Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-10 A night to remember.

It was already ten-thirty in the evening, and Ria still has a flight to catch tomorrow morning, but sleep hasn't visited her. Daisy was already knockdown. She's probably tired from everything that happens today, and the other day that she started finding her scumbag for a husband.

Ria decided to visit the balcony, although its full moon, it doesn't shine like she always remembers when she's in her province.

Knowing that she's in the six-floor and down from her balcony is the Saint Theresa church up ahead is a condo, but seeing how huge the church and the space around it, she didn't mind anymore that she's wearing only a silk nightdress. Those people in the other condo cant see her clear unless they are pervs who have a binocular to see from afar.

She can't help but reminisce her encounter with that strange guy.

She didn't have much time to see how he looks like, but Daisy told her that the guy has a very captivating eyes.. It was deep blue, and he has a perfect physique, Daisy even said to her that if his not walking like an ordinary person, she would think of him as a model or an actor.

Strange that she can't forget those lean shoulder and back. Was it only in her dream that she sees those familiar body posture? Ria kept on pondering her head, but she cants seem to remember it. One thing she knows for sure she saw it somewhere before.

Though Ria didn't saw his eyes and he's staring at her against the light of the streetlamp, she knows well he's a good looking man. What she finds strange is how her heart was rapidly beating, seeing those genuine smiles.

When she heard him say those foreign words, there's something weird happened to her, but she actually can't explain what. All she knows is that she cant take him out of her mind.

Ria started to have this weird lucid thoughts all of a sudden. She wonders what it would feel if she touches his face, would it be soft? Smooth? No stubble growing?

Her lucid thoughts brought her even farther.

Like she shared someone else's thought, she started to imagine herself naked, with her long dark locks of curly hair splattered on her sweaty body.

She was moving in and out, taking her time to feel his hard thing fill her tight hole.

Ria felt her body burning up with desire.

She snaps out of her trance, hugging herself.

’What the hell is that?!

What is wrong with her today?

She asked herself, very confused.

It was then that she heard somebody cursed incoherent words.

“Who’s there?” she looked thoroughly in the other balcony next to her room, she saw no one not even a sound of someone closing the sliding door of the balcony.

It seems strange Ms. Jen said there's two empty units on this floor and Ria occupied the other one.

Then why did she heard the sound coming from the other unit? Was it occupied already?

Thinking it might be possible, she hurriedly walk back to her room.

Damn it, Ria! What's wrong with you?

She kept scolding herself, but she can't help it, everything felt so weird ever since she wakes up this morning, there's too many things she didn't give attention, but now that her mind is free of troubles that seem to lure around her since the daybreak she can finally think clearly and analyzed everything.

Firstly her Mr.knight seems to be real, but its too blurry so Ria can’t decide for it, the only fact she could get by thinking about it is that she can't believe that she can hurt and even kick Micheal on her current position at that moment resulting to the latter to smash his body in the wooden cabinet.

She didn't also remember how on earth did she get herself out of that bind, when Ria wake up it is strange too that she thought of it as a dream, but the marks on her hand proved that it happened. It was also odd that everybody seems to see her going in her workplace on time, but she can't remember how did she get there.

Ria knows the moment she brought Daisy inside the condo unit that she will be late for ten to twenty minutes if she's not mistaken.

The only thing she remembered at that moment when Daisy admitted she's Micheals legal wife she wish to vanish in the thin air.

A severe headache started to pierce her head. It is also one of those strange things.

Whenever she thinks things over, she gets this weird headaches.

The last time she remembers that it happened to her is when Ria is still young, she got bitten by a poisonous snake, and to a young girl's mind, she knows already that she will die on that rice field, but someone saves Ria.

It was very blurry in her memory, the only thing that she remembers is that her Prince Charming carried her in his arm like a princess, but her mother told her its just a dream, and she was delirious at that time because of the snake bite.

Ria’s mom said that according to the hospital staff a young lad brought her to the hospital, took her a VIP room, pay her hospital bill for three days and told them who she is and her parent's contact number after that he left Ria and this person didn't show up anymore.

Ria stayed in the hospital for three days waiting for her prince charming to visit her, but three days have gone by, and he didn't show up.

Ria felt sad returning to her home, but to her surprise, when she comes back home, they received one piece of paper indicating for whom the tall box is and one red rose that looks freshly picked.

Her parents wanted to throw her gift because they are scared that this might be an exchange for something superficial, like the old folklore in her province.

Ria didn't believe it, and she's stubborn enough that her parents can't say no to her. Ria's age gap to her younger sister is more than five years, so she's a bit spoiled even though they are not rich.

They don't lack too much.

When Ria was allowed to open the tall box, she was surprised to see it's a crafted wooden mirror that looked like it was cut in half the design make it looks like the other half is missing on it. The craftsmanship of the carving can be on par to a famous woodcarver or wood artisan, even Ria’s parents were hesitant to throw it away after seeing it.

Feeling like a Princess, Ria still remembered kissing the mirror while dancing in front of it. She kept on telling her parents that her Prince Charming bought it for her, so she will cherish it will all her heart.

Remembering her companion through good times and bad, Ria walks to her mirror, tracing her hand on its carving while there's a serene smile plastered on her face.

“ If you just showed up my Prince Charming, maybe I won't be suffering like now. You know I waited for you since the day you save me until I left to venture in this so-called City.” She place a hand on the middle of the mirror, like she's talking to it.

Ria didn't know there's someone on the other side standing in front of her. He place his hand on the mirror-like she did. His heart is breaking from what he heard from his adelfí psychí. Did he really waited too long?

Did he really let her down that's why she's in this kind of situation now?

”Forgive me, my Queen, back then. I'm just a grained in the sand too small and weak to protect you. But now is a different story, I promise I won't let anyone harm you again, and I won't let you go.

I wish you could still accept me even though I'm already too late.”

There was a golden tears that slipped in his eyes.

On the other side, Ria felt her heart was hurting.

She grabs her chest, trying her best not to let the tears brimmed out, but it still did.

Did she already reach her limit? Was this it?

She don't even know if she's allowed to shed tears.

All this year's she's keeping all her heart ached to herself, but after talking to herself in front of the mirror, her emotion becomes haywire.

Wiping her tears away, she decided a hot bath should solve this.

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