To Walk The Paths Of Death

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Chapter Five - Interlude


“What do you want with me! Help! Cedric, help me!” Maida screamed.

Maida lied on the ground, screaming in a cell molded into the wall of a cavern. The ground and walls were stone, and absorbed the heat from the room, causing Maida to begin to freeze. Harder and harder did she pound on the cell floor, screaming for help.

Across the way, a staircase lied, leading up to another floor of the cave. Large stalactites hung from the tall ceiling, reaching down like icicles. A small underground pond rested in the center of the cave, with a waterfall pouring water into it from the far left side wall.

Footsteps could be heard nearing towards the cell which Maida stayed in, closer and closer did they get.

“At last you’ve awoken.” the woman said.

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