Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -15 (The Mating is completed.)

Ria felt sober after those warm, soft lips devoured hers.

He grab Ria's hair and tilt her head so he can thrust his tongue inside of her mouth.

When Ria didn't want to let him in, he nips her lower lips, which made Ria moan in pain, tasting her blood mixing with his moist lips.

He took it as a chance to trust his tongue, and Ria couldn't deny that it was something she never felt before it made her heart thumping like a drum, and her toe is curling from the tingling sensation she's feeling in the pit of her stomach down to her core.

They kissed and moved in sync like they've done it a hundred times.

“Damn it!” She heard him cursing after letting go of her swollen lips from their rough kissed they shared.

Ria was breathing heavily.

Her eyes looked hazy staring back at him.

She doesn't know what to say or what she supposed to do now.

His worried look makes Ria uncomfortable.

When he tried to move away, Ria's hand automatically reach out to grasp his arm.

She can't understand why she felt back the cold the moment he tries to move away from her.

”Don't go. Please stay. Don't leave me. I'm cold, and your body feels so warm..” Ria started to beg Khrys, wishing she can make him stay with her.

Even though she knows she's not beautiful and it was never a big deal for her, but why does his actions made her feel bad about herself? Why does it hurt when she feels rejected by this person?

”No, don't look at me like that, my Queen I'm not rejecting you, but I don't want also to take advantage that you're drunk please don't push me to my limit I might forget my principles and devoured you completely.” There's a hint of warning lace in his pained voice, and Ria felt an indescribable feeling hearing him address her as his Queen.

Does that mean she's somewhat special to him?

Then why can't he help her take away the coldness she's feeling right now, it was all that she ever wanted.

Maybe the word ’please’ isn't enough, so Ria tried to persuade him again.

“I'm begging you, please. I'm sober now. I know what I'm doing, and I'm not going to blame you for anything, all I want is for this damn cold to go away. Help me, please.”

Looking at his adelfi psychí begging for help is driving him to madness too.

Khrys knows why she's feeling so cold. Their bond was connected again after he saves her, and now it's needed to be completed, or it will drive his Queen to madness being mate with unknown creatures are different from human to human soulmate.

Mythical creatures’ bonds is rooted to their mind and soul.

Once it is connected there's no turning back it will lure them to complete the bond.

Khrys can still control his carnal crave because his not a mortal but Ria is different and since he got her permission tonight he will claim his Queen and this time without any resolve.

“As you wish my Queen.” After that Khrys took charge again this time Ria is more cooperative.

She's even touching him.

Khrys toss the blanket that covering his Queen's body.

“Such a beauty..” he uttered.

Ria felt ashamed staring back in those deep blue eyes, there was so many emotions that can be seen on it and she can't explain why she's feeling satisfied by it.

Khrys took his time to appreciate the view in front of him, his Queen is a beauty to be held. Her soft smooth tan skin and brown hair that matches her eyes and her perfect body make him dribble.

He wanted to taste every inch of her body, to taint it with his mark and make love with her until the sun rose up from the sky.

Ria couldn't take it anymore, these damn cold can only be relish by this strangers touch.

She's going to be insane if these won't stop.

Sitting up although that made her dizzy for a second she reach out for him.

Khrys didn't hesitate anymore holding his Queen delicate hand, he kissed the top of it and lead his Queens hand to touch his naked body.

When it was near his private part Ria wanted to pull back her hand but he didn't let it go.

“ Touch me my Queen I'm all yours..” he lead her their and he can't help but to moan in delight when her hand rub it up and down.

“Fuck!” He cursed liking how those soft delicate hand can make him feel so much ecstasy.

Ria wanted to pull her hands away when she saw how those big thing of his went double after she touch it.

But hearing those pleasurable moan coming from him she can't help but feel satisfied too. The coldness is starting to decreased to point that its almost bearable.

Ria is thinking maybe this can be stop but she felt those hand cup her cheeks making her stared straight to his eyes.

” No turning back my Queen.. I won't let you go.” there's pure determination in his voice that Ria can't help but feel embarrassed.

” I, I didn't mean for us to do this kind of thing.” her eyes tried to look away from those hypnotic blue eyes but she eventually gave up when she can't avert her gazed from his firm grip.

” You started it, I was holding it back but you push me to my limits. One thing I never like is a words spoken without conviction. Take full responsibility of your actions my Queen.” Khrys eyes glistened in the dark room.

His body is in flame and he can't back out now his carnal cravenness to taste his

adelfi psychí’s body and to bond her soul to his is far too strong to hold himself back.

“But,I..” Ria tried to form a word but her mind can't function well.

“Let me in,my adelfi psychí”

Hearing those magical words coming from his mouth and those pained looks plastered in his beautiful face,Ria felt something inside of her flipped the next thing she did was way beyond her control.

She started to prep a kiss on his forehead down to his nose all the way to his lips.

“Fine, I'm all yours but only for tonight.. you have to explain to me everything tomorrow. This strange thing happening in my body isn't normal and hearing you begging me makes me feel like I'm hurting you which is not normal everything that is happening to me is not normal. I want an answer to that.”

“ It shall be done my Queen” and with that they shared a passionate kissed that made both forget everything that surrounds them.

Ria moaned in pleasure feeling those warm lips trail down to her throat all the way to her breast.

“Ahh” she can't help the sound of pleasure feeling those hot lips licking and teasing her hard buds. She grab a hold of his soft silky hair don't know if she's clinging to her dear life or she want him to suck her breast and not to play with it.

“Please” she begged with no particular reason.

“ Do you like it my Queen?” His warm husky voice blow on her breast and Ria don't know what to do.

When he taste one and such on it made her feel like she climbed a mountain her breathing became heavy.

His lips is maddening it can do so much wonder and make Ria feel so many addicting sensation.

While sucking her one breast one hand is gently playing with her other breast creating a soft circle on her harden nipple that send her toe curling in indescribable pleasure.

“ ohh fuck! Please don't stop!” Ria uttered in a raspy voice.

She heard him groan In pleasure and continued to assault her perky breast.

Sucking nipping and drawing circles alternately Ria can't help but to arch her body leaving his hair she let him pull her on top of him while she used her hand to support her body from behind.

There was no remorse or hesitation she's giving him all the access he need from her body.

He kissed every inch of her skin, tastes every part of her and now his pushing her down to lay her back in the bed.

With her hazy eyes watching his every move she followed him and felt the soft bed touches her naked body.

He started to kissed her tummy down to her private part.

He spread her legs and look up to her, their eyes met and Ria can't help the elated feeling seeing those blue orbs held so much desire in his eyes..

He never left her eyes while he lick her there, watching how her face changes In a pleasurable reaction.

Ria's eyes rolled at the back of her head she don't know if she have to pull him up or let those tongue lick her ever so gently and in a slow motion.

” ahh” Ria can't help but to bite her finger not wanting to make so much noise but the way those warm tongue and mouth move licking and nibbling her sensitive spot made her feel like she's slowly climbing up the heaven.

She didn't know this feeling was so good it can make you feel addicted and desire for more.

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