Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-16 part-2

Khrys felt satisfied by his adelfi psychí reaction. After this, he promised never to let her go.

He tastes her juice dripping out of her core. He can't help but thrust his tongue inside, exploring her inner womb.

He heard her moaned in delight while her hand start to fist on the fabric underneath her like she's looking for something to hold.

He knew she's about to come.

He left her womb and teased her clit again ever so slowly while he put one finger inside of her the result almost made his Queen lose her consciousness.

She screams in delight while her womb clenched his finger, squeezing it before he felt her body relaxed.

He pulled out his finger and saw her juice that is dripping out like an oasis in the desert.

He licks her and swallowed it.

Ria cant help the burning feeling she's feeling inside.

After reaching her climax, she felt his warm mouth licking her sensitive part, sending spark and creating those euphoric feeling again.

She felt him went on top of her and kissed her senselessly.

Ria opens her eyes when she feels a hard thing poking her belly.

She was greeted by his blue orbs that's seems like a vast ocean drowning her with pleasure.

When Khrys started to insert that massive thing on Ria's entrance, She can't help but to bite her hands to suppress her moan.

Although it's felt good, but her body is screaming in protest.

It's too big, and Ria doesn't know if she's capable of taking all of him inside of her.

Seeing her distorted look, Khrys let her do it on her own.

He doesn't want to hurt her, and it's the best that she become accustomed to his thing to complete their union.

“ Come, my Queen.. I'll let you handle this.” He said before turning their position.

Now Ria is on top of him, just like how he remembered it in his lusty dream.

Swimming with her sweat, her long locks of silky hair splattered all over her body.

She look so alluring on top of Khrys; it takes a lot of guts and self-control not to let his animalistic side to take over him.

Ria stared at his huge hard thing. She gulps, seeing how big it is.

She lifts her hand to touch it.

She almost snatch her hand back when his thing started pulsating under her grasp like it has its mind.

Pushing her thoughts aside, Ria rubs it up and down, that made Khrys moan in delight.

“Put me inside of you, my Queen.. let us be one.” It was like a magical word igniting her feeling to be filled by his glorious thing.

Ria lift her body and position his thing in her entrance.

She bite her hand while trying to relaxed her body so it can slid inside of her when his massive thing was halfway through her tunnel. Ria can't help it anymore.

“ Ohh gosh, your so big I don't think I can't take all of it,” She said, but he grabs both her hips to stop her from moving.

“ Then, let me help you, my Queen. Remember that your body is made for me no matter how big I am, we will fit perfectly with each other.

His voice is lace with determination, and Ria can't help her moan when he started to move his hips up and down slowly.

It felt so good, and every time he goes up, his trust becoming dipper and dipper that Ria has to hold his hand for support.

Her breast is bouncing up and down, and she doesn't know anymore where her head moves.

It was so pleasurable, yet at the same time, she felt the pain more than the time she lose her purity.

“Ahh..! “ she screams when finally his all inside of her.

Beads of sweat is all over her face and body just like him.

“Now, our bond is completed. You won't feel pain but pure ecstasy, my Queen.” His voice is full of satisfaction.

He started to move again, and Ria doesn't know how to handle it.

“ Move my Queen give me some pleasure..” He demand.

Even though Ria is a bit scared, she still followed what he said.

Giving him pleasure is something she wanted to see.

Ria starts to move on top of Khrys, and she felt satisfied seeing his facial reaction.

This raw feeling is so foreign yet very exciting at the same time to the point that Ria didn't noticed she's clenching his thing inside of her as she slid to him in slow and deeper motion.

They both moan in delight.

Ria can feel his thing pulsating like it grows bigger.

The more she clenched her core while moving up and down until it was deep enough to fill her womb, the more it's getting wider.

“Fuck! Damn it,” Ria heard him cursed incoherent words.

Ria was surprised when he flipped their position again. Now he's on top, and she wasn't ready when he plunged inside of her deeply.

She moans in pleasure.

It felt so damn good she wish daybreak will never come.

“ Now, it's my turn to teased you, my Queen.” Ria doesn't know, but when she was on top and was squeezing his little junior inside of her, it nearly drove Khrys insane.

The pleasure is too much, and he had to hold his inner desire to claimed her roughly.

But now that Ria is acclimated to his sized, it's Khrys payback time.

He moves at a slow pace, but every time he thrust inside of her, it gets faster and faster that Ria is almost screaming the word ‘please.’

” say my name, my Queen.” he commands, but Ria can't remember it.

” oh gosh, please don't stop.. I don't know. I can't remember.” Ria is heavily breathing at any moment. Her second climax is at bay.

”You know who I am.. Say my name, or I will stop.” Khrys demanded.

Now that they completed the bond, all he needs is for her to claim him as her body and soul.

He intentionally slow his rhythm, which made Ria’s eyes shot open.

Ohh, no, he's not serious, right?

The room is too dark to see his face clearly Ria can't remember how she end up with him.

Khrys knows what's inside her mind, and he help Ria to remember everything.

Ria gasped when her mind went back to the pub.

It's strange, but the face of the mysterious guy who said his name is Khrys appeared in her head.

It was then she felt him thrust faster and faster that Ria felt she's almost knock out of oxygen.

She reaches for him and lace her arms around his neck. She started to bite him on his shoulder blade from the intense ecstasy she's feeling at the moment.

” Say my name, my Queen.” he command again while his plunging deeper and rougher.

” Your name is Khrys. Please don't stop,” hearing his name came out on Ria’s mouth for the first time send another pleasurable feeling in his heart.

He buried his face on Rias hair Inhaling those intoxicating and very addictive scents of her.

His warm mouth trail in her ears, and to her surprise, he lick it. Ria shudder in immense pleasure, feeling those warm tongue. It can do so many wonders. She don't want him to stop.

Khrys had a satisfied smirk on his lips when he heard her moan.

” Now, we both claim each other's body and soul my adelfi psychí, your mined forever.” He promised before capturing her lips.

He pumped harder and faster until they both reach their climax, but this time Ria's pleasurable scream is muffled in her throat.

It was way stronger than the first one that she lose consciousness.

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