Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter 14(Part -3 fire in my soul.)

Ria felt a warm and cozy feeling engulfed her. She instantly clung to it and savored those minty scent.

With her hooded eyes, she stares at the person talking next to her.

” hmm... Mr. You looked somewhat familiar.” she tried her best to recognize him, but her vision is too vague to know who's she's talking to.

” I am, my adelfi psychí, and I think you had enough drink. Come, I will bring you back where you stay.”

“Hmp! Now I know who you are. No, thank you. One more beer, please.” Ria can barely hold the bottle when she tried to hold it, but before she could take a sip, it was snatched away from her hand.

“ Hey, give it back to me..!” she made a hiccup sound while trying her best to stand up, but it was a wrong move because instead of standing, she stumbles to the stranger causing her to hug him accidentally.

Damn, his body felt warm and comforting more than the thing on her shoulder.

“I like your body. It feels so warm.” She snuggled closer and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

Ria was even sighing in content, inhaling those manly minty scents deeply.

The people around gathered whispering how indecent Ria is. They all know whose the person she's hugging right now.

“Boss, should we call a cab to bring her where she stay?” The bartender looked worried.

He knows his boss is quite allergic to women.

But today, he was surprised to see those deep blue eyes showed so much concerned about the woman on his arms.

”No need, I know her. If she came back here, put the tabs on me. She's my Fiancée.” after that, Khrys stood up and carried Ria like she weighs nothing.

Everyone looked shocked, and Ria quickly gain some enemies after hearing she's a fianceé of the most influential and young business tycoon in the Philippines.

A black Maybach stop in front of the open bar and pub. Everyone was ogling from the luxurious car.

”Boss, where should we go?”

” Bring me back home. My kitten is sleeping, so drive slowly and carefully.” Khrys commanded in his icy voice.

”Right away, boss.” the driver open the passenger seat and waited until his boss can sit comfortably inside.

Ria is already in a deep slumber.

Khrys can feel her slow breathing, and his smiling deep inside that his Queen’s body knows whom it belongs to.

Ria has no idea where she will be brought to, but in her subconscious mind, she knows that she’s in safe hand.

” My King, Do we have to bring our Queen in your castle, or should we go to the villa?”

” It's not yet the time, Vergel, and it is too early for her to see our realm. You don't want your King chasing a rogue Queen, right?”

Khrys smiled at his best friend. Vergel was a gift from his uncle Hades. After Khrys brother’s death, Hades brought Argus Panoptes, a former servant of Goddess Hera. He was ordered to look after Io the new love interest of Zeus. Io was a lovely human maiden when Zeus tries to meet her. He made a cloud to conceal the world, but that didn't go unnoticed to Hera, so she descend in Mount Olympus to disperse the clouds and before she can catch Zeus cheating again on her. Zeus turns Io to a heifer and made an alibi that the white cow sprang out of the earth. Hera fake it that she like the cow and wanted it as a gift. No choice Zeus gave Io, and Hera let Argus look after her, but knowing Zeus, he ordered Hermes to retrieve Io and kill Argus.

Hera found out about Argus's death and took his hundred eyes and placed it to a peacock to commemorate his death. But what they didn't know is that Hades brought him to Khrys. With his ability to revive death, Argus came back to life. He was so grateful to Hades and bowed that he will serve his new Master with loyalty. He promised to protect him even if it cost his life.

A hundreds of years pass by and still Argus now with a new name Vergel is still serving Khrys diligently.

”As you wish, My King.”

Vergel drove in a very secluded place that is covered in many big old trees.

The only entrance was made in concrete.

At the end of the long pathway is a big villa with a fountain in front of it.

There's a man in a Butler suit who stands near the car and opens the passengers’ door for Khrys.

”Thank you, Anton, prepare a warm bath in the guest room next to my room for my Queen.”

” Right away, my Lord.” he bowed his head and went up to the guests’ room to instruct Fai to prepare the mistress of the house a warm bath.

Ria felt she's swaying. In her mind, she thought its probably because of the alcohol, but also she felt warm.

When the movement stop, she felt her body was soaked under the water. Scared, she tried to move, but those hushed sounds made her panic mode subside.

“Just bear with it, and I'll bring you to bed after.” The familiar voice said.

Ria open her eyes, which made her feel more dizzy. Ria saw in her blurry sight that a shadow is moving away.

Scared, she quickly grasp with her hand the shadow.

” Please don't leave me..” she begged.

She doesn't know why, but this person makes her feel safe, and she doesn't want her haven to leave her side.

“Your making things difficult for me adelfi psychí, not everyone will take those words as an innocent person begging not to live her side.

Do you really want to put yourself in danger?!” Khrys roared, not liking how vulnerable his queen has become because of that scumbag.

“Fine! Just leave me be! Nobody cares how I feel. No one also care if I end up dead one day! Go! Leave me alone!” Ria is fed up for taking all of the blame every time there's something wrong!

Was it tough to stay by her side?!

Ria’s limit has come to an end.

Depression was hard to deal with nowadays.

Maybe if she's gone, she won't feel any pain nor any emotion.

The next thing she did is sink her body under the bathtub.

Khrys was quick to pull her back. He went inside the bathtub and search for the drainage lock.

” Are you really out of your mind?!” he yelled while shivering Ria’s shoulder.

On the other side, Ria cough out the water that she gulp in. Her head went more spinning, and suddenly her body started to feel cold a lot that she can't control the tattering of her mouth.

She heard the stranger cursed before scoping her out of the bathroom while wrapping her body in a bathrobe.

“ Anton!” he roared that made Ria feel more worst.

“Yes, my Lord?”

“ Clean all this messed. My Queen will be sleeping with me tonight!” Clenching his teeth, Khrys went out of the guest room and lay down Ria's shivering body to his bed.

“Cold.. please, I'm cold” Ria felt her whole body is freezing.

”Damn it! ”

She heard again the stranger cursed.

“ Ahh, please stopped shouting your hurting my head,” Ria complained while hugging her body.

“ You left me with no other choice adelfi psychí, “ Khrys voice is full of pain and his trying his best not to do anything to his adelfi psychí.

He's not the type to take advantage of others vulnerability.

But seeing the curves on her wet clothes is tempting him.

Ria felt someone undressing her. She didn't refuse it even though her brain is sending her a warning alarm. All she ever wanted now is to feel those warm, comforting body to ease away her discomfort.

Khrys plan is to meet her in a meeting and take things slowly. Even though he wanted to cage her in his arm and never let her go, he still wants her to accept him and gradually introduce her to his own world, but now all those things can be thrown in the bin.

Hearing his mate complain about she's feeling cold, he quickly undresses his wet clothes damp it on the dirty laundry box, leaving him naked.

He then started to undress her and dried her body with a towel before tucking her in under the blanket.

”Cold. I'm still cold, help me please..”

Khrys was supposed to live Ria, but he halt when he felt those cold hand stopping him.

To Khrys surprise, she pulled him, that cause him to lose his footing.

Luckily Khrys was quick with his move, and he manages not to end up squeezing his mate body but still his on top of her.

”Please stay. I feel so cold I need your body. Yours is so warm,” Ria begged.

Usually, she's supposed to feel better now that she's under the blanket.

But strange, it's not enough to ease her freezing body.

She also knows what she's saying. The only thing that Ria can't understand is why does she badly needed this stranger's body? It also annoys her that this stranger is giving her a feeling of rejection.

” You're really giving me a headache, my Queen, ” Khrys is trying to resist the temptation knowing that they are both naked. He doesn't even have time to snatch his robe and asked Fai to bring new clothes for his Queen, and now they end up with only a blanket in between their both naked body.

”Shushed... You are talking too much how about this to compensate you for all the troubles that I made, ” Ria lift her cold palms, laying it on the stranger's face and kissed him. It was just supposed to be a smack kissed, but the moment their lips met, everything change.

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