand upon her shoulder, giving an apologetic sigh.

“What is it?” she responded, a worried look upon her. Her eyebrows were slightly raised, focusing herself on Cedric. He took a step forward, “If he was any closer he’d be in me” Maida thought, regretting that thought right after.

“Maida, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for forcing you to come into this hellish place. I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve brought to you.” he said, a tear flowing down the side of his cheek. Maida did not say a word, she quickly wrapped her arms around him and spoke into his ear: “It’s not your fault brother, you did not know what was to come in the future.”

“No, but Mother warned us. Roderick too,” he whined.

Maida pulled away from Cedric, placing her hands on his shoulders, staring at his face that was looking down to the stone floor, expressing the sadness he had felt. “Look at me Cedric,” she spoke, yet he didn’t budge. “Look at me,” she said once more, this time his head lifting up, his eyes looking at hers through the many strands of golden hair that covered his forehead.

“This is not you’re fault. You are a kind caring brother. I know in my heart that you would never purposefully cause harm to me.”

“I know, but the pain you’ve endured . . .”

Maida interrupted, “It’s not you’re fault.” she finished.

Cedric looked her in the eyes and gave her another hug. Several seconds later, he released and walked away.

“He worries too much,” Driedor spoke behind Maida, giving her a jumping fright. Maida turned her head quickly, her hair giving a flipping movement.

“Driedor!” she yelled, a frightened look upon her face.

“Sorry me lady,” he responded.

“Don’t frighten me like that!” Maida yelled, her angry face looking down towards the short kobold like creature.

“I’m sorry me lady.” the goblin spoke once more.

“Me lady, Orpheus has requested your presence”

“Alright Driedor, lead me.”

Maida entered the room, pushing open the oaken double doors to make quite the entrance.

“Maida, I see that Driedor found you.” Orpheus spoke, “Though it did take him a bit longer to find your whereabouts, then again that is most likely due to his lack of senses.”

“Sorry master, I . .” Driedor began to speak before he was interrupted.

“Get the hell out of here” Orpheus yelled, pointing his long bony finger towards the oaken double doors.

“Yes, master” the creature spoke, slowly walking over to the room’s only exit.

“Now!” Orpheus yelled, the goblin scurried out of the room in a flash, closing the doors behind him.

“Now Maida dear, for your’s and your brother’s safety, I am having Anita escort you to the Gardens of Orphecia,” Orpheus said.

“Are you serious? The mad bitch cut my legs off?” Maida spoke harshly, her voice beginning to yell towards the end.

“Yes, I know. But she will accompany you children, for safety, in case some of the creatures have any ideas to harm.” Orpheus spoke.

“Safety? The last time I was left alone with this woman, she sawed my legs off!” Maida protested.

“Trust me. She needs to go to protect you children, she knows this forest better than the both of you.” Orpheus spoke.

“No, she is not coming!” Maida retaliated.

“Maida,” Orpheus said as Maida walked towards the double doors.

“I’m going to get my brother,” Maida said with an aggressive tone.

“Me lady Maida” Driedor spoke, greeting Maida as she stormed through the doors.

“Oh shut up,” Maida spoke, putting her hand against his face, pushing him backward, him falling to the stone floor in a quick moment.

“Cedric! Cedric!” Maida yelled, her voice echoing throughout the cavern.

“What?” Cedric spoke, looking up from packing his satchel.

“Anita’s what!” Maida yelled. “The bitch is coming with us! You know, for ‘safety’.”

“Wait what?”

“Yeah, that mental lady that cut my legs off, is coming to assist us. For safety!”

“Why?” Cedric questioned.

“Why don’t you ask the almighty god of the shitty fucking underworld!”

“Calm down,” Cedric said, trying to reassure Maida. “I’ll go talk to him.”

Cedric began to walk down the corridors, making his way towards the enchantment room Orpheus was in. “Good day me lord,” Driedor spoke, greeting Cedric.

“Good day to you Driedor, though I’m no lord,” Cedric responded.

“I refer to any being who is higher in rank than I as ‘lady’ or ‘lord’,” Driedor spoke.

“I am no higher in rank than you Driedor, remember this,” Cedric responded, walking away right after.

“Finally, someone who actually appreciates me,” Driedor spoke, a grin taking over his frowned face.

“Orpheus?” Cedric said, pushing open the double doors, making his entrance.


“Is it true?” Cedric questioned, an aggressive look upon him.

“Is what true?”

“Is Anita assisting us in our journey?”

“Why yes, that is true,” Orpheus spoke.

“Why can’t you assist us?”

“I have other matters to attend to, those of which, are much more important.” Orpheus clearly stated.

“More important than my sister and I getting your precious fucking gem!” Cedric yelled.

“Cedric, I want you to listen very closely. The only reason you and your sister are still breathing right now is that you can that gem. That is the only reason you are living, do you understand me? If you question my motives ever again, I will gladly find another soul to fetch this gem. You humans are nothing, but a worthless dog that fetches when it’s told. Now get out.”

Cedric stormed out of the room. “Maida! Looks like the mad bitch you hate so much is coming along with us.” Cedric yelled.

“Anita!” Cedric called.

“What?” Anita spoke with a smiley grin upon her.

“Get your things, we are leaving this hell hole come morning.”

“I am coming?” she questioned. “I thought I was done with you two?”

“Apparently not.”

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