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Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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She moaned when he started to move again. Damn it?! Is he a beast? They just finished not long ago, and now she can feel his hard and big thing filling up her tight hole completely. She gasped when it seems like she can't take all of him anymore. He's damn too thick, hard, and long! She can't even believe how it manages to slide inside of her. She made an "ah" sound when he grabbed her breast, massaging it while his thumbs were teasing and playing with her pinkish buds. It was so fucking good that she feels like she's going nuts from the pleasure. Then he urges her to move. She followed him while he grabbed both sides of her hips, guiding her slowly to slide up while the brute pumped her in the middle, meeting her trust. She can't help but bite her lips to suppress her moaning. She used both of her hands to support her body. Their lovemaking was so intense that it feels like she’s running out of breath. Every fraction of their body is causing countless different pleasure that she never experienced before. And that was when her phone went buzzing waking her up in her sweet lucid dreams that had her panty wet from her juice.

Fantasy / Romance
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(Chapter-1)Things are not what you think it is.

Things are not what you think it is.Everyone has their own pass they've dealt with.Everyone has their own mask that they used to wear in their daily lives, particularly for ordinary people.Commoners have to strive harder in order to survive the crucial world where they are leaving.Rules are a painstaking and taxes are higher than a person's annual salary. Everyone is striving to overpass the others without a care in the world if they are hurting other people's feeling.It is sad, but life is a mess and in order to survive, you must go on and Ria is no different.Her family is living far away from her, she got nobody but her only boyfriend who's living with her in a small condo at the heart of Manila.Finding a job is very hard for her especially she didn't study at a popular University which the big company first eyeing for.She studied interior designing, but she ends up working as a slave in a company where her boyfriend recruited her.She doesn't know if it's good riddance or such pure bad luck that she accepted it.Her boyfriend for two years and a half thought that she's doing fine in her current job but he got no idea that he put her on a cliff without a safety harness. Ria is doing everything, like photocopying, proofreading,English translation of documents,The business proposal just like an assistant or clerked would do.They are even taunting her as Ms. all-around girl. But She didn't mind it, all that she cared about is to earn money so she can support her younger sister who is still studying and the rest is to save some money Incase of emergency and of course, she shares expenses too with the condo she's living together with her boyfriend.

One morning she received a call that she needed to meet with the CEO of the company.Her heart is beating almost out of her chest while she proceeds to see her boss and ready herself for the possible reason why the CEO insists to meet her in his office.Normally the assistant and other high ranking employees are the only ones allowed to see him.She was just a nobody in the company and she knows for sure that it's bad news to meet him.Its either she will be fired, or she had done a very big mistake that costs the company to lose a lot of money with her business proposal.Knocking twice at the wooden door of her boss's office.Ria heard a voice that is opposite from what she expected inside her head, instead a very gentle voice commands her to 'come in'.Being a timid person, her impulse is not to meet him in the eyes.Instead, she chooses to bow her head when she entered and looks on her feet in the ground while saying.

"Good morning Sir, sorry to interrupt your busy day but assistant Jen told me you wanted to see me," Ria stated in a monotone voice.

"Hmn..Ms.Santiago? does my face look too ugly that you choose to stare on the floor than to look at me straight in the face?"Mr.Cuenca said looking annoyed. Ria gulps the lumped forming on her throat to quickly defend herself.

"Of course not sir! I was just a bit nervous, I know I'm just a mere employee of this company and I felt like I don't have the right to look straight in your face that's all sir I'm sorry if I offended you with my actions."She bowed her head and tried not to show how nervous she is deep inside. She scolded herself for making a mistake in front of her boss. She was already sweating profusely before entering her boss's office but now it's combined with cold feet which are running up to her spine.

"Hmn, that's fine, one mistake can be forgiven, I just hate it when people hide their faces to me.Come, have a sit."Mr.Charles the CEO, motion to Ria to sit on the chair next to his table.Ria tried to walk straight while uttering her I'm sorry" She sits where she was asked to when Mr.Charles blatantly stared at her face analyzing her.She felt awkward instantly. There's an unsettling feeling that is starting to build up in the pit of Ria's stomach.She can't comprehend why Mr. Charles is eyeing her from head to toe. She starts to feel inferior about how she looked but luckily, after a few minutes past Mr.Charles clasps his hand and laid thick manila enveloped. Startled she stared at the envelope and to Mr. Charles with a questionable look plastered on her face.

"You seems to be a clever woman, Ms.Santiago and up closed I find you as beautiful as an angel. I think your eyes are the most catchy one and the best asset of yours." Mr. Charles uttered while comfortably laying his back on his expensive swiveled chair.Clueless of what Mr. Charles is uttering all about Ria said.“ I beg your pardon sir but I don't see any connection of my features to what business you wanted to talk about?Please forgive my bluntness, but is this your way of telling me nice words before asking to sign a resignation letter?" Ria who couldn't wait anymore let the bomb drop.It's better like this' She consoled herself. She thought there's a big reason why she's asked to come here in the first place.

She really hates un-frank people.

If they want to tell something just be blunt and say it.Panting, from exhilarating feeling Ria mustered enough courage to looked straight in the face of her boss.Although Ria didn't voice out this fast few months her thoughts and real feelings about why she's given a tasked she didn't apply for.That doesn't mean she has no guts at all. Ria thinks If she's going down might as well speak what's inside her head.A gentle and almost like a girl laugh echoed in the office room.

"Ohh Ms. Santiago, you just got me there... all along is this what's running in your head?" Mr.Charles wipe the unshed tears in his eyes.

"Excuse me, sir?" Ria who was caught off guard staring at her boss like he has grown two heads.

"Fine, fine. Honestly speaking, your boyfriend is my boyfriends-friend in college so that's the reason why I accepted you. I really don't need an extra worker but because you're good at everything they asked you to do I let you stay. And before you interrupt me, honey," Mr. Charles put his index finger on his lips to shut up Ria right on the spot when she wanted to utter a word. She remains silent and flabbergasted.In her head, she wanted to scream' omg! My boss likes men!'

"F. Y. I. Ms. Santiago, it's your sweetheart who said I can give you anything or any work because you will never mind or will bother to question me. Which is correct. But not until now,Ohh honey, don't get me wrong.I love your guts and fierceness.I hope you can use that in this task I'm giving you.Here have a look.."Mr. Charles said. Still can't get over by what Ria discovered, her hand robotically reach the manila envelope and start reading it’s content.Surprise when she sees it's a business proposal and she's assigned to be the representative of the company and the main interior designer.She stared back again to her boss with an open mouth.

" Ohh please, don't give me that looked honey, this is a gamble for you. If you can make Mr. Villar sign this business proposal I will appoint you as one of my interior designers and your first work will be this project. But.If you failed, I'm sorry I have to let you go since I don't really need new employee right now."Mr. Charles stood up and walk to Ria.He pat her shoulder which made Ria snap out of her trance.Looking up, Ria can't form a right word to say. First, she felt hurt by what her boss said about her boyfriend looking down on her and not believing in her capabilities, next She was so happy to finally showcase her talent as an interior designer but then her happiness went downcast when she heard the consequences she have to face in order to stay in the company.

Her heart is boiling with anger it's like her boss wasn't giving her any choice, it's either to grab the offer and gamble for it or she will be thrown out today, jobless.How can this world be so unfair to her! She just wants to be a regular employee in a company and show her capabilities. She just wishes to earn money to provide her needs and to support her family but now that she's facing this kind of situation she wanted to scream and shout. Why is it always her? The one who needs to understand other people. The one who needs to be patient and deal with clients and co-employee with a smile always plastered on her face?Why was she even here, in the first place?!For the first time after her almost three years living in Manila. She realizes how stupid she is leaving her family behind to chase her dream in this so-called golden city. For a country bumpkin like her, it's like a dream to be in manila like any other people who live in the province. But now after experiencing the life and struggle she face here in order to survive. Ria finally appreciates her hometown.There the people are nice nobody, even a poor one, is sleeping in the street. It is quite peaceful and everyone is really striving to earn money daily doing farming.No one gets hungry because everyone is sharing fresh food, veggies and the meat, fishes are fresher than the red-eyed fish you can buy here in Manila in the wet market.

"So what do you think about it?" Mr. Charles asked eyeing her like she's going to be thrown away if she refuses this. Inhaling deeply Ria stood up and face her boss.But because she's a bit smaller than him, Ria has to tilt her head up to meet his gazed.

"Mr. Cuenca, I believe your not making sense at all. If you wanted to throw me out just do it. I don't even know if I can win this proposal which will cost a few million pesos. If I lose I'll be thrown out anyway so why would I gamble? Please excuse me, I'll send in my resignation letter right away." She bypassing her boss after giving him a piece of her mind. When she's only inches apart from the exit door of hell' she name inside her head. She suddenly halts when she heard what her boss said.

" honey? Are you that coward? Do you think I'll give you this million peso proposal because I don't believe in you and it's my way of throwing you out?"Mr. Charles said still standing firm where Ria left him. She turns around looking puzzled.She really doesn't know what's inside her boss's head right now.Everything is so weird and unlogical.

"Ms. Santiago, for your information I believe in you. I know you can win it.Beside Mr. Villar insisted that only you can propose this proposal to him.He pointed out that it has to be you or we will not even get a chance to meet him. Honestly, I'm very puzzled too. He said he knows you.But my mind can't comprehend, how on earth you manage to know a multi-billionaire in this country?!You and Him. It's just doesn't make sense." Mr. Charles exclaimed with his eyebrows knitted together.He walks back to his table to grab the half-read proposal and shoved it back to her.

" Take it as challenge honey, in order to survive in this world, you have to take any chances that were given to you. If you give all your best then there's nothing to regret even if I lose a few million or you lose your job.My point is, you've given your best shot and that's all that matter.Think about it, you may go home early today, ciao."Mr. Charles turn around after saying it while waving his hand.


Hi everyone this is a book series (Defying the Gods of Olympus)I hope you like the first chapter.

Much love,


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