Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -11 (We meet again)

“ Paging all passengers of flight PR-2557 going to Dipolog City, please proceed to gate 10.” Ria made a huffing sound while fetching her backpack.

It's the second time that the lady Announcer says to move on another gate, which is very annoying because sometimes, if your too slow, you would end standing up for the whole duration before your time of departure start and not every chair can accommodate all of the passengers.

When Ria spotted one empty chair next to a man with a baseball cup covering his face and was so busy with typing on his laptop.

Ria didn't hesitate anymore to excuse herself and asked the person if he don't mind her sitting next to him.

“Yeah, sure, please make yourself comfortable.”

The man said without even glancing on her. Ria was surprised to hear those tones of voice.

It was too similar to the person who made her wear sunglasses to hide the dark rims under her eyes and the main culprit that cause her a sleepless night when she badly needed it the most.

“Thank you.” Ria sits next to him, still wondering if he's the same person that she encountered yesterday, but because he's wearing a head cup and was very engrossed to his laptop, she can't see his face.

There are a few weird looks thrown at Ria by the people around them because of her actions.

Realizing it, Ria stop not wanting to have many unwanted onlooker Ria decided to stop staring at him. It was then the person lifted his head and stared back at her.

Surprise, she quickly averted her gazed while faking that she's busy on her phone.

Slowly her face felt warm from embarrassment of being caught staring intently at the stranger.

“Didn't know I would meet you again, adelfí psychí? Was the light in the waiting area too bright for you?” He stared at Ria while closing his laptop. Ria felt all her cheeks, blushing. She looked back to him with a distasteful look, but she can't vent her anger just because Ria thought that he intentionally mention her sunglasses.

Ria tried to calm down and told herself that this guy’ doesn't even know what's hiding beneath her shades.

She averted her gazed and looked back to her phone to give him a feeling that she's not interested in talking to him.

’adelfí psychí’ there it goes gain those two magical words awakening those damn unexplainable feeling.

Ria was surprised when a hand appeared in her view.

” I'm Khrys. Can I have the pleasure of knowing the person I saved last night?” Ria looked up, meeting his gaze. Her heart starts to beat faster, and Ria felt like she's back on time. Just like last night, she thought she's in a hypnotic trance.

It felt like the world only evolve around them.

Those deep blue eyes convey so many things that she thought. If she unravels it, she will be swallowed whole.

Ria doesn't know what to do.

Her brain isn't functioning.

Damn it!

What's wrong with me?!

Every time this guy appeared, she's like a teenage girl star struct by her crush?!

”Excuse me, Mr. Are you going to sit back, or may I have your seat?” An older Lady break off the trance that Ria was into, and she was surprised when she heard him say to the lady,” You can have my seat Ma’am” he gathered his thing and started walking.

Ria heard his footsteps stop just behind her were some passengers that didn't get a seat was standing too.

Ria felt ashamed that because of her, that guy lost his seat and was now standing behind her back.

This guy might even have grudge on her now because Ria did not only ignored his words and accepted his approach to know her.

She made him looked stupid in front of many people, and now Ria could even feel an intense gazed seething through her back.

Was he mad at me?!

Damn! Was that even her fault? Is she not allowed to ignore somebody?!

What the hell is wrong with these people?!

He was even the one who stood up and approached her.

But the eyes of those people that surround her made Ria feel uncomfortable because it's like they are blaming her, and she's trying hard not to roll her eyes.

This damn guy even got sympathy from the people around her.

” He's a good lad, Young Ladies nowadays can't see if a person is genuinely helpful or not.” the lady next to Ria uttered while she's holding a book.

Ria was in shock and can't hide her embarrassment anymore. She stood up, grabbing her backpack, and walks away.

Luckily the waiting area is near in a comfort room. There's still half an hour before Ria’s flight, so she decided to stay there until it's time for the departure.

She sits on one of the empty cubicle letting out a few drops of tears.

Even though the old lady doesn't have a clue that Ria went through breakups still those words that she said, especially the one that she ”can't figure out who's genuinely nice or not triggered her emotions.

The lady was right.

She's too stupid to see if a person is good enough.

Though the best way to forget someone you cherish for how many years is to think of them as a mean person or think of all the mistakes they've done.

Still, Ria can't just get over him just like that.

Even though she knows Micheal is a piece of jerk but still some good memories of them is in her heart.

Ria knows time can heal everything, but she can't get over it in just a day?! Much worst a few hours after all the secrets that Micheal has done not only to her but to his real family was revealed in front of her.

On the other side, Khrys tried his best not to vent his anger to the old lady who made his adelfí psychí cry.

But he can't also accept that she's crying over a mortal that doesn't deserve her tears. Jealousy starts to creep inside his heart, and he promises to himself that he would claim her and completed their bond as soon as possible.

He would make her crave for him and indulge her with everything she wishes, so no other mortal or immortal can even compared to him.

Khrys was even thinking of taking advantage of their bonds as Ria’s one real mate to make her forget that piece of junk!

Well, for thinking of another man when your mate is around isn't nice adelfí psychí, I shall teach you a lesson that you will never forget, just wait and see.

Khrys hides his face under the shadow of his baseball cup while there’s a naughty smirk looming on the corner of his lips.

’Soon you'll be mine my adelfí psychí.’ Khrys uttered in the air like a claim that can never be break.

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