To Walk The Paths Of Death

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Chapter Eight - Till The End of Time

The grass was green. Children frolicking in the fields, chasing here, chasing there, making fun whilst their elders spoke. Old wooden homes rest on the plains. Stone chimneys growing beside them, reaching and reaching until finally, they surpass the yellowish grass rooves that cover the homes. Grayish black smoke travels away from the tip of the stone chimney, making its way forth to the sky beyond, soon disappearing into the air above.

A tall man stood near a wooden home, just a short bit to the left from the field the children played in. He was a stern-looking man, strong in posture. His hair was brown, eyes contrasting as they were blue in color.

Beside him stood another man, this one not so elegant in appearance. This man had a long face, wrinkles at the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. His forehead showed clear signs of skin damage. Scarring on the left side of his face, a long scar reaching from the base of the jawline to the edge of his hairline. One eye was white, meaning he had gone blind. When spoken to about his unfortunate blindness, he walks away. Utterly ignoring the conversation about to happen.

“They are coming after our kind, Edmund.” the man with the one blind eye had spoken, whilst walking with the other man who goes by the name of Edmund.

“I, as the only human in this town, cannot stop the willpower of the Roman Empire.” Edmund sternly spoke as they walked down the path leading into the main parts of Bremen.

“I took you into my farm, for you to hide. You turned it into a town.” Edmund spoke. Speaking of the time Orpheus and his fellow people had nowhere to go, so Edmund took them into his farm. Soon after, they turned the farm into the town of Bremen. Once the Emperor had caught word of this, he was going to slaughter them all. However, Orpheus managed to sign a treaty with the Emperor, the Treaty of Bremen, promising that the town shall never be attacked by the Empire, and those who follow Orpheus shall live no fate from the Empire as well.

“I cannot help you, not this time. Their men are too strong, too many of which we can fight.” Edmund preached.

“The emperor’s men are coming. The emperor clearly broke the Treaty of Bremen, but why. To take the lives of my people, for they are not human. We are living beings, be it monster or human. Why does he take hate towards our kind.“Orpheus spoke.

“I cannot answer those questions, for I am no representative of the emperor, however, I can say that several townships in the surrounding area have complained to the king. Explaining that the beasts of Bremen are that of evil nature, creatures that should not live. That they are in fear for their lives. Of course, you and I both know this is not true, but the people want you and your people dead. And the emperor will take action.” Edmund said with sorrow.

“I cannot let me people die.”

“Then leave. Go into the forest, hide from the empire and fend for yourselves.” Edmund spoke.

“We must go, Edmund. We must go now. Goodbye old friend.” Orpheus said, speaking for the last time to his good friend Edmund.

“Come! Into the forest we go!” Orpheus yelled, gathering the many creatures that populated the town.

Orpheus looked behind, gazing into the fields at the edge of town, opposite that of the forest. The loud sound of gallops was heard. The footsteps of the soldiers moving created an echoing thump throughout the town.

“The emperor’s men are already here. Go into the forest. Go!” Edmund spoke, speaking of Emperor Ragmus of the Holy Roman Empire.

Horses galloped at high speeds through the fields at the edge of town. The horsemen unsheathe their swords. Screams are made as the several children frolicking in the fields are beheaded by the swordsmen. Trampled over by their horses right after. The horsemen ride into the streets of the town, slicing every human or creature in sight.

Following, the knights also made their way into the town of Bremen, slaughtering every man, woman, and child they come into contact with.

“Come! Hurry!” Orpheus yelled.

Orpheus met his people at the edge of town, opposite the fields. Standing at the brink of the forest.

“Go, enter the forest” Orpheus spoke, guiding them into the woodland.

Before stepping into the forest, Orpheus gazed back at the now burning town. Blood ran down the streets, buildings ablaze, the fields joining in the race of fire. Bodies lie on the ground, women, children. No morality exists in these soldiers, they are just bloodthirsty mongrels.

Orpheus, turned his head towards the forest, away from the town, and stepped foot into the evergoing abyss.

“Kill those foul beasts that stay in Bremen. They are no human, they are utter monsters of hell. No being looks nor acts like the beasts that follow Orpheus. Kill them, kill them all.” Emperor Ragmus spoke, walking back and forth in the white stone palace, columns that stand so very high.

“Of course Emperor, as you ask” the Emperor’s general spoke.

“Tell them that in the name of the empire, I hereby ban you to the grounds of the forest. Where you will rot in hell.” Ragmus spoke.

The general walked down the several corridors of the palace, making his way to the troops outside the city walls.

“We march to Bremen!” he yelled, causing all the troops to begin marching, horsemen guiding them.

The troops begin marching into Bremen, slaughtering those who survived the horsemen.

Orpheus walked into the depths of the woods, refusing to look back towards the town of Bremen, of which screams and cries for help arose. Orpheus continued to walk into the woodland, leading the few that are left of his people deeper into the forest.

“As General Sargarius of the Holy Roman Empire, I hereby banish you, Orpheus, and all those who follow him to the woods of the Black Forest. If any of you shall leave this forest ever in time again, you will meet the wrath of the Romans.” the general spoke, bringing a mighty yell from the footsoldiers behind him.

Once Orpheus heard the general’s speech, he too spoke: “Since thou have banished I and those whom follow, I, Orpheus, Lord of Darkness, hereby curse you to the lands you come from. That thou shalt not enter the woods of the Black Forest, and if thy do, you shall live the rest of your days well, however, thy’s children shall wander to the forest, and be turned into the foul beasts that you banished to these woods. Forever, until the end of time, do I set this curse, for forever it shall stay.”

Orpheus named the Black Forest, Orphecia. For it houses the following of Orpheus.

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