Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-17 ( Puzzled)

The sound of birds chirping in the tree and the wind blowing made Ria wake up, not only that, she's so confused about how on earth she's able to hear the clinging of utensils and the chopping sound of something in the chopping board from afar?!

”What the hell?!”

She cursed untangling the heavyweight lying in her waist. Ria was beyond shock when she grabs an arm than a pillow or a heavy blanket. Looking down, she almost fainted, seeing those blue orbs meeting her gaze.

”Morning, my Queen. ” Khrys greeted Ria with his most captivating smile. Ria hasn't seen a person looking so fresh and pleasant after waking up.

His husky voice is very alluring and tempting that Ria had to look away.

“Urg! So handsome, but wait?” She cursed inside her head when a sudden realization hit her.

Ria’s brain started to function, and a warning bell ring in it.

She's with a man in a room with small light seeping from the thick curtain?!

It's the first thought that came inside her head.

What the hell is going on?!

Then her eyes landed on her body to check on it.

She shrieks in shock, seeing her half-exposed body painted full of hickey.

Ria almost stumbled out of bed when she move farther away from him.

She pulled the blanket in an attempt to cover her body entirely, but her action backlash on her because it flaunt Khrys naked body to her sight.

”Ahh!” with one eye covered, Ria could still see his nakedness.

The damn brute wasn't even ashamed of acting like a model showcasing his quite mouth-watering physique in front of an artist.

”You?! Cover your self, you piece of jerk!” Ria grab a pillow throwing it to him, but he cath it on time and even used it to lay his head comfortably. There's an annoying smirk plastered on his face that she wish she can erase it. What's quite intriguing Is that his not losing eye contact with her watching intensely her every move like a tiger ready to devour his prey at any given a chance.

Ria can't decipher why this guy seems so proud and happy, staring at her? There's lust evident on it, but there's also something in those deep blue eyes that she can't interpret.

Ria can't believe she felt heated down below by the way he's staring at her.

Still gazing at each other, Khrys suddenly breaks the silence.

”Sigh, what the use of covering myself when my Queen took all the blanket for her own? Maybe I can join you instead.” There's a mischief laced in his voice that alarm Ria.

” No?! Don't come near me?! Stay there. I'll scream if you approach me,” Ria warn, which made Khrys laugh a hearty laugh.

Goodness, hearing it makes her heart flutter like it's the most beautiful sound she ever heard.

” My Queen, You have been screaming and calling my name the whole night I bet screaming again is a bit inappropriate since it's day time already but if you insist-”

Ria was startled when he starts to approach her.

Damn it?!

Why can't he cover himself first?! She cursed inside her head while secretly eyeing him.

” No! Stop talking. I don't want to listen to you anymore.”

Ria covered her ear, but flashes of memories of last night incident start playing back like a broken recorder inside her head.

She screams again in the part that she begs him to stay with her. It's all her doing?!

Damn it! She can't believe it.

” No, this is not real. It's just one of those lusty dream. Wake up, Ria, wake up!” Ria murmured to herself while shutting her eyes close.

She didn't feel any movement, not until a prick in her arms made her open her eyes.

”Ouch! That hurt!”

Her eyes went wide, seeing Khrys is just a few inches from her. Adrenaline rush over her body and her reflex took action before she could even think clearly. Ria kicked him out of the blue, but it's like kicking a brick wall.

Instead of him moving farther away from her to keep their safe distance, she felt her body move in and outbalance position.

“Watch out!” She heard him shout. Ria closes her eyes, waiting for the pain to hit her body. But a few seconds pass by, and she didn't feel any of it. There's a warm thing that engulfs her and hears a thud sound.

Ria is astounded when she open her eyes and meet those deep blue orbs again.

Wasn't he on the bed just a few seconds ago? How come his now on the ground underneath her? A sense of warmth filled her heart. Did he save her?

Why would he? Ria's head started to feel mushy, mainly because their body is too closed from each other there's almost no space between them.

“ It seems like you like this kind of position, my adelfi psychí? We can be like this the whole day if you don't feel hungry at all.” His warm minty breath gush on her throat, and Ria can't help but to feel the growing tension down below her. Such a small fraction of their body and she's like on fire already.

Ohh no?! It isn't right!

What the hell is wrong with me?!

Why is he affecting me so much?!

It never happened to me before?! What should I do?!

Ria's mind is in chaos.

She's too puzzled with everything.

She tried to move away, averting her gazed from him, but she forget that there's only a thin blanket covering her body.

When she lay flat, both her hands on his hard naked chest to pull her body up, the blanket fell off, exposing her harden nipples again from the wind blowing in the open window.

'Damn it,’ she cursed, giving him a deadly looked.

“ Eyes on my face Mister, stare further, and I will poke those blue eyes of yours and used it as a decorative piece in my condo.” She tried to threaten him, but he gives her a mischievous smirk.

Ria was stunned with his sudden move. Out of the blue, he kissed her exposed chin and throat in a blink that send Ria in a bliss of fire.

Why did that even feel so good? She's been battling her self because her body and heart are reacting to him while her brain can't comprehend what is going on to her?

What's wrong with her?

Ria felt embarrassed that she buried her face on her palm.

“ My Queen, I'm sorry for causing you trouble, but this happened already, no matter what we can't turn back the time, even if you try to run and think this never happens.” Ria felt his hand pat her head like she's a child that needed someone to console her.

“ Shut up,” Ria utter in a muffled sound surprisingly, she felt better after hearing his words.


He wound his arm around Ria’s body, grabbing the blanket at the same time to cover her up.

Khrys didn't want her to feel embarrassed anymore.

She had a lot to take in after this, and his afraid that it will affect her much.

“ Let's freshen up. It will help clear your mind, My Queen.” He offered.

“Stop. Don't call me like that I'm not your queen, why are you addressing like that?” Ria said, looking up to meet his gazed when they stood up.

“Alright, I'm not gonna mention it, come I'll help you” Khrys didn't want to confuse Ria any further, bits by bits he will let her know everything.

When they were about to walk, Ria hissed in pain.

“Fuck! It hurts! I can't move my legs!” She started to feel the throbbing pain in her lower region. What did they all do last night that she can't even walk?!

“ Ahh! Wait?! What are you doing?!” Ria didn't expect him to carry her in a bridal style.

“ You said your hurting, that's my fault, I cause it. So I'm taking responsibility. I'll bath you myself.” He said, looking dead serious.

“Are you crazy? Put me down! I can shower on my own” Ria tried to wiggle her self out of his hold, but every time she used force, the pain in her lower region is pricking her.

Seeing her discomfort and her disobedient Khrys realize their union isn't like when you are mate to Unknown creatures.

Although it's affecting her but still she can resist him.

A playful smile form in Khrys lips if this is a challenge, Khrys won't back down.

Come what may, his Queen belongs to him, so no matter how she resists him, the pull will eventually lure her back to him, and he will wait until that time comes when she finally accepted him wholeheartedly.

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