Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-18 Truth

Ria didn't fought back after hearing what he said.

Her legs aren't stable, and walking is very painful.

She finally let Khrys carry her to the adjoining bathroom inside the room.

He lay her in the white and back marble stone next to a crystal ball basin.

The place is enormous; it could be a room to sleep.

There's a sparkling chandelier that gave off a regal vibe, and Ria is sure as hell that those crystals are real.

A big glass cabinet with layered bathrobes, face towels, body towel catches Ria's attention. There's also a drawer further down, but she can't see what's inside because Khrys wide shoulder and sun-kissed half-naked back is towering over it.

Ria noticed the scratches on it. She must admit she felt a prideful feeling seeing those marks in the back of his broad shoulders.

Ria even thought if she can only reach him, she wants to itch her hand on his hard muscle chest. Ria has a growing curiosity and wanted know how it would feel under her palm.

Realizing how lusted her thoughts, she almost facepalm from embarrassment.

Damn it, Ria?!

What's wrong with you?!

Luckily, this guy can't read her mind, or else she will be busted.

Ria chastised herself. She was already thankful when he left her to grab a towel and wrapped it around his torso.

She can't deny that its quite distracting, especially with his vast thing hanging there. It's already like that what else more when it gets hard?

Ria blushed, thinking how she manage to take that inside of her. It is probably the reason why she's so sore down there.

Even though she's not a virgin, she only give herself to one man. She must admit Khrys thing is triple in size and twice broader than her ex.

A small laugh echoed in the bathroom. Ria stared, dumbfound why Khrys is laughing?

” You, my Lady, has a very complicated mind. Don't overthink. I'll explain everything once we're finished with the shower and have our stomach filled with food. Or , we can also ditch the last part and eat you as my first meal.” Khrys bluntly said the desire in those deep blue orbs was evident.

This damn brute didn't even hide it, even down there, Ria can see a bulge growing on his lower region even though it's covered by a towel.

Ria’s Eyes turn into a saucer hearing those words coming out from this man’s mouth.

She wanted to throw something to him, but he was quick to move her out and lay her to the bathtub.

She glared daggers on him while the blush never leaves her face.

“I'm sorry, but you're not planning on showering with my fine cotton blanket, aren't you my Lady?” Ria bite her lips lower lips but decided to push the conservative side of her.

Fuck it! She even lose her purity to her ex and gave herself to this guy in front of her the first time she landed back to her birthplace.

Showing him her bare body wouldn't hurt that much.

Besides, he tasted and has seen it already what's the used of being shy and a bit conservative?

Ria lifted the blanket covering her body and gave it to Khrys.

“ Thank you,” there’s undying smirk on of the brute, well-structured face. There's no flaws in it, smooth skin, pointed nose, high cheekbones matching with two dimples.

Ria can't understand how on earth did fate let her meet such a handsome man.

Never in her wildest dream, she thought of being in a relationship with gorgeous  man because she believed good looking men break many girls’ and woman's heart.

Ria ex was not even in comparison to how perfectly handsome this guy standing next to her.

She quickly averted her gazed when Khrys turn around to face her.

Even though she was not seen in the act of drolling over him, but the blush in her cheeks gave her away.

Damn! Why can't she even hide it?!

When Khrys started to open the water, testing its temperature and finally filling the tub enough to reach Ria’s shoulder, she thought he would leave her alone, but to her utter surprise, he join her in grabbing a liquid bottle pouring its content in a sponge.

“ Hey?! I didn't ask you to join me in?!” She spat at him, but he acted deaf, not hearing Ria's protest. He pulled her body to him in a blink causing some water to splashed out of the tub.

“ Shush.. my ears are getting itchy being called ‘Hey’ and ’You ’ my name is Khrys, and you are uttering it repeatedly last night like your life depends on it my dear.” his rough voice and hot breath fanning on her neck and ears Ria can't help but to feel something warm growing inside her core but to conceal it she tried to push him away.

“You?! Stop talking—hmp!”

Ria couldn't finish what she was about to say when Khrys ravish her lips.

The smoldering kiss made Ria's mind foggy, and her body is instantly responding to it. She moaned when he bit her already plump lips from being kissed countless times last night.

He nips and suck on it until she finally open her mouth to let him in. A smirk form on the corner of Khrys lips when she finally succumbed to him. Savoring her sweet nectar that is quite addicting, he starts playing with her tongue, urging her to respond to him. Her moans become louder, finally relenting her mind from any consequences of her action. Ria became more daring. She overlooked her sore muscled as she straddles him while her hand brush and tugged his soft, luscious hair.

Khrys growl loving how feisty his Queen when being provoked. Ria responded to his kissed in the same hunger and need their tongues fighting for dominance, but Khrys being a King has to have the upper hand in this game.

He started using the sponge in his hand softly, rubbing her bare skin that causes friction.

Ria moaned in delight, feeling those sponge rubbing her skin gently, creating tiny volts of tingling sensation erupting down to her core.

She let him clean her up, loving how he can manage to kiss her while rubbing the sponge to her body.

When it reaches her breast, she breaks their kiss. Her breathing is ragged, and Ria can't help the moan to come out loud in her mouth.

The friction of the sponge in her harden nipples was too explosive to her.

It felt so good, and she can feel the need for something more than that sponge.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please what my Queen?” Khrys wants to teach her a lesson for calling him in indistinctive words when she was crying out his name in pleasure last night.

“ I—I don't know.,” she uttered deliriously .

“ I know what you want, but you have to be a good Queen

and call my name.” He commands.

“ Say it. Say my name, my adelfi psychí.”

Khrys left her breast and raised his hand to reach the rain like shower coming in the ceiling.

The big droplets of water wash away the soap in Ria's body.

Cupping one of her breasts while his thumb drawing light soothing circles on one nipple Khrys nip Ria's other breast sucking and blowing air on it that brought Ria in a bliss.

“Ahh, stop it,” she begged, not knowing what to do or where she had to turn her head.

This addicting pleasurable feeling is disturbing.

Ria can't believe how much she like it; no, she craves it to be exact.

Once she experience it, it's like a drug clouding her mind and urging her to want more and more of it.

“You want me to stop my Queen?” Khrys suck Ria’s breast again while his tongue played with her hard buds.

”Khrys! Stop teasing me?!” Ria couldn't take it anymore. His torturous mouth will drive her insane and pleasure.

”That's my Queen. From now one your not allowed to address me inappropriate words than my name, understand?” He pressed her hips to grind on his bulging thing, and he had a satisfying look as a proud king when she withered in delight.

”Yes..I— ohh good! ” Ria felt his hand rubbing her clit, and that alone send her somewhere she can't describe.

”Say it, Ria. Call my name.”

”Khrys?!” she shouted out.

” Fuck! Damn you! take me now—” Ria couldn't finish her words again when Khrys captured her mouth and gave her a punishable kissed. She almost cries in pain and pleasure, but Khrys kissed eventually become slow and passionately easing Ria’s bruise lips.

In a blink Khrys cupped her butt and felt his hard shaft slowly trusting inside of her.

Her cry of pleasure stifled in her throat.

The pain she felt before come backs that she has to break the kissed and tried to push him away.

”Take me in my Queen.” Khrys didn't let her go as his other part came out of the surface. His Gorgon side is very overpowering.

” It hurt, you're so big.. Ahh..!” Ria didn't know anymore if she's still hurting because each time Khrys push her body up and down in a slow-motion was very satisfying.

She notices that in every trust, it become more deeper inside of her delivering a euphoric pleasure.

” You were made for me, Ria. I am your King, and you belong to me. Do you understand that, my Queen?” Khrys pull her much more profound, and only two-inch more and his groin will fill Ria’s tunnel in full.

” Ahh. Yes, I'm yours. Fuck!”

Ria’s incoherent words pleased Khrys Gorgon's side.

”Very well, now more deeper, my Queen..” Ria cried Khrys name when in one push his entirely inside of her.

Ria was like in a state of ecstasy she's craving for more even without Khrys guidance, she move her body up and down while holding both Khrys shoulder for balance and support.

Like a Queen bathing in waterfalls, the shower drops add more to Ria’s innocent yet enticing look.

She pumps him more in-depth, and whenever she hit that spot inside of her, she craves the pleasurable feeling that encourage her to pump him faster and harder.

It was now Khrys turn to feel like he was climbing heaven in every trust that Ria made. Khrys ravished her neck leaving new love bites on it.

”Ohh, fuck! I'm cummings!” Ria uttered.

”Cum for me, my Queen,” Khrys gripped on Ria’s hips wound deeper while helping her to pump him faster.

”Ohh,” Ria couldn't take it anymore. She pulled her body closer to Khrys, and with the added tension, she bite him on his shoulder as her cum explode, bringing her to a heavenly place.

”Fuck, Ria!” he called out her name when it was his turn to come she's squeezing him tightly inside and her last pump together with her biting made him cum hard inside of her. They both meet their ends, and it was the most satisfying feeling Khrys ever felt.

Before Ria fell unconscious, she mumbled words to him.

” Damn you, Khrys” His laugh echoed in the bathroom. He turned off the shower and carried his adelfi psychí out of the tub. He snatch a big fluffy towel and a bathrobe.

Even before entering the bathroom, Khrys gave an order through a magical link that only his butler can hear.

He order to replace the bedding and blanket.

He also asked a set of woman's clothing, black silk nighties, and undergarments in his big wardrobe. He knows that one day, she's going to live with him, so Khrys fill half of it with different styles of woman branded clothes.

He made sure also to fill the half of his drawers with simple clothing because he knows his adelfi psychí like it more than any luxurious clothing.

He only bought them because after all is cleared up, he plans for her to work in his office so she won't need to be far away from her family.

He manages with one hand to wrapped a big bathrobe to Ria’s wet body.

He lay her down on the bed and used a bit of his power to dry her hair like she did it in the salon.

He slowly dry her up, not wanting to disturb her sleep.

He stare on her naked body, proud of those marks he created on her silky smooth skin.

She looked exhausted, so in one snap of his hand, the nighties were on her body.

Knowing she's all good, Khrys went inside his huge wardrobe connected to his room. He took a white v- neck shirt partnered with a pajama. He came back to tuck both of them in bed.

He holds her up, and he smiled when she snuggled her body to him and sigh.

His chest rumbles, knowing inside Ria's head she think of him as a big warm pillow.

He kissed the crown of her head, muttering” Sweet dream my Queen” before he shut his eyes close.

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