Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-13 Fire in my Soul part -2

The sky looks gloomy, and the wind was blowing strong.

It looks like it's about to rain.

But Ria didn't care about it.

It's like her heart.


Ria felt guilty because somehow, she felt liked she's the reason why Micheal tried to commit something Ria could never imagine that he is capable of doing it.

Ria Walk across the street not far from Mr. Villar’s empire-building and where Ria is staying.

She found an open bar with a very light atmosphere. There's an acoustic band playing soft music that catches her attention. Somehow she felt like its a perfect place to sit and drink.

Although Ria knows that she has an alcohol intolerance, but today was just too much for her to take in.

Ria entered the facility and decided to sit in a mini like toolbar facing the street.

In Ria’s free time, she often likes to sit somewhere, quietly watching people who are passing by.

She find it entertaining and fun if she saw someone who is trying hard to look elegant when seriously it's not that necessary. Ria thinks everyone is beautiful no matter what color of skin they have. What matters most is your values in life and how you treated others with respect.

Across the road, Ria saw a woman who's wearing high heels and a class-A bag (imitated branded bag).

The lady is walking together with a foreigner.

Her head tilt high like she's the queen of the road but

no shit-talking she's with a foreigner that wears a very ordinary clothes while the woman walks with a tube body con dress that emphasizes her flab tummy and because she's one of those that is not gifted with a big bosom she's always pulling it up while her other hand was clinging to the foreigner's arms.

The woman was giving everybody a warning vibe not to stare on her man. Through the woman's face, you can see that if someone approaches her husband or boyfriend, she won't hesitate to show her claws.


Ria cursed.

She wondered why she was always kept reminded by those two fucking words.

Feeling frustrated, she asked the waitress to serve her more beers.

Even though Ria felt drunk already, but her mind remained sober.

The rain has started, and all of those customers that is sitting without the protection of the roof was asked to move inside so they won't get wet but since Ria is sitting on a corner some employees haven't noticed her, when they finally see that there's still one sitting in the rain it was already too late. Ria was half wet already.

Following the lady inside the air-condition pub, Ris is welcomed by the cold, but she didn't mind it; instead, she likes it. It was like a cure for her troubled mind.

The lady offered Ria a small dry towel, which she gladly accepted, saying thank you to her.

She gave her a tip and went walking in the bar.

“ one San Miguel light, please.”

“One moment Ma’am.”

Ria watch as the bartender walk to the refrigerated drink and open a bottled beer.

“Thanks,” she gave the bartender a small smile and engulfed herself to her drink.

It's started to taste like water, and her face is probably red.

She could feel the kick of the alcohol on her body, and Her mind is giving her a warning sign that she can't drink anymore.

But Ria thought, why does the pain she's feeling right now isn't fading yet? People usually drink to forget their problems and to be happy, but that's not working for Ria.

Meanwhile, those deep ocean eyes spotted right away his adelfi psychí. He was standing the glass wall in his luxurious office he watched as she crossed the street to his favorite open bar and pub. The place is booming thanks to his help.

Three months ago it didn't look like that.

There's an evil aura looming in the place after the owners’ wife's death.

When he visited the place, he was attacked quickly by the evil ghost, but when he shows his true identity, it tries to run away.

It was a stupid move because no one can escape him.

As his Uncles trusted ripper in a snap, the evil ghost went in a small jar.

He realizes after capturing it that it was the owners’ dead wife. She harbors so much hatred and refuses to live the human realm. A ghost that stays longer than his/her life span as an entity can invite evil.

When he asked her why she's unable to cross the netherworld, her true self shows up. It was then that he found out she was murdered. Her husband and his new wife now, plotted her death after stabbing her stomach they dump her body in the sea.

They tied two bags of heavy stone on both of her hands and one to her belly. She was still alive and saw everything.

What makes her more angry is that before she died, she found out it was her best friend who is now with her husband, and before the tragic incident, she was even happy to finally conceived a child that her husband has always been asking her.

To add more to her pain of being betrayed by both people that she loves and losing her baby.

The evil ghost found out that her friend was pregnant too.

That only means her husband is cheating on her, and she doesn't know how long.

The evil ghost wanted revenge and lingered to their business. It also made sure the new wife and her best friend lost her baby by slipping in the bathroom and dying in the hospital after losing so much blood.

Her evil deed attracted more evil, and now she turns inhuman unable to be reborn even if she crosses the path of the netherworld she will remain in her evil form. The only way to redeem her is for her husband to admit his crime and for her body to be retrieved. It must be burned, and her ashes should be thrown in the sea to revive her pure form.

Because she is not allowed to be reborn, she will be serving the netherworld for eternity.

After fixing the problem, he bought the property, which is also on the verge of bankruptcy, because the husband didn't know how to manage it like his late wife did.

Watching his aloof mate drown herself in beer, he open their link and found out about Micheal.

His hand is almost turning blue when he find out why his mate looks pitiful.

Damn that human pest!

His blood is boiling, specially when he sees many of the male customers were staring on her half wet blouse that hugs her figure from behind and her bosom.

In a blink, he was there standing behind her, covering with his full body those perverted human eyes.

If he is only allowed, he likes to curse them with blindness, but like his Aunt said, he's now in charge of taking care of his adelfi psychí. He can't risk her life, and he can't add more to the heavy burden his aunts are carrying in their shoulder.

Khrys sit next to his mate secretly inhaling those rose scent mixed with her drink

” Aren't you feeling cold?” Khrys put on his jacket over his mates body.” He smiled seeing her reaction.

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