Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -12( fire in my soul) (Warning has matured

Ria sigh in relief when her trip went smoothly without seeing the guy who put her in the limelight.

Although she heard murmurs around the plane talking about some important people is in the business class section, Ria didn't give a damn. She never like gossip or never was interested in celebrity or political figure.


Good fiction book, either it's romance-fantasy, Lycan story, and vampires is her cup of tea.

In other genre physiology and history books, especially the one she read recently name Sapiens and HomoDeus by Daniel Kahneman, the book was an eye-opening it tackles about how people think and how they solve the problem by creating more problem.

Wherein so many people committed suicide than being killed in the fields.

It explains how our world developed into a killing machine that is slowly ruining the natural resources on earth.

It sounds eccentric, but Ria likes reading it.

She rolled her body in the hotels’ bed while tapping her forehead a few times.

She remember her awkward experience at the airport.

Ria was scolding herself for being mean, deep inside she knows, that guy didn't do anything wrong, and she's just putting her anger on him.

She knows well that if there's a chance to meet him again, she will thank him properly for catching not only her phone but herself too. Ria felt disappointed that they never had an opportunity to get to know each other in the right way. Instead, that guy saw all her flaws like being clumsy and mean.

She admires the stranger, whose name is Khrys, for being polite and civil despite her hostile attitude towards him. Even though she didn't respond to him, and he was somewhat put on shame because of her not accepting his hand. Ria thought only a true gentleman could act so cool like nothing happens at all. Her thought wonder far until Ria didn't notice that she fall asleep thinking of that strange guy.

A buzzing sound and vibration from Ria’s phone on the bedside table wakes her up in her deep slumber.

She was too exhausted this morning added more the scene the day before her flight, and the awkward situation she was into when she was in the airport took a toll on her.

There weren't any good things happening to her ever since she wakes up dreaming of her Mr. Knight saving her from being raped.

Now what's more worst is that she kept on having this lucid thoughts and wet dreams of making love with somebody!


What's the hell is wrong with her brain?!

Ria was never addicted to sex nor craved for it.

She thought of it as a duty to her ex to make him feel happy.

Moaning and faking that she like, it was just a delusion she learned from books.

After a few months and years, she's now a pro.

There were no happy times, spark, or those stuff mention in romance book that she read on how a woman could reach her climax while making love.

Ria never experienced those cliche part of climbing up the hill and reaching her peak, creating a euphoric feeling when she's making love with her ex.

Even when she's not ready, or she wasn't excited at all. It has to be done to make Micheal feel happy.

But now it's a different story.

Ria was in a dark room, and she felt a smooth silk sheet beneath her palm.

She's sweating.

Her hair is sprawled all over her naked body.

She was moaning while biting her finger. Someone is making love with her.

He was moving roughly in and out of her tight core even though Ria was the one on top of him his still the one dominating their lovemaking.

Ria couldn't take it anymore as she reached her peak.

It was her first time feeling it.

It was so good. Just like on the romance book that Ria was reading.

She lay still on top of him while his thing was still inside of her.

She could feel his juice, and her mixing up; some are even dripping out of her.

His body is so warm and comforting.

He has this enthralling scent of mint that seems very familiar to her.

She felt relaxed underneath those possessive arm around her waist, and she can't explain why this person reminds her of Mr. Knight and the guy who saved her on the street.

Ria moaned when he started moving again.

Damn it?! Is he a beast?

They just finished not long ago, and now she can feel his hard and big thing filling up her tight hole completely.

Ria even gasped when it seems like she can't take all of him anymore.

His damn too thick, hard, and long! She can't even believe how it manage to slide inside of her.

She made an ”ah” sound when he grab her breast, massaging it while his thumbs are teasing and playing with her pinkish buds.

It was so fuking good that she feel like she's going insane from the pleasure.

Then he urges Ria to move. She followed him while he was grabbing both sides of her hips, guiding her slowly in and pumping her in the middle, meeting her trust.

Ria can't help but to bite her lips to suppress her moaned. Ria used both of her hands to support her body. Their lovemaking was too intense like she was running out of oxygen when he filled her up entirely plus the fact that it was so deep inside of her.

Ria place her hand in his six-pack abs for extra support as she can't take it anymore.

Every fraction of their body is causing countless of different pleasure that she never experienced before.

And that was when her phone went buzzing waking her up in her sweet lucid dreams that had her panty wet from her juice.

She curses while grabbing a towel that was decorated in the bed. The elephants’ style looks cute, but sorry, Ria needs it to bath and wash away her heated body.

She can't understand, it was just a dream, yet she knows she cums’ and started to feel hot like her body is burning.

She needs a bath, and maybe this can help her feel a bit better.

After Ria took a bath, soaking her body in the warm bathtub for almost thirty minutes, she rise and finish her shower.

Looking at the wall clock when she came out of the bathroom, she was so surprised to know that it's already past three in the afternoon.

She arrived at the hotel this morning around ten. Ria did check-in and didn't take her free breakfast that was included in staying there.

Ria gave a huff that blows a strand of stubborn hair that escape the towel she wrapped on her head.


She's too late.

She can't come to Mr. Villars Company to make an appointment.

It should be done before the afternoon, and she was thinking about going there around eleven this morning.

Ria thought there's nothing she can do about it. She decided since it's her first day, it's not going to be too much too relaxed a little bit.

After drying her hair and dressing up. Ria wear a simple v- shape black blouse and a soft cotton jeans paired with a black sneaker Ria decided to take a glance on her phone.

There was a message from unregistered name.

She tapped on it and saw it was Micheal.

“Bitch! I never thought of you to be this clever! Bringing police and Lawyer in front of my condo unit, now because

Of you, I became a laughingstock in the condo.

I am forced to move because all of the tenant report me to leave the place! With your incredible idea, I lost my position in the company as a vice manager. You ripped me off, my bank account is empty, and I don't know where I should live!

Are you happy now?!

You think you win already?!

Well, guess what?! Since you tainted my name and reputation, you are now responsible if I committed suicide.

You think You and Daisy have won?!

No, your fucking wrong, I'd rather die than to support them.

I will make Daisy suffer more.

But you bitch!

Just wait for my revenge!”

After reading it, Ria’s hand was shaking.

There's too many ‘what if ‘ question in her mind.

She's also worried about Daisy.

She decided to give her a ring, but the other line said that the subscriber could not be reached.

She tried calling a few times, but the results are all the same.

Growing more worried, she tried to swallow her pride and call the number that Micheal used to send her a message.

She sighed when it was ringing. Ria doesn't believe that Micheal will do what he just said.

After three-ring, someone accepted her call.

It was too noisy in the background.

Ria felt something is off.

But then she heard a familiar voice.


“Daisy, is that you?!”

“Ria? Oh god, I'm here with Micheal. I felt something is odd about him, and I didn't leave. I went back to talk to him but saw him on a bridge.”

Ria gasped in disbelief, how could he do this?!

”Ria, we are going to the mental asylum, his trashing, and wanted to kill himself while cursing your name, his mind isn't stable right now, and I want a specialist to assess him. I'll call you back, ok?! Bye!”

Ria slumped in the single couch next to the window, overviewing the boulevard the see sparkling the diamonds, but soon, her view become blurry with tears.

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