To Walk The Paths Of Death

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Chapter Four - The Chronicles Of Orphecia

Cedric stepped outside of the cobblestone home, glancing at the clouds that passed over the blue sky above; sun gazing upon him whilst he did so. He breathed in the fresh air, taking several deep breaths. He began to walk, stepping on the soft mossy ground, his legs barely strong enough to keep him standing.

A piece of cloth wrapped a block of cheese that was later unraveled when Cedric dug it out from his pocket. He picked up the small dollop of cheese and slowly nibbled at it, taking one bite at a time; appreciating every bite.

Silence. This is what Cedric heard, silence. No chirps from the birds, no whistles from the wind, only the sound of Cedric’s footsteps. He knew he was alone, but he sensed that someone was watching him.

“What is its name?” Cedric thought, recollecting the creature that spoke to him. Thinking only of the pure dark eyes that stared deep into his own. He reminisced the extreme feeling of fear, pushing a tingle down his spine and throughout the rest of his body for that matter.

“How am I supposed to know its name?” he questioned himself, thinking deeply on the topic.

As Cedric walked, the wind grew stronger, sprinkles of rain began to fall. The dirt below him slowly turned into a brownish slush of mud. All of the sudden, in front of Cedric, the creature he had spoken with had appeared. Stepping closer and closer to him. The tall being once again met eye to eye with the boy, forcing him to look into the abysmal black eyes of the creature.

“We meet again.” it said with a calm nature.

“What are you?” Cedric exclaimed, demanding an answer from the beast.

“My name is Orpheus, the father of Orphecia.” it spoke.

“What is Orphecia?” Cedric questioned.

“In the home among the woods, the ‘Book Of Orphecia’ lies. Read it, and all your questions shall be answered.” the creature said before disappearing once more.

“The Book Of Orphecia.” Cedric softly repeated, mesmerized by the creature’s task for him.

Cedric began his journey back to the cobblestone abode he had stayed in prior. The rain and wind had stopped when the creature had left, the blue sky and silence had returned, making it for a rather calm stroll to the home. Cedric made his way to the old cobblestone house and closed the door upon his arrival.

“Where could it be?” he questioned in his mind.

He began to search everywhere for it, searching and searching with no sign of the book. He decided to look in the crevice he had hidden in prior, and there it was: the Book Of Orphecia. Wrapped in a white cloth, he pulled it out from underneath the floorboards. The book made a thud as he set it down on the table. He lit the candle beside him and slowly unfeld the white wrapping. The book’s cover made a thump as it hit the tabletop as Cedric opened the large tome and began reading:

Many Years Ago

Hundreds of years ago, there was a town of the name Bremen. This town was very special, for it held all the creatures and other beings that man considered ‘monstrosities’ and ‘miscreations’.

Orpheus, our leader, spoke with the human race, imploring them to not banish the creatures from the lands forever, to let them stay in Bremen. During this arbitration, the ‘Treaty of Bremen’ was signed, allowing all the creatures under the leadership of Orpheus, to live freely in the township of Bremen.

Few months after this agreement, the humans raided the town of Bremen, killing many creatures. Man banished Orpheus and his following to the ‘Black Forest’, where they resided for many years to come. Orpheus cursed the lands of the Black Forest, swearing that if any human were to step foot in their lands, they would be hunted. Ever since, the creatures called the Black Forest, Orphecia; named after Orpheus.

To this day, year 979, the creatures of the night still reside in Orphecia.

Astonished and bewildered by the ‘Book of Orphecia’, Cedric set the book down and set off to find Maida.

Step by step Cedric began walking through the woods. A distant sound of water was being made, perhaps a spring. Cedric approached the natural aqua spring, taking several sips of the freshwater arising from the ground, relishing every drop.

As Cedric drank the water from the spring, he saw it, the reflection of a woman behind him, the woman that took Maida. Stalling, he kept drinking the water as if he had not seen anything. He slowly moved his hand towards a rock and held it tight in the grip of his hand.

He spun around and slammed the rock into the head of the woman. Only, it wasn’t the woman. It was Maida.

“Oh my god. Maida!” he said, dropping the rock and holding her tight. The gouge in her head poured red blood, spewing out onto the pine-needles below them.

“Maida, are you okay?” he questioned whilst yelling.

Swiftly, Cedric was thrown into the creek created by the spring, and a bright light appeared where Maida laid. The woman he had seen appeared from the light and pointed at him, speaking: “How dare you!” she screamed.

“You dare oppose me” she said, emphasizing ‘me’.

“Wha..what? But? Maida?”

“Your sister is long gone, and now you’re going with her!” she exclaimed.

The moment she said that a creature from the woods confronted the woman.

“Who do you think you are?” the creature said with an extremely deep and manly voice.

The creature was a large beast-like figure. It had the body of a grizzly bear, but the head of a wolf. It stood on its hind legs towering over the woman.

“And you are?” she crossed her arms and laughed.

“Orpheus sent me.” the beast responded.

“Ah, you mean the same Orpheus that cursed our souls and banished us to this land.” she spoke whilst laughing.

“He is different now.” the beast said, trying to reassure the woman.

“That does not change the fact that he turned us into monsters!” she yelled.

“Wait, what did Orpheus do?” Cedric asked.

“Orpheus, is hell on Earth.” the woman spoke.

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