To Walk The Paths Of Death

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Chapter Seven - Maida's Agony

“Where are you taking me?” the girl said, questioning her captor known as Anita.

“A place no human nor creature could ever find you?” the woman replied, adding a bit of anger to her voice.

Anita had a horrific sort of look to her. Her eyes glowed a reddish sort of color. Her hair gray in spots, but brown in others. She wore a sort of skirt that looked like a rag. Red blood painted on her chest to create two lines, humping over her breasts, for she bore no tunic.

The woods were of a dark nature. A breeze just slightly blowing to put goosebumps on Maida’s arms, trying to swathe herself with her tunic. The horse Maida was lying upon slowly galloped over the mossy green trail, the captor leading the horse with an old worn rope. Maida’s body lies atop the rump of the stallion that trekked beside her captor.

The faint sound of a snake’s hiss was made beside the horse. Upon hearing the dreadful hiss, Maida perked her head, leveling her head with her body, which lied stomach down atop the stallion. She was met with the head of a snake, the golden eyes looking deep into Maida’s as if to tell her its eyes were to be the last thing she’d ever see. The stallion jumped in surprise, launching Maida into the air above, and onto the earthy moss. Anita swiftly unsheathed a silver dagger and sliced the head of the snake, killing it instantly.

“Get up!” the woman yelled at Maida, further saying “Get on the horse.“.

“I can’t.” Maida spoke, glancing at the rope tied to her arms and legs. Anita lifted Maida off the ground and carried her, setting her upon the horse’s rump once more, grunting whilst doing so. Anita began walking towards the front of the horse, grabbing hold of the lead. As Anita walked by, Maida slipped her fingers around the silver dagger, grabbing hold, thus unsheathing it, tucking it on her underside to ensure Anita does not notice.

Anita took hold of the lengthy braided thread, pulling the rope to guide the stallion once more. Anita felt beside her, blindly searching for her dagger that was once sheathed. “Gone . . . missing. The girl.” she thought, waiting to see what Maida’s next move is.

The galloping of the horse made a distinctive noise as its horse-shoes clashed against a rock every so often. The mossy green wild surrounded them, flowers here, vines there. The beauty of the wild encircling them.

“My . . . my brother” Maida began to speak, “Is he . . . alright?“.

“Your brother is fine. I only do as Master Orpheus demands. He did not request your brother, but only you. And only you shall I bring.” Anita spoke, finishing her sentence with a sort of concluded look.

“But . . . why me?” the girl spoke, this time adding more fear to her voice.

“I do not conspire with Orpheus to plan his deeds. I am simply a pawn in his world, a nothing.” Anita spoke harshly.

“I doubt you are nothing. Actually, you are everything. Without you, your master is nothing. What is a king with no pawns?” Maida spoke, not expecting herself to sound like such a philosopher.

Anita looked ahead, staring into the abyss as she guided the horse beside her. Maida saw this moment as an impeccable time to escape. Hastily did she use the dagger of silver to cut the ropes tieing her. Thus releasing her to flee. Maida lept off the horse, grimacing at the pain she felt from falling. She quickly began to run, running faster than she ever has before. Her legs jumping over rocks and logs that lay in her path. The moss made a sort of squish sound upon her feet meeting the wet sponge-like substance.

Maida heard it. The galloping of the horse, the noise becoming louder and louder. Maida felt her heart trying to escape her body as it pounded so heavily against the ribcage that shielded it. Her breathing overtaking almost all the noise she heard. BANG!

Anita heaved a branch at Maida, striking the girl directly in the back. A strike strong enough to bring the girl down, but not enough to drop her dead. Anita jumped off the horse, making her way to the frightened girl. Maida struggled for air as she stared up at her captor.

Maida took the silver dagger and hid it behind her back, awaiting Anita to approach. Anita towered over the girl as she stood there. The girl awaiting her fate. Suddenly, Maida swung her right arm from behind her to stab Anita’s leg with the silver dagger.

Instantaneously, Anita swung her left arm, swiping the girl’s hand out of the way, the dagger being thrown across the ground.

“How did you block me that fast?” the girl questioned, marveled upon the fact that she was beyond quick. Then, the girl’s emotions turned dark and grim, full of fright.

“You’ve tried to escape, but yet you’ve failed.” the woman said, taunting at Maida’s attempt to escape.

“What are you doing!” Maida exclaimed as the woman ripped her leggings at the thighs.

“Just as you told me. I am more than just a pawn, and more shall I be.” Anita responded.

Anita walked back to the horse, retrieving a long metal saw, first glancing at the tool, then giving a malignant look to Maida. Slowly the woman walked over, bobbing her head back and forth keeping the malevolent smile she gave. She tied Maida’s arms together raising them, keeping her from squirming. Maida began to cry and yell for help as the woman touched her soft skin at the thigh with the cold ridgid sawblade. Slowly the woman pushed back and forth, digging the sawblade deeper into Maida’s flesh, blood pouring out the side, whilst Maida screamed. Further, did she go, deeper and deeper down into Maida’s thigh. The saw snagged on the bone causing much friction. The woman forced the blade through the bone making a gruesome shrill sound, an almost crackling noise. Maida screamed, tears pouring from her eyes, running down to her jaw. The blade made its way past the bone and ventured further into the tissue below it, spewing blood in every direction as the woman pushed the sawblade to and fro. Finally, the blade met the skin on the underside of the thigh, ripping the mere elastic wrap in half. Then, the leg was off.

“Off to the next one! Good luck trying to get away with no legs you stupid bitch.” the woman said in an almost excitedly manner.

And once more, did the process repeat.

Maida awoke in a stone chamber, looking in every direction to find an iron cell door, with bars acting as a window. The room was dark, wet at the floor where Maida sat. She looked down to realize the wetness below her was not water, but blood. Her own blood. The woman had bandaged the wounds she’d created, just barely stopping the rush of blood out the body, but drips of the liquid still made their way to the floor. Maida fell asleep.

Maida awoke to find her brother Cedric lying beside her. She moved her torso to his body and shook him with her hands, eager to awake him.

“Cedric? Cedric? Wake up?” she spoke.

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